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What were you doing five years ago? I can tell you exactly what I was doing. Five years ago today, on Friday, August 29th, 2003, I was writing a blog post about it being my last day as a mother of an only child. I was packing up my hospital bag, calling my friends, giddy about the fact that my doctor was taking pity on me and FINALLY going to induce my labor, at 38 weeks!

Five years ago today, my husband and I had lunch at Le Peep, and I specifically remember trying to find something on the menu that would

  1. Satisfy my cravings

  2. Fill me up, since I knew it would be my last actual meal for quite awhile, and
  3. Not give me gas, since I was worried about all the poking and prodding in my immediate future!

Five years ago today:

And five years ago tomorrow:

Paul and Laura with brand new Pablo & Mallory
Paul and Laura with brand new Pablo & Mallory

Five years ago, these two precious babies entered our world:

Five years ago, I knew nothing about parenting twins. I had no idea I’d become an expert on diapering. I didn’t know what Early Intervention meant. I never dreamed I’d soon be facing speech delays, occupational therapy, or an autism diagnosis. And I didn’t have a CLUE how much joy there would be in our family in the years to come!

Today, those little punkin babies are big kindergarteners!

It doesn’t seem possible that they’ve been ours for five whole years! Happy Birthday, Pablo and Mallory! You’re the light of our lives!

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8 thoughts on “In the blink of an eye.”

  1. My guys will be 5 this year too! Isn’t it crazy how fast the time goes by?
    Then I was going crazy trying to keep 2 preemies on the same schedule while sleep deprived. Now I’m going crazy and staying up late at night doing internet searches trying to find and think up fun invitations for their birthday party.

  2. Hard to believe that 5 years ago, you were only welcomming your 1st set of twins! I bet you would have told people they were nuts if they said you would have another pair!

    Happy Birthday Pablo and Mallory! Well done Mama!

  3. I too remember when my twin boys were just born… it was only two years ago for me. I already had a singleton daughter, but what a difference with twins! Double the sleep deprivation, diaper changes, feedings, etc. Us moms, we just do what needs to be done. Now, I just found out I’m expecting again! A single baby (I!). I feel like I can handle a single baby with my eyes closed at this point! Thanks for your post and congrats…your twins are adorable!

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