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We have no family within a 500 mile radius, so air travel with twins is a necessity for us. I’m always on the lookout for great products that make air travel easier. My family took a trip to Chicago this past week and in addition to using our GoGo Kidz Travelmates (previous review here), we had another awesome product with us – an Ifrogz Tadpole ipod case for kids.

I don’t let my kids watch too much television at home, but for the sake of other passengers, we let the boys tv while traveling. Since we can’t all sit together, bringing two portable DVD players on the plane as well as everything else we need for two kids in diapers becomes cumbersome. The Tadpole is a great accessory to allow your kids to watch a video ipod and save space with carry-on luggage.

There are many reasons I love the Tadpole:

1. The headphones are just the right size for toddlers. No earbuds to constantly replace!
2. The handles make it easy for toddlers to hold a video ipod.
3. The protective case makes it easy to throw in a small carry-on diaper bag and easy to pick up off the floor of an airplane.
4. Relatively cheap price. You can buy the Tadpole here.

But what did the kids think? Who looks most comfortable?

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3 thoughts on “Product review: Tadpole ipod case for kids”

  1. Oooooohhhh. I have gadget envy. Must get those! And, lucky us, we have both an iPod that supports video, and my iPhone! One for each! Now they just have to get to the age where that would entertain them. Soon…

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