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I’ve been here at my mom’s house with the kids for close to two weeks, now.  It’s been super helpful, fun in some ways, stressful in others. But one of the things that is proving most stressful for me right now is the sleeping arrangements.

My mom has a lovely 3-bedroom house, but due to the layout and other logistical factors, we’re really only in two of the bedrooms.  Mom put the two cribs in her room, since that’s where they fit, and moved herself into the guest room.  That leaves me sharing a room with my two 16-month-olds.

It’s always hard to be away from your own house, your space, your usual tricks and tools.  No room darkening shades, no good source of white noise.  And, seriously, I’m just not used to sharing a room with my kids.

For one thing, it’s not quite as restful to feel like you have to creep around so quietly.  Hold my breath as I tiptoe to the bathroom in the dark, lie completely still in my mom’s inexplicably squeaky bed.  At first, since it’s a relatively tall bed, I tried to hide myself from the kids’ view with pillows and a big pile of blankets.  But within 2-3 days, they had figured out that I was the lump on the bed.  And this, much to my dismay, has led to earlier morning waking.  No!!

[See, Mommy, Esq, don’t feel bad writing about sleep!  It gets way better than the newborn days, but it’s always a precious commodity…]

I had been lucky, over the last few months the kids have started waking closer to 7 or even 7:30 on the most awesome days.  Sometimes they wake up earlier, but they’ll chit-chat with each other, lie back down and be quiet or doze off, wake up again.  It’s nice and gradual, and allows me to wake up gently, go downstairs before they’re up, check email and pour cups of milk, etc.  It has gotten good, and I’ve gotten spoiled.

rebecca in massage chairWell, now that they’ve realized I’m there… there’s nothing gradual about it.  They both wake up and stand in the crib, facing me (I’m still hiding under the blankets).  Rebecca will giggle, but that will quickly turn to screaming if I don’t acknowledge her quickly enough.  Daniel just starts saying “hiii-eeee” loudly and repeatedly, sometimes with a “maaah-mee” (mommy) thrown in for good measure.  They think it’s hilarious when I finally sit up and say hello.  It’s cute and all… but it’s dark!  6:15!  No, no, no!

I can’t get up on my own terms, or even close to it.  I can’t get up at all, unless I’m ready for the kids to get up, too.  If I wake up at 5:30 and have to pee, forget it.  I’m not going to risk waking them up with that squeaky bed.

It has been wonderful of my mom to have us here and help so much while I’m limping around.  But, truthfully, I can’t wait until later this week when we move over to my dad’s house.  Oh, I have never appreciated having my own room so much!

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7 thoughts on “Shh, mommy's hiding!”

  1. LOL! The same thing happens when we’re at my Dad’s house. Mike’s with the twins and I’m with Logan.

    Luckily – it’s only a few days rather than weeks though.

    Enjoy your “freedom” when you swap over to your Dad’s. :)

  2. I think the early mornings are really tough during the winter when it is so dark. We know it is wrong to be up when it is dark but they have their little internal clocks that say “time to get up!”

  3. I completely sympathize. We have friends who live just far enough away that visiting them doesn’t work unless we spend the night. This means all four of us sharing a room (my husband and I in the bed, the two 2-year-olds in pack-n-plays). I hate it! I try to get out of it any way possible–eventually the kids will be older and we won’t have to spend the night; why can’t we wait a year or two for that?–but these are really good friends and sometimes I can tell my husband really wants to do it. So I have to choose between making him happy (he doesn’t ask much, really) or getting a decent night’s sleep, because I know that ain’t gonna happen over there. Enjoy your dad’s house when you get there!

  4. I know just how you feel! This summer we were crazy enough to travel a few states away with 2 four months old and a two year old. The five of us bunked in one room the entire trip which meant coordinating the babies naps with two year olds naps and trying to keep her quiet at night so as not to wake the babies… plus they were all up at the craziest hours each day. Nothing like being home from a vacation to finally get some much needed rest. Best of luck!!!

  5. As for the white noise, I have had a Homedics SoundSpa Sound Machine (for me) for a long time. One of my shower gifts seemingly WAY. BACK. WHEN. was a Visa gift card and the first thing I purchased was a second sound machine. At $19.99 it has paid for itself a million times over. We simply unplug and take with us to my mom’s when we’re there at holidays.

    As for the space and sleeping arrangements at your mom’s, i totally get it. We move into my mom’s room with a PeaPod and a PackNPlay and share a space with the twins for the duration of our stay. And you know, there’s just a level of LESS SLEEP that one gets sharing a room with the babies. Because, you know, you can turn the monitor off -errrr, waaaaay low – when you’re not sharing the same room.

    Gearing up for 5 days at grandma’s for the holidays. But at least we have the sound machine!

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