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Exploring the barns--and how fast she can run
Exploring the barns--and how fast she can run


Earlier this week, my mom and I took the kids (aged 18 months) to a local farm run by the Audubon society. It is a great place for little kids—there are all sorts of farm animals, such as cows, pigs, goats and sheep, as well as gardens and pick your own veggies and such. Danny’s favorite animal? The barn cat. Yep. We HAVE two cats. We could have just stayed home. They also loved the frames in the garden that held freshly dug dirt. They came supplied with trowels perfect for little people. Oh, did my kids like to dig! We left with two very dirty little munchkins. But, we had a blast. And even better, we had two adults, so while we were tired after spending and hour or two chasing my guys, we were not exhausted or snippy (always a potential hazard of an overly ambitious outing).

Are you perhaps thinking that this lovely story has nothing to do with food? Well…..on our way home, we stopped at our favorite ice cream place, which just happens to be 5 minutes down the road. (And, consider that my mom lives five states away and this is STILL her favorite ice cream place. We take our soft serve very seriously). We got cones for ourselves, and kiddie sized orange creamsicle cones for the kids. We all had a blast. The kids ate all of theirs and then begged for mine. I didn’t share. Seriously, were they not listening when we said it was our favorite ice cream place? And at least 30 minutes from where we live? We don’t get there very often!

Danny takes ice cream cones very seriously
Danny takes ice cream cones very seriously

This is the second time we have gone farm-ing, then ice cream-ing. It got me thinking about families and traditions involving food. We do ice cream after the farm, and Christmas cookies at Christmas, sandwiches from our favorite place in our old neighborhood on stressful days (including lunch on our way home from the hospital after having the kids), huge Christmas dinners, favorites meals…..the list goes on and on. For the most part, they aren’t conscious traditions, but we would never consider going to the farm with the kids and not stopping for ice cream. Why? Why would we do that? It makes me think that maybe we should be a bit more thoughtful about our traditions. What food traditions do we want to have with the kids? What traditions do we want to skip?

Hmm, orange creamsicle.....
Hmm, orange creamsicle.....

I’m curious about your family—-what are your favorite food related traditions? Which ones do you wish you hadn’t started? Which ones do you love?

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4 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Food traditions”

  1. Oh my, you missed the best part of that farm: their farmstand! Yep, you can buy veggies grown at their very own farm (at least I hope it’s not done yet for the season!)

    There’s also another great local farm around the corner from the one you were at. Unfortunately, it burned down a few weeks ago, but is operating out of a temporary stand.

    Yes, my poor children, all of my food traditions revolve around vegetables. I do love that farm, though. And the barn cat is a huge hit with my boys, too, though they especially love the giant sow.

    Anyway, I’m actually missing a lot of food traditions since we’re dealing with food allergies. We can never have baked goods out, or ice cream, or chocolate, or any kind of Asian food from a restaurant, etc. I’m especially sad about Halloween, and knowing we’ll never really be able to trick or treat. Ah well, it could be far worse…and we make our own new traditions.

    You all need some food allergy posts. It’s especially hard as we go into the non-stop holiday season that runs through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year. Just think about how those holidays all revolve around food…

  2. When we had our first year of trick or treating, I made a batch of chili in the crock pot so we could come home from collecting candy (in the cold midwestern October weather) and have a hot meal waiting for us and that has become a sort of tradition now! Halloween = Chili.

    My food traditions are never intentional, just something that worked well so we do it again!

  3. I agree with the prior comment that food allergies would be a great topic to address with the upcoming holidays. I am in the beginning stages of an elimination diet for my 10 month old b/b twins. So far it seems that peanuts and eggs are the culprits but waiting for allergy testing.

    Thanks for the post though. I love the food traditions that run so thickly in my family.

  4. We are in the process of totally rethinking how our lives revolve around food now that Jay had gastric bypass. We both know it is something we need to be more thoughtful about, and one of our ideas is to reward our family for things like birthdays and good report cards with athletic adventures like white water rafting when they are older, and visits to state parks, hiking, biking trips, etc.

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