How Far We've Come

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I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I met Foodie Friday author Rebecca because she was matched up as my twin club “big sister.”  (In fact, we were e-introduced by fellow blogger Nancy, of Zimmer Zoo fame! It’s a small twin world here in Massachusetts…)  Rebecca and her husband first had M and me over for dinner when their babies were maybe three months old, and I was in my obscenely swollen feet stage of pregnancy.  They juggled newborns and attempted to eat hamburgers while M and I giggled nervously and knew there was no turning back.

We’ve shared a number of meals over the last year and a half, though mostly brunches (mmm, pumpkin waffles) and late lunch barbeques since both of our households subscribe to a very early bedtime. daniel and rebecca at dinner Last night, though, we actually went to their house for dinner.  OK, so we ate at about five minutes after five, but with the time change it was completely dark, so it didn’t feel all that early.  I was really struck at how much things have changed since we’ve known each other and since all of our kids have been in the picture.  Sure, it was an early meal, but get this: all eight of us sat at one table.  All eight of us ate the same foodabigail and danny at dinner Hell, all eight of us used forks!  I just kept commenting, “I love that this [motion to the table full of people] is even possible!”

But it really is.  So for those still in the early days of babies, bemoaning the loss of your social life and the ability to do anything outside of the house after 5pm: don’t despair.  Yes, our definition of “dinner party” is rather different than it was two years ago.  We ate early, we fed/distracted/entertained kids, we made a bit of a mess.  But we had dinner with friends, and didn’t even have to bring anything particularly special for the kids.  And it was a smashing success.

four kids for dinner

Oh, and the early birthday cake was awesome.  Thanks, guys!

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6 thoughts on “How Far We've Come”

  1. How cool is that?! We marveled at the fact that there were 4 kids under 4 at our dinner table in Vermont over the weekend – and all 4 were sitting there eating what everyone else was.

    And I *TOTALLY* forgot that I was the one who matched you two up! Good to know that my match-making skills worked at least once 😉

  2. This post put a tear in my eye. My fraternal twin girls are 13 months and I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. Oh, I remember that first dinner. We thought we were being nice, but I’m pretty sure that inviting a pregnant with twins mom over during the witching hour of the evening—NOT the nicest thing we’ve ever done. Wasn’t this last dinner so much more fun? This post makes me think about how much things have changed, and how much EASIER my life is these days. Sure, we have hard days, but we are not dependent on BFing, purees, baby spoons and bibs and the stroller.

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