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Every month for the first 18 months of my twin boys’ lives, we took their picture in a chair together. I’ve seen this done many places but I had no idea how much work went into those pictures! In our house they were truly a labor of love. We always had one designated photographer and at least one baby wrangler. The baby wrangler’s job was to entertain the boys and prevent them from doing headers off the chair while also staying out of the photographer’s way.

I almost drove my husband Jon crazy with my insistence on continuing the series, but oh my, all that work was worth it. Some of my favorite photos are from that series, as well as some of my favorite memories.

I still carry a copy of this two month picture in my wallet.

This six month picture almost became our Christmas card photo with the words “Peace on Earth.”

This eight month picture proved the conspiring begins early.

The ten month series was my favorite of the bunch, and includes a picture that still makes me laugh out loud and a picture that is one of my all-time favorites.

This eleven month photo shoot was the worst – they both cried and cried because they were so sick.

And this 18 month photo showed me how far we had come – instead of tiny babies we had two little BOYS.

We decided to stop at 18 months when they would no longer stay in the chair together. I took all those shots and turned them into a photo book as a gift to the grandparents. Even the worst outtakes made it into the book. You can view our entire series here.

If you decide to embark on the series, two things helped us greatly. First, we kept on snapping pictures no matter what happened. We have pictures of babies falling over, babies pooping, boys crying, and lots of smiles. The series truly reflects life with twins – not always perfect, and often crazy. Second, we stayed flexible. If the boys were not cooperative, we’d try again at a later point. The five month series took four attempts before we got pictures we liked. Even with all the work involved, this remains one of my favorite activities from the first year with twins.

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4 thoughts on “The chair photos, twin style”

  1. Hooray for chair pictures! I love mine. We did it every month from 3-12, now I’m spacing them out a bit more. Around 10 or 11 months it started to get dangerous, and I was usually doing it by myself. Definitely would have been easier (and safer) with an “assistant.” But yeah, best advice is to take advantage of the joys of digital photography: just keep snapping away. I think the fewest number of shots I ever took was at least 15, and that was when I could barely push the button before I had to save someone from crawling off the chair. At the height of the chair pics (I think 8-ish months was the best for sitting and smiling without yet moving too much), I think I took like 75 in one session. Just keep snapping away, at least a few will turn out.

    I only wish I had done it when they first came home! I’m bummed I didn’t start until 3 months.

  2. Those are great. I love the ones where they are pushing each other or trying to get down. It catches twin life so well. I wish I would have done something like that with my twins.

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