Do your twins match?

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Do you dress your twins alike?  I’m a firm believer in giving my twins choices in many things, and clothing has turned out to be another surprising one.

I was given many coordinating outfits when my twins were babies, and I really think there is nothing more adorable than two tiny people in matching footy pajamas.  As you can see from this picture, however, my twins are quite a bit older now.

As soon as my kids could dress themselves, I gave them the freedom to select their own outfits.  My job was to deliver clean clothes to the drawers and pair up the socks.  Their job was to dress appropriately for the weather.

They seldom wore the coordinating outfits on the same day, but when they turned about 7 years old, they started asking for matching shirts.  While big sister was away at sleepover camp, they had “twin camp” at home, and proudly wore their matching shirts while they concocted activities to do together.

Now they have about a dozen matching shirts and sweatshirts that they have picked out together, and they plan ahead the night before they wear them.

I asked Jungle Boy why they dress alike, and he said “Because it’s fun!  And it’s a twin thing.”

Who am I to argue with that?

Do you dress your twins in matching outfits?

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16 thoughts on “Do your twins match?”

  1. I find that I dress my kids alike more than I planned on doing. It’s cute, and I think my brain just likes order and coordination. If I’m going to put one in overalls, why not the other? :-). I don’t go excessively “matchy,” usually, but I do tend to coordinate.

  2. They are so cute!

    I try to dress my kids in the same thing, but with different colours. Some gifts they have received are the same though so sometimes they match exactly. They still haven’t formed an opinion about what they wear though.

  3. I think other people’s twins in matching clothes are adorable. But, I almost never put my twins matching. They get coordinated gifts and I just try to put them in those clothes on different days. On the days I do match them, I for some reason feel self conscious all day and feel the need to explain to people – just this weekend I put them in gift matching shirts and then saw my sister, and a few minutes into the visit my husband asked my sister, did she apologize for the matching shirts yet?… and I had. My sister hadn’t even noticed. That said, at < 2, they do sometimes ask to wear want the other is wearing, and if they choose it, of course I let them… but still feel the need to explain that.

  4. I don’t really, but that’s because they are still small and spit up a lot! LOL! And I am not changing both outfits if I don’t need to. 😉

    But when they get a touch older and aren’t sleeping so much and have more ‘awake, normal people time’ then I might, sometimes. I got a TON of hand me downs though, so I don’t have a bunch that matches.

  5. I don’t match exactly obviously since they are boy and girl. I do match colors though. Lily might wear a green flower shirt and Preston a green stripe shirt.

  6. As far as evreyday stuff I dont have time to match them! They really dont have any matching outfits left now that they are almost one. Seems like I got tons of gifts when they were younger of matching sleepers and onesies! For their one yr old pictures they’ll probably have matching overalls or something but I guess only special occasions. It seemed pretty hard to find coordinating b/g stuff so I kind of gave up!

  7. My twins are identical and I love to dress them alike. I really get a kick out of it. Everyone loves to guess which twin it is when they see them (in person and in pics).

  8. Heck, I can hardly coordinate my OWN wardrobe for the day, so I definitely don’t match theirs. There have been a few instances when they are in the same colors, but it’s very rare. If they choose to match when they’re older, they can, but I’m all about being ecclectic. Easier done with b/g twins, I think.

  9. I didn’t for a long time – can you say that with 5 month old babies? Or I would do outfits that were the same but different… but then their nanny started dressing them more similarly (she’s really into them being identical twins) and the cuteness of it rubbed off on me. So, now sometimes I am guilty of it too.

    I’ll let them express their individuality when they are capable of expressing which clothes they want to wear.

  10. Since I have Boy/Girl twins (4months) I don’t dress them identically. (I already have too many people asking if they are identical twins as it is) I do coordinate their outfits ALOT. Sometimes its the same outfits just different colors or sometimes I coordinate the color like if one is in red I put the other in red. I’ve even been known to coordinate their older brother’s (2 1/2) outfit.

    I joke that I can’t help it it’s a sickness/obsession with me. They also ALWAYS have shoes on if we go out and my girl ALWAYS wears a hairbow (whether we leave the house or not) My two and a half year old picks out his own clothes for the most part. (I will usually give him a couple options and he chooses from those)

    I think it’s adorable that your twins want to dress alike now. I hope mine do the same!

  11. I am a twin (fraternal) with a beautiful sister. She is mentally challenged but that doesn’t stop her! I say she is the smart twin actually. But to get back on track, my mother always dressed us alike and it was so cute. We were looking at pictures the other day, OMG adorable! (I’ll post in on my blog – you have to judge for yourself) But there did come a time when I didn’t want to dress alike anymore. I was such a tomboy and wearing a dress didn’t work while playing hard. We all come into our own while growing up but twins have a special bond. I am so glad my Mom took the time to make us look so cute. I will always cherish those photos.

  12. My girls are identical, so I try to dress them in different colors so everyone can tell them apart easily or I know whose name to yell if one of them takes off away from me at the playground, mall, etc. I do tend to put them both in dresses, or jeans, or whatever on the same day to keep them at the temperature, number of layers, etc. This also helps keeps fights to a minimum. They are almost 3 and enjoy choosing an outfit from the limited number of choices I provide, but I still don’t allow full access to their closets because I don’t want to deal with the entire contents being all over the floor every day.

  13. I hadn’t planned on doing it, but I got so many cute outfits it seemed a shame. So, I declared Wednesdays “matching day.”

    Now they pick out their own clothes, so it’s rare that they’re interested in the same outfit (but the Grandmas still buy two anyways). They prefer to try and match what I’m wearing!

  14. This is the question every twin parent is asked, isn’t it? When I moved my monozygotic girls to a new daycare, the director asked us to dress them differently until the teacher could confidently tell them apart. I tend to dress them differently, but now that they’re two, they love to coordinate: the same outfit, but in a different colour. With some things, like swimsuits, getting them two of the same prevents arguments.

  15. I have identical twin boys that are 20 months old. I totally love dressing them alike. I either have the same exact outfits, or same but different colors. I figure I’ll do this until they start caring about what they wear or don’t want to match…

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