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Since having twins, my husband Jon and I have an astounding number of inane conversations. We often work the twin thing into them. The habit started when we were sitting around feeding newborns together. Last night we were watching the boys play in the pool after work and had this brilliant conversation:

Jon: That would be awesome if Michael Phelps had an identical twin brother, then he could enter every swimming race ever and pretend it was just one person.

Laura:  What if he already has a twin and he and his twin have been fooling the entire world?

Jon: That would explain a lot. They could even trade off, each getting to accept some gold medals.

Laura: He could even take performance enhancing drugs and his twin could provide the blood and urine samples.

Jon: I’m surprise those Hamm brothers didn’t do that.

I had a lot more to say on this theory, but unfortunately a fight broke out over a pool toy and we never got a chance to finish. That is another hallmark of twin parenting – never finishing conversations, particularly awesome ones.

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7 thoughts on “Our Michael Phelps theory”

  1. what if he does have a twin, but it’s a Danny DeVito to his own Schwarzenegger-ness? His twin is actually afraid of water, and only has one arm anyway. He sits in a log cabin writing an evil manifesto for the purpose of eventually taking down his Olympian brother, who got all the good genes.

    Or is that just what I would do if I was Phelps’ twin?!?!?

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