Product Review: Sippy Cups-The good v/s The Bad

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When i first started working on transitioning my girls to sippy cups, it became a chore to find one that they really liked.  I, like most moms, probably went through way too many cups and way to much money, because there are soo many sippy cups on the market these days.  After the avent bpa bottle recall, i was able to take all of my bottles back and since my girls had just been weaned off of bottles, i had a “bottle/sippy cup” credit for new products at Babies R US(if you haven’t taken your bpa bottles back…do so soon, as the days go by, BRU becomes more strict with what you can and can’t do with these bottles…i wanted a credit and they told me to either pick out sippy cups or wait till you need some and see what the rules are at that time)!  I  went ahead and picked out a ton of sippy cups..and i was ecstatic, because it gave me the advantage of turning in all my bottles, that were used, and in return, get NEW sippy cups!  I had a credit of almost fifty dollars towards sippy cups!  My sippy cup drawer is over-flowing with different kinds of new sippy cups.  My husband was so frustrated, because he thought i should have bought ONE kind, so not to get all the parts confused(typical man).   I did the opposite, i bought one of every kind of sippy cup i had not previously owned, to see if there REALLY IS one sippy cup, that is truly spill and leak proof. 

Not to long ago, I also polled our MOM Writers and asked them, what their favorite and least favorite sippy cup was, and why?  I received a TON of feedback, so, thanks ladies!  So with that, here is a list of our favorite and not so favorite sippy cups.  Keep in mind, as with bottles, every child has a preference for sippy cups.  BUT, i feel that as children get older that can change and you go with what works for YOU.  Your baby will adjust and for me it was way more about what worked, what didn’t leak and what had the smallest amout of parts to wash.

OUR Favorite Sippy Cups:

 Nuby 12 oz flip It – no spill straw cup- these also come in 9 oz for the smaller kidos, Gerber trainer cups-soft spout are great and help transition from bottle nipples to sippy cups, Take n toss are wonderful and do the trick-only problem is the lids crack if you bite down to hard and they also leak-but so cheap how can you go wrong, Munchkin staw cupsBorn Free sippy cups-6 month have soft spout and don’t leak unless you shake them-9oz have hard spout and don’t work as well, Nalgene Grip n’ Gulp (BPA free)-work well without the valve, Nuby (the cheap ones from Walmart with valve-free spout)-are great but have lots of parts and you have to line them up just so…but they don’t leak and won’t explode when thrown, Playtex Sipsters and KEEP the valves in, Gerber and Dr. Browns are really good too.

Our least favorite sippy cups:

Avent Magic Trainer cup-too many pieces to put together, kids didn’t hold the handle correctly, they leak and you have to make sure the spout is pushed in far enough, to top all that off the shape was cumbersome, The First Years character series(Elmo, etc.)-the hole at top wasn’t big enough to let in enough air, so very little liquid came out,  The First Years-Learning Curve wide straw flip cover(princess Charcters)-LEAK LEAK LEAK, Sigg-great concept, but leaked everywhere, FOOGO by Thermos Leak-Proof 7oz sippy with handles-blue-but too heavy and complicated to take apart and reassemble for everyday use/but they are great b/c they will keep liquids cold for long periods

One mom found a awesome website, in which you are able to replace some parts of some sippy cups.  Mostly, more recent sippy cups.  So if you are looking for a certain piece that your child has chewed up or a piece you have lost, check out the following site:

Having a almost 4 year old and my 19 month old twins, i’ve been through a ton of sippy cups myself.  SO, here are my own favorite sippy cups: 

Playtex baby einstein(but they have a hard spout, Playtex with flip straw, Gerber soft spout for younger babies(we started out with these at 6 months), Nubys are great but my daughter chews the spouts up pretty quickly and it makes me nervous that she could swallow a piece her and there, the first years hard spout are great and don’t leak, But my all time favorite that have NEVER leaked are, Playtex hard spout 6 & 9 oz with soft plastic valve inside(they make insulated and non insulated ones and we love them all). 

So, now its your turn!  Leave a comment and let us know, what is your favorite sippy cup and why?   

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9 thoughts on “Product Review: Sippy Cups-The good v/s The Bad”

  1. For a LONG time, mine could only use the Nuby soft ones that look like sports bottles (because of their muscle weaknesses). But, like you, Will chewed those apart and I was constantly panicking that he would choke to death.
    Well, I am just thrilled because they can finally use 2 new cups! FINALLY! ONLY TOOK 21 MONTHS!
    They can use the Dr browns (which are really really heavy) and Gerber soft spouts. My poor kiddies still have so many issues with their muscles that these are the only ones they can do so far.

  2. We just started using some of the sippies with straws, which my kids LOVE! An EI speech therapist also told us that these are better than the ones that they suck on for speech development too—a double bonus for us.

  3. it really depends on the baby, my girl did best on those take’n’toss ones with the hard spout. She would just knaw on the soft spout ones and never would suck (she’s breastfed and doesn’t use a bottle). So for her the hard spout was much better even at 8 months or so when I started trying to get her to take one.

  4. We like to use the Nuby straw ones but they do have a ton of parts. I then found Tummy Ticklers juice that comes in a “water bottle” type container and they drink best out of those. The best thing about the Tummy Tickler is the sippy cup is reusable and dishwasher safe! They dont leak unless they bang them tip down on something hard. I would say that I use these 95% of the time.

  5. After two kids and leaving lots and lots of sippy cups at the park, store, and friend’s house – I now have the Kleen Kanteen sippy cup for my almost 2 yr old- and I never forget it! That’s right only one sippy cup! yay!
    It’s great- NOT plastic but stainless steel, easy to hold and clean, keeps cold things cold longer, and b/c I paid more for it I just seem to keep track of this thing. They are pretty tough too, this thing gets dropped all the time and hardly has a ding on the side. We tried a baby SIGG bottle and my kids beat it up- tons of bangs and dents, even the outside material peeled off. I especially like the Kleen Kanteen’s sippy spout- its tough and they can’t really chew on it like a SIGG or other soft plastic.

  6. Great list!!!–and timely as I am getting ready to move the twins onto sippy cups for good. Even after all these kids, I have remained sippy-cup challenged. The one time I found ‘the one’–they discontinued it! So I’m thrilled to have some reviews to consider!
    Many thanks!

  7. The Playtex Coolster Tumblers are GREAT. We haven’t had any spills with them, and it’s great that they don’t have the spout, so it simulates normal sipping better than those with the spout. Much better for normal muscle development in the mouth! It’s not necessarily for kids just learning to drink from a cup though. They also keep drinks cooler longer, which is nice if we are heading out for a little while in hot weather.

  8. Okay, I’m cracking up–my husband just walked in the door from collecting bottles and cups from the van–and wouldn’t you know it–I just realized the sippy cups I purchased a few days ago for a test run are the Avent that nobody likes! great….
    I think I bought them because I liked the colors….hmmm….I may need to develop a better purchasing muscle…


  9. I would have to say I have tried every sippy cup and I also LOVE the tummy ticklers. I can put the cup in my purse or diaper bag and it doesn’t leak. Also, the kids can’t get the juice to leak unless they are banging the cup with some force. I use the tummy tickler cup all the time and the best part about it is the kids love the cup also. It makes them feel like big kids, not babies because of the way it is designed. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they have cartoon characters on top so it makes the cup fun.

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