Do you have a little clown?

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Lexi and Nikki, little clowns!

Pictured above are my younger set of twins, Lexi and Nikki. Nikki is the younger girl, by four whole minutes, and she’s always had the reputation of being the goofier kid. Even as a wee, tiny baby, she would give us the funniest sideways glance with raised eyebrows, cracking up into delicious little baby giggles when we would start laughing. She adores the spotlight, and it’s not at all unusual to find her singing and dancing in public, bravely attempting new tricks on the playground, or hugging a stranger. She makes us laugh all the time. Heck, she cracks HERSELF up on a regular basis!

I love it. I always sort of imagined that Class Clown-type kids craved the spotlight because they were trying to make up for some lack of attention at home or something. Not this one; she came out of the box that way!

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3 thoughts on “Do you have a little clown?”

  1. Too funny! I love the picture!

    One of our twins is the clown, too, and also has been since, heck, before they were even born (he’s the one who used to do somersaults during ultrasounds and stay up all night kicking my bladder!) At three now, he’s always making up jokes like “A B C D E F….L!!!”

    We’re worried when they go to school, we’ll be getting calls once a week about him. Of course, his twin brother will be the one who whispered in his ear, “hey, I have any idea! You know what would be funny? You should do…”

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