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My husband and I just drove 1600 miles with our 2 1/2 year old twin boys for Thanksgiving. In the 28 hours we were in the car, the boys didn’t cry once. I am not making this up. This is a true story. I did an insanely long write-up on my personal blog about our experience, but that should really only be read by people who know me. For HDYDI, I’d like to write about two products that made this trip EASY.

Item 1: Travel Trays. After much research, I chose this particular brand of travel tray because it is soft (safe in impacts) and it straps around the child so the child can not throw it to the floor of the car. Before the trip, I thought it would be handy for eating meals and coloring with crayons. On the trip, we found it’s best use was preventing toys from falling to the floor. The boys kept the trays full of snacks, sippies, loveys, Hot Wheels, and playing cards. They could happily discard one item and have it available for future use.

Item #2: Dual-headrest DVD player with toddler headphones. We’ve used these headphones on many trips and I can not say enough good things about them. The boys could happily watch their shows and my husband and I could happily converse with each other and listen to NPR podcasts.

If anyone is planning a long road trip for the upcoming holidays, I would highly recommend both of these items.

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5 thoughts on “Product review: items for car trips”

  1. WOW! What a great experience and what great suggestions! Think with a cross-country trip (by air!) ahead with our 7-year-olds, we’re going to seek out some similar solutions!

  2. I also just bought those travel trays for my girls (almost four) and they were AWESOME! A friend of mine also let me borrow a travel BINGO game (available on Amazon) that I am going to purchase. It was really fun and got hte girls looking for stuff out the windows (police car, dog, fire hydrant, etc). We found that varying activites (not just watching movies) worked best for our girls. One of my girls is like your son who would watch movies all day but my other is very fidgety. We also had a benadryl induced/quite time enforced nap. That helped pass our 7.5 hour car trip.

  3. I chose those same travel trays for their accident-safety. Sure enough, two days after I put them in the car, we got into a terrible car accident. The trays were exactly as safe as advertised. The only injury (and it was minor) was a small cut Melody got from the corner of the hardback book she was “reading”.

    The original trays we had ended up being tossed after we found a sliver of glass from the accident embedded in it. But I just got another pair to serve us on our upcoming plane trip.

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