The Power of Grandparents

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I love taking my kids to visit my grandparents, because my Nina and Pap seem more alive around Jonathan and Faith. Whereas I can feel worn out and beaten up, my grandparents seem to absorb some of the youthfulness of my children. Their eyes light up, they laugh, point, clap and encourage. They have nothing but time to enjoy their great-grandchildren. The messes don’t concern them. The broken semi-treasures are of no concern. The fingerprints and smudges bring them joy days after our visit. It is so very good for me to see my twin toddlers through their eyes.

Yesterday, we went to the park with them. My 85 year-old grandfather pulled the kids in their choo-choo wagon part of the way. My 77 year-old grandmother whipped out a bag from her pocket and the kids were shown how to collect pine cones. Everything we did was unrushed, and unhurried. I was conscious of my Pap’s bad hip, and slowed my pace. I saw laughter in my Nina’s eyes when Jonathan started getting into mischief, which helped me to see him through her eyes, and I didn’t get angry with him.I am so very disappointed that I forgot my camera, but I was mentally taking pictures of little Faith reaching up to take Pap’s hand. And although he is awfully heavy, Nina carried Jonathan when his chubby little arms reached up to her, pleading for her to carry him.  What will stay with me in the years to come was Nina saying:

If ever there was something in the world that felt better than a little hand in mine, I have never felt it.

Share a grandparent story or memory with us! What have you learned from the grandparent figures in your life?

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Grandparents”

  1. Oh Krissy, what a wondrous post. My twins are so very blessed to have MY grandfather, their GREAT-grandfather live here in town. He is an amazingly young 92 (I keep wanting to set him up with older woman, Roberta McCain), volunteers twice a week at the local hospital, played marimba live on TV in his church last year, and lavishes love on Darren and Sarah like there is nothing else in the world so wonderful.

    You’ve motivated me…I need to do a post on Papa and the kids.

    What a blessing it is for us as parents to see those relationships… :)

  2. My grandma is in her late 60’s(very young I know), but she is terrific with my twins! She watches them when I work two days a week. She has raised her four kids, three grandchildren and now she is sharing her time and wisdom in helping me raise mine. My dad also watches my kids two days a week. They have both tended them since they were three months old. I am lucky to have such great family members who help me be a successful mom and teacher!

  3. our boys just met their paternal grandmother for the second time. the first was when they were one month old and in the 4-5 pound range. now they are toddler and more boy than baby. she follows my blog religiously but lives away and cannot make the trip as often as we would like.

    i was a bit worried about the fact that she knows them so well from my blog, but they do not know her. totally unfounded fear. they knew right away she was family and trustworthy and they went to her for laughs and hugs and candy. it was a joy to watch and now we have all resolved to find more ways to see each other.

    my parents live with us and they daily get to be the gp’s of their first grandchildren. and it just feels right, to have them so involved, so present. cheers to the grandparents of the world. i could not do it without them.

  4. beautiful, beautiful post, krissy. isn’t it amazing to witness your kids through someone else’s loving eyes?! j and f are so very lucky to know their great grandparents.

  5. My twins were born in December 2006. In March 2007, we drove the 600-plus miles back to my hometown, where they met my 88-year-old grandma–the wittiest, kindest person I have ever known. She held both of them–we have great pictures. It was a proud moment for all of us. They were her first great-grandchildren, and to have them be twins was a surprise and joy for all of us, one that my grandma took credit for because the last instance of twins in my family was *her* grandma (who had a fraternal twin sister). She sent my babies lots of gifts and cards, all signed “Love Great Grandma” with the “great” underlined. Her own mother (my great-grandma) lived to be 97, so I assumed that Will and Ruthie would know her well. Sadly I was wrong. She died in August 2007 of a stroke–she never saw them in person again. But I am so glad she got to meet them the one time. I was reluctant to make the drive due to the logistics of twins you all know so well–but I am so glad we did. I am saving all of her gifts to them for when they can understand, and I can tell them about her and how wonderful she was.

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