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Abigail at Thanksgiving dinner last year
Abigail at Thanksgiving dinner last year

Goddess wrote a week or two ago about the joy….and ease….of going out to eat at friends’ houses as the twins get older. As we were falling asleep last night, full of turkey, stuffing and homemade pumpkin cheesecake (OMG, was that delicious), my husband and I were having the same discussion. Every year, we drive an hour to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner and eat dinner with a hoard of his/my relatives. Theoretically, it’s a lovely tradition. Last year, with 7 month old twins who were battling their first nasty cold, it was…..exhausting. Terribly, terribly exhausting. My brother, who was there as well, remembers our kids doing fairly well. I remember struggling for 45 minutes to get them to nap, only to have them be up 45 minutes later, juggling babies so that we could eat dinner and leaving early as they melted down.

Danny sits down to Thanksgiving dinner
Danny sits down to Thanksgiving dinner

This year—this year was night and day. It was still the same crowd of family members—this time about 30 of our nearest and dearest family. Happily, all we were required to bring was a pumpkin pie, so at 10am, off we went to Thanksgiving at Grammy’s. The best part? I left with 6 diapers and 2 empty sippy cups in my purse. Ah, the joy of leaving the diaper bag at home. We’ve written about it before, but you can’t say enough about it.  Fantastic! The kids napped for an hour in the car, while Seth and I sipped coffee. They were refreshed and happy once we got there, and within a few minutes were off exploring the toy chest and checking out available snacks. They turned down the old-fashioneds that were being offered (so did I–both for taste and because it was 11:45 in the morning. Goodness.) Anyway, they were lovely, friendly, happy kiddos. They sat in big-kid booster seats for dinner, without straps, giving up their traditional highchairs to littler second cousins who were also there. They ate dinner, with forks and no bibs. Abigail wore a bit of cranberry sauce, but no big deal there. Stuffing was a hit, mashed potatoes not so much—pumpkin cheesecake and apple pie? Huge hits! They got no special food or utensils—just dinner along with everyone else. And when another toddler melted down in the kitchen and was rocked to sleep by her mom, my guys ran around the house in circle, meeting new people and charming all. Ok, maybe I’m a bit biases, but I do think they charmed a least several relations.

So, all of you new moms of twins out there, who are dealing with the first set of holidays, times two? Just know, the holidays get so much easier, and, best of all…..more fun!

Abigail & Danny sit and chat with the grown-ups during cocktail hour
Abigail & Danny sit and chat with the grown-ups during cocktail hour

I am already shopping for Christmas for my kiddos, which is just a blast this year. Anyone else have a great, easy Thanksgiving yesterday? I hope everyone got lots of pie and turkey and is happily at home today, playing with kids and eating leftovers.  Me? I’m listening to my brother and husband get through a list of chores, including painting, while I sit on the couch and read a book. Lovely.

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4 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Getting older”

  1. We had our first Thanksgiving with 6-month old b/g twins. I must have the easiest babies in the whole world. They happily were passed around, all we took with us was the diaper bag, bottle supplies and some blankies, and they sat happily on my and my hub’s laps while we dined. Then they slept in the arms of relatives after dinner. Next year may not be so calm. :-)

  2. It’s good to know it gets easier…we’re not attempting traveling until the Spring, but I would like to try seeing family next year for the holidays…we’ll see how it goes! Thanks for the insight!

  3. We too had a much easier Thanksgiving than last year! Our almost-2-YOs didn’t stay with us long at the table, and there were still some “hold me Mommy/Daddy” moments that interfered with the business of stuffing ourselves, but we got to have a nice conversation with my mom and our friends during a period where the kids (gasp) actually played by themselves for a while! So different from last year, where we were hemmed in by naptime on one side, bedtime on the other and a long drive that curtailed the holiday feeling greatly. This one actually *felt* like a holiday. And I’m *so* looking forward to Xmas!

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