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Two years ago was Nate and Alex’s first Christmas and they were seven months old. It was also their first cold and flu season in group day care.

I don’t remember much of December 2006, between the twins, the endless ear infections, the reflux, the torticollis physical therapy appointments, the helmet casting, The Time The Ped Diagnosed Them With RSV And I Freaked Out, the sick crying babies being up all night crying, stomach flu (yep, stomach flu AND ear infections AND possible RSV), and oh yeah, twins. Frankly, I don’t remember much of winter 2006-2007, except what I wrote on my blog.

So imagine my surprise this weekend when I dug out the Christmas decorations. I found a plate to be used for leaving cookies for Santa. It comes with a dry erase marker so you can write a letter to Santa to see when he eats your cookies. I vaguely remember this was a Christmas gift from 2006 that we never opened and I thought it would be perfect for Nate and Alex to use this year. I opened the box to find this:


It says, in my handwriting, to please bring me:

* two sleeping toddlers
* a full night’s sleep
* lots of red wine
* my pre-pregnancy body

Before erasing the list, I had to take a picture. This plate is from one of the most difficult times of my life. I was so sleep-deprived, I have no recollection of writing on this plate. Zero memory of this list. NONE. It scares me and makes me laugh at the same time.

Doesn’t that just sum up life with twin newborns?!?!?!?!

(Cross-posted at my personal blog, Laura’s Mommy Journal, because ironically one of my boys spiked a fever close to 105 last night while my husband’s out of town. I don’t have two posts in me today.)

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6 thoughts on “A letter to Santa from two years ago LauraC”

  1. Ah, is there any mother of new twins who hasn’t wished for those things? I visited with a mom with 8 week old twins yesterday and was reminded—-again—by how freaking hard those first 3-4-6 months are. And how much easier, and more fun, my kiddos are today at 20 months. Am I tired? Sure! Do I still enjoy the red wine and chocolate? Absolutely! But, it’s different…..

    Hope your little boy feels better soon.

  2. Laura, this is such a memory evoking post! And I can vouch for the fact you STILL need some (okay, a LOT) of red wine and chocolate as the twins get to be big kids! Ours are seven, and do I ever consume my twin-mom entitled “double portion!”

    Hope all are well soon…hang in there.

  3. That plate is freakin’ hilarious! Those 5 things are EXACTLY what I want for Christmas. I think the chocolate and wine may counteract my pre-pregnancy weight wish though. Oh well, I’ll just cross the weight thing off the list and in its place add more chocolates.

  4. LMAO! I would love for Santa to bring me a full night’s sleep. Also a magic toning lotion for my 5-week postpartum belly.

    Hope your little boy is feeling better already.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA Oh my – this is GREAT! What a neat thing to find. And too funny that you don’t recall writing on it at all! :)

    That’s kinda why I started a blog … I wasn’t journaling at all, and I’m afraid that I won’t remember a thing! LOL

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