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Have a topic you’d like to suggest for a Foodie Friday post? A suggestion you’d like to share with the rest of us tired energetic and patient multiples’ moms and dads? Post it in the comments section! We always love to hear from you.

This post is going to be short—dissertation proposal is heading into overdrive, eek!—but I wanted to share my new favorite toddler snack. Rice cakes! Seriously, they LOVE them.

Abigail and Daniel discover the stash of rice cakes and dive right in!
Abigail and Daniel discover the stash of rice cakes and dive right in!

I get the cheddar flavor, which is quite tasty even for adults. They are great for the car, because they take a ton of time to eat. I’ve been doing cereal bars in the car, but that gooey (delicious) fruit center gets EVERYWHERE. Can cars get roaches? Because really, I’m quite concerned. Anyway, this new snack is hugely popular in my house.

What are other people’s favorite snacks on the go?

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8 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Toddler snacks”

  1. It’s almost impossible to find rice cakes that are nut-safe (technically, there is one brand but it’s really hideously disgusting to taste, and falls apart way to easily and makes a big mess).

    Not too exciting, but goldfish (or cheddar bunnies) are our go-to snack on the go. They don’t make a mess, they don’t break easily (so no crumbs, just whole goldfish to pick up), and they work perfectly with snack traps (the best on-the-go snacking invention!)

    Boring, I know. I get more inventive when we’re at home, with washcloths and a vacuum more readily accessible…

  2. When they’re old enough, my favorite on-the-go snack is string cheese – already prepped, portable, full of protien and calcium. My older son and I eat them every day…once the twins can have cow’s milk, I’m sure we’ll need to buy them in bulk!

  3. We like rice cakes, too, but have to be really careful because of constipation issues. Our favorites include Snap pea crisps, Pirate Booty, Just Tomatoes brand freeze dried fruit and veggies (available online or at Whole Foods), Cheddar Bunnies, Ritz Bitz (or the organic version) with peanut butter or cheese filling, blueberries, apple slices. All of which do pretty well in the snack traps. Some of these work better for older toddlers. My girls are just shy of 3 years old and don’t throw snacks on purpose now. Honey Wheat pretzel braids, granola bars, string cheese are also favorites.

  4. wholeweat crackers, gold fish, cherious (or other cerial they like), fruits if both parents in the car.

    My girls still throw everything on the floor once they are done so I pack very small portions of snacks.

  5. We like the whole grain brown sugar mini rice cakes, boxes of raisins, string cheese, pretzel sticks, pretzel snaps, goldfish, animal crackers, honey nut cheerios, honeycomb cereal, whole banana’s, graham crackers, and anything else that I can find in the snack cupboard!

    I have been pondering a lot lately how to serve my kids “sweets” or dessert. I would love to see a post on this. I am very concerned about teaching my kids sweets in moderation with out having them grow up to sneak sweets because they were deprived of them at some point. Anyway, thought it might make a good foodie friday post.

  6. Krissy, I second your suggestion for a post on sweets. My almost-2-yo twins never get them, and so don’t want them. But with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Xmas around the corner, and more socializing w/ other kids as they get older, I too want to learn how to let them have some sometimes but not want them all the time. I have a fierce sweet tooth that I’ve battled all my life–was raised on Coca-Cola–I’d eat cake and candy all day if I could. I don’t want that to be their problem.

  7. i am always on the lookout for a new portable snack to keep my triplets taste buds happy. thanks for the suggestion, i bought some rice cakes the other day after reading your post and my 3 LOvED them!

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