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I wish I had known about this tradition when my children were younger.  In a nutshell, your children write a letter to Santa asking him if he can spare an elf for the holiday season.  Around Thanksgiving you leave the letter, along with some saltine crackers (which crunch like snow) and water (melted snow).

The elf appears, and if you have ordered it from Elf Magic, he comes with a bag, some magic snow to sprinkle on him at night, and a letter of introduction telling you his name.  All very cute.

The fun begins when you put the elf to bed for the night.  They love to get up and play around the house at night and the kids awaken to find them in the morning someplace unexpected.

The tradition does not require that you buy an elf from the company, just find one to use and use your imagination.  The company website has lots of ideas and funny pictures.  I think my favorite was the elf who was found in the morning behind the wheel of the badly parked car with fast food wrappers all over the place.  Apparently he had late night munchies.  Our elf, pictured here, brought along his Webkinz reindeer friend one night and the two of them have gotten into all sorts of mischief.

I’m happy to say I just found a giveaway at Crafty Mama of 4.  Sign up for a chance to win an elf for your house.

To see the daily adventures of our elf, visit me at Lit and Laundry.

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