Arms Race

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A blog I read, ABC Triplets, referred to babyproofing as an arms race.  So, so true.  The moment you think you’ve gotten ahead of the “enemies,” they figure you out and get around your latest barrier.

We’re probably on the lazy reactive end of the babyproofing spectrum.  We didn’t hire a safety specialist to come to the house when I was still pregnant.  Hell, we mostly just moved things a foot or two away from the kids for months, until they started rolling.  Then, we started to be careful what was left on the floor, but they weren’t all that mobile.  Then, Rebecca started crawling, but it wasn’t so hard because Daniel was still sedentary.  Outlets and things were covered, no biggie.  Aha.  Then, they both started crawling.  OK, time for some gates to block off certain rooms.  Move the floor lamps behind the chair in the corner (there’s no overhead lighting in our living room, so sadly the lamps do have to stay).  Shoot, they keep getting taller, so things on top of tables are now within reach.  The coasters keep getting pushed farther and farther back on the end table, and our fireplace mantel now has a whole bunch of crap sitting on it that we don’t want them to reach.

Last week was another leap forward by the opposition: climbing.  We have a one-step landing before the rest of the stairs to the second floor.  I came home from our NYC trip, and Daniel was suddenly able to sit there! Ack! Rebecca climbed up, too, and quickly learned why we don’t attempt to climb back down.  A bonked head, but a quick recovery.

But you know, of course, that it was only a matter of time before they discovered the rest of the stairs.  Oh, the adventure!  The excitement!  The fear struck in mommy’s heart!  They probably went up the stairs 10 times on Friday.

Saturday, we went to Babies R Us, and our cart was loaded with no fewer than four new gates.  The kids are not thrilled that the “Man” continues to keep them down.  I suspect that, instead of napping today, they’re plotting their next move.

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6 thoughts on “Arms Race”

  1. Ah your stairs. I do have this memory of chasing kids up them, say, 20 times one afternoon? Who needs the gym, really. Someone, who will remain nameless (ok, Seth), taught them this weekend to climb on a chair and turn and turn on and off the light. Really?! Really?! He thought it was funny.

  2. Too bad we don’t live closer… we just took down two of those exact gates! We blocked off our dining room for a long time and finally there’s nothing they can’t have access to that in that room. Still have gates on the stairs because otherwise they would have free rein in the house.

    No idea what we will do when they can get around the childproof doorknob locks. We put those babies on well before the boys noticed doorknobs and they don’t even try to play with it because they know they can’t open it!

  3. We have that gate on our stairs too! It’s almost time to put one at the top of the stairs…once we start over-night potty training and remove the gate across the twins’ door. (SOOO not ready for that!)

    We were right there with you about the one-step ahead of them baby proofing (okay, maybe even behind…). And we’re right back at it with Logan now…you’d think we’d remember such things LOL!

  4. We were totally in the same, do it when it becomes absolutely necessary, camp. We also have overhead lighting only in kitchen, bathrooms, and dining rooms, so floor and table lamps everywhere (including the nursery). Now they can climb onto chairs to reach things on the tables, and can reach the kitchen counters, so it’s getting even harder. But easier in some ways, too (J will say “no, no touch the ipod” though it’s usually right before he touches it, so maybe just harder).

  5. Oh I am not looking forward to this. Lily is an army crawling machine, Preston is still just rocking back and forth on his hands and knees.

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