Why I Now Like Brangelina a Little Bit More

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The views expressed below are strictly my own, not necessarily those of the collective “How Do You Do It?” mommies.

I’ve said it before but, I get a little annoyed when I read about celebrities having twins. It seems like there are new famous twins expected every day. Just this week alone we’ve heard that Rebecca Romjin and Lisa Marie Presley are going to be doubly blessed.

Don’t these people have enough? Fame, fortune, incredible good looks. Now they’re gaining entrance into this special group that makes me feel special in my otherwise ordinary world – they are going to become parents of multiples. And, really, I feel like they are not putting in the dues that the rest of us are with their army of nannies, personal trainers, housekeepers, chefs, drivers, etc., etc.

But when I first heard the news about the famous Brangelina twins, I was especially annoyed. Seriously, I have to share my special club with these two? Isn’t it enough for them to be the World’s Best Looking Family? I did my best to boycott all news of the pregnancy and eventual birth. Although, when you’re talking about the world’s most famous couple, it’s hard to avoid all the news unless you live under a rock.

Finally, curiousity got the best of me and I clicked onto People.com to view the world’s first photo of the twins. Then, I caught a glimpse of Hello!’s first photo and I was instantly shamed for all of my earlier feelings. This is a beautiful family. A family with seemingly hands-on parents. A family who has chosen to adopt beautiful children AND who has been blessed with a gift of amazing fertility. A family who has taken the world’s fascination with them and turned it into a charitable opportunity. A family who looks…exhausted!

Yes – thank you! After seeing the spread of J. Lo and Marc Anthony with their frill and pink outfits skipping down their driveway, I was moved to see Brad and Angelina looking like perhaps they were not well-rested. Are those bags under your eyes? Welcome to the club!

I’ve read recently that while Brad is planning a red carpet appearance in Venice, Angelina is not slated to appear. She is opting (I assume) to stay home and recover and tend to her growing brood. Finally, I feel like I can relate to her. Well, red carpet events aside that is.

So, I take back what I’ve said and thought about Brangelina. I now feel a connection with them I didn’t think possible. I wish them and their ever-growing family all the best. Parenting twins is a special gift – I’m happy they are part of our club.

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9 thoughts on “Why I Now Like Brangelina a Little Bit More”

  1. I’m going to put up my own thoughts on the People spread on my blog. I am so in love with them!!! I love that her hair is messed up in some of the pictures!

  2. I felt the same way as you in the beginning…They have everything and now they get twins too…thats my claim to fame. Well not anymore,I was so impressed to see them not all glamoured up for their photo shoot. They looked real! I had this urge to help them, give them tips to get through the early months, let them know they will one day get to sleep again. They are now part of our exclusive parents of multiples world. I am happy they are! and i wish them all the best

  3. I’ve had much the same feelings as you on all the celeb twins. It isn’t so much that I don’t feel that they deserve twins, as I feel that they’re almost taking the “something special” out of having multiples. Like its now becoming so common place to have them, that all the celebs are doing it. Or like its a trend, and everyone is going to want to rush out and do it!!!
    I too wish them all the best with their beautiful family.

  4. With unabashed honesty, I can say I think they’re fab.
    When my twins were fresh out, I have to admit I got jealous every time I learned of a multiples pregnancy, celebrities or not….not because I was all googly moggly enraptured with the twin parenting process, but really, suddenly if just felt “less special.”

    As ours have gotten older (almost a whopping 7!), I’ve eased my stance (and jealousy…they all still have potty training time two ahead 😉 ) and in the case of Brangelina especially, I feel they’ll be strong , happy parents.

  5. My husband was horrified that they were being paid so much for the pictures of their twins until I informed him that it all goes to charity. (Which I think kicks BUTT!!) These two may not always have been (think Billy Bob), but they are certainly wonderful role models now that they are together. Here’s to hoping that more celebrity couples can be like them (twins or not…)

  6. In the beginning when Brad left Jenn I was shicked but now I see why he fell in love with Angelina. I have not been able to find the People issue, it is sold out. I have often wondered if celebrities google twin blogs. hmmm

  7. I couldn’t agree with all of you more. I have been ticked off at Angelina ever since I saw an Us magazine cover that said she was nervous about having the twins…all the responsibility. I was like “YOU LIVE IN A FRENCH CHATEAU. You’re married to Brad Pitt. You can probably afford to hire the largest and most world renowned team of baby nurses to come in and take over the nights from hell that we had in the beginning. I told everyone who would listen that she needed to quit her whining and come live a week in my shoes.

    But today I broke down and bought the magazine and I SO glad that I did. They seriously look like a normal, HUMAN family. The photos were beautiful. They had a very raw and honest quality to them that made me think “hey, she gets it. she now knows what this Mom of twins thing is all about. she’s one of us.” They have a loving and obviously close knit family….those twins are lucky to have been brought into the world as Jolie-Pit kids. I take all the nasty stuff I said about her back!

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