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When the kids were first born, we frequented a make-ahead meals place for meals that would go in our freezer. While this was great at that point, when we just needed something to put in our stomachs, by the time the kids had turned one we were ready for a bit more cooking. However, I’m not necessarily ready for cooking from 4-6pm, before the kids go to bed. And after the kids go to bed? I don’t want to move. I know plenty of SAHM’s who cook during this time and many who even manage to eat with their kids before they go to bed. I’m impressed—-and not that good a mom. Some days, it’s all I can do to get through the day.

However, we do like to eat. So my newest project has been to make meals ahead and freeze them. I’ve been searching for the perfect meals to make ahead in big batches and freeze—I poll my friends, ask my MOT’s group and browse through cookbooks. Several winners so far have been pesto-chicken tortellini, pesto, spinach roll-ups (like lasagna but rolls), lasagna, enchilades, stuffed shells, chicken parm, eggplant parm and chili. One MOT gave me a great idea last night—chicken pot pie. Yum. I want to try some other soups as well. We’ve even frozen  couple of my favorite crockpot meals, all put together and ready to dump in the slow cooker in the morning. Caveat: You must be careful that the bag does not freeze in a shape that does not fit in the crockpot. This is an issue when it happens. We are now eating slightly better than we were a couple of weeks ago—of course, anything is better than cereal and scrambled eggs for dinner.

What are your favorite frozen meals? Do you have tips that make this process work? Share them with the rest of us tired, hungry moms and dads!

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7 thoughts on “Meals to freeze”

  1. I intended to do a lot of this preparing for work … but didn’t. I’m much better at cooking each day with easy meals than thawing food.

    But, ziti and polynesian pork bbq are my faves.

  2. I freeze my meals, ie. tuna casserole, lasagna, shells, chicken parm, spaghetti casserole, in the dish they were prepared in, then once frozen I pop them out wrap them in plastic wrap (sometimes I vaccuum seal them) and stick back in the freezer. When it comes time to cook them I just unwrap and pop back into the dish that fits them. I like this better than foil pans and it frees up your dishes for more make and freeze meals. Also trying making twice as much for less work and freeze double the meals. We hav also frozen pies for later use. Good luck!

  3. I use and LOVE them! I only use the “freezer meals” and always have a months worth of dinners in the freezer. I, like you do not want to waste my evening time cooking when I could be interacting with the kids. Also, I hate trying to figure out what to have daily!

  4. We were better at making ahead and freezing before we had kids and both of us were working. Now, with me at home with the kids, we fix easy meals each day and sit down as a family every night.

    Our favorite freezer meals prior to kids was lasagna and pot pie.

  5. I love to make big pots of soup and then freeze it in small containers. I eat it for lunch, or thaw several containers in the slow cooker for dinner!

    I often freeze a single size portion of leftovers for my lunch, too. My husband is not a big left over eater.

    I buy ground meat in bulk, and either make meatballs, hamburger patties or fry it up and freeze it in ziplocs for tacos, lasagna, etc.

  6. You all are way more enterprising than I am. I have done baked ziti and turkey enchiladas, and am so happy when it’s in the freezer, but do it infrequently. I do like to make huge batches of soup and freeze it in smaller bags to defrost a bit at a time. I find soups work really well for freezing as long as any milk is added after defrosting.

  7. I always have a full freezer. Take fish or chicken and put it into a casserole and cover with spices and (most) veggies. Then freeze. I also make meatballs by the dozens (5+ pounds of meat at a time) and I marinate roasts and chickens before I put them into the freezer.

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