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For the first year of my kids’ lives, I didn’t really need to buy them any clothes. After two baby showers, and tons of enthusiastic and generous gifts, our nursery was packed to the gills with cute little clothes, sizes 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9. And of course I added to the collection because that was part of my mommy-dream…dressing tiny little babies in adorable outfits. The dresser drawers overflowed with onesies and sleepers, and tiny little sundresses hung in the closet. I was in my glory!

What I hadn’t counted on was the voracious appetites of my little ones. In the first four months, Jonathan grew from a 7.12 newborn to almost 15 pounds of chubby rolls who only fit into 6-9 month clothes. We blew thru the countless outfits that were only worn once before they were relegated to the basement bins.

Christmas rolled around and more cute outfits were given as gifts. I bought shoes, socks and bibs, but not many clothes. Next came the May birthday, and more wonderfully timed gifts, coinciding with another massive growth-spurt.

In May we will celebrate Faith and Jonathan’s second birthday. According to most child development books, the kids should only grow several inches and gain about 4 pounds. As such, the rapid-fire growth will slow, and clothes might actually last longer than two months.

I had a lot of bargain-hunting success at my local Kohl’s that I wanted to share with my fellow MoM’s. And so, without further ado, I present to you, my bargains!

Jonathan's threads for the summer.
Jonathan's threads for the summer.


Kohl’s has a brand called “Jumping Beans” that costs $5 an item from sizes 0-24. Starting at 2T, the cost jumps to $6 a piece. I was fortunate to have a 30% off coupon, and was able to buy Jonathan 7 shirts and 5 pairs of shorts for $50.40. For Faith, I bought 5 tops, 2 onesies, 2 skirts, and 2 pairs of capris and 1 pair of shorts for $42.

All items are mix and match, and I know from prior experience that they fit the proportions of my kids. With the jeans and zip-up hoodies that they already have, my kids will have plenty of clothes for spring and fall. All I need is to pick up a few dresses at the Mother-of-Twins sale this spring, and we will be set!

While I certainly am not one to turn down hand-me downs, I find that they sit in the drawers, unwearable, because none of our other clothes match that piece. Anyway, that is my two $cents$ and recommendations for dressing your twins!

What are your favorite tips for shopping for necessities for your children?

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14 thoughts on “Saving Money on Clothes for Your Kids”

  1. I love that idea! I too have found with hand me downs that they don’t get worn as much, because they aren’t quite the right season, or they are wearing more of one type of item than another, etc. I have no advice, though, other than twin sales, but it’s nice to know that there is an option to buy new clothes that match and find good deals.

  2. We haven’t been wearing the hand-me-downs much either. Just don’t like them as well, I guess.

    Thanks for the tip! My twosome turn 5 months on Monday and they are outgrowing 9 month clothes already. They are both over 27 inches long, and weigh well over 17 pounds, little bruts. I’m heartbroken at all the clothes we’ve had that they’ve never worn, or at best, wore once. :)

  3. My twins have the benefit of their older sister’s clothes, but one of my twins is a size smaller than her sister. So, we take all 4 of our kids to the Osh Kosh outlet here in Maine and get them mix and match clothes for summer. One of my twins wears a 2T and the other is still hanging around in 18month, so her older sister’s clothes that she wore last year still fit. Plus, we do wear hand me downs (OMG with 4 kids I don’t have a choice; I’d be BROKE) and then we pass along the clothes.

  4. Oh my, I have an AWESOME friend with b/b twins a few years older than my boys…my boys always wear, and love hand-me-downs from her!

    The other GREAT place to get clothes: our local Mother of Twins clubs semiannual sales, where members sell their kids’ clothes, usually for between $1 and $3 a piece.

    The rest of their stuff I pick up during Children’s Place sales (sometimes you can get shirts there for about $2 a piece), or at the Carter’s Outlet.

    I usually find Kohl’s to be overpriced, and it’s too annoying how they ALWAYS have a sale. They’re currently on my poop list, though, and I’m not ready to forgive them. :)

  5. My two LIVE in hand-me-downs. Since I live in South Florida, we have no such thing as seasons (well, okay, summer, and then 2 weeks of…slightly cooler). DS got a huge bag of jeans, khakis and t-shirts that looked like they were maybe worn once each. And almost all of their dressy clothes have come from others. But for those rare occasions where I have supplemented, I like and I’ve also gotten some great deals at Kohl’s and Target.

  6. We do well with hand me downs, especially as wear and not worry about to daycare clothes. I also love ebay — buying things in lots, I have spent from $5 to $50 dollars on a lot of clothes — ranging from 4 to 50 items. It usually breaks down to about $1/item, so even if I don’t like everything in it, it works. I also like The Children’s Place. Now that size is a bit more predictable, I buy at the end of a season, when things are 50% off or more, and each item is usually in the $2 to $6 range, with inexpensive shipping. Then I wash it and store it in the attic until the next season.

  7. We have been taking great advantage of hand-me-downs from twin boy cousins. That takes care of many of the needs for our girls (now 15 months). I still get them ‘girl’ clothes on sale or at the consignment shop. This is the best balance I’ve been able to work between not being able to afford much for new clothes but still wanting girl clothes for going out and special occassions. I also like the Jumping Bean line, although I would like to find girl clothes that had less pink and more other colors. I try to buy ahead for special things like Christmas dresses and winter clothes at the end of season sales. A month ago I got 2 snowsuits (jacket and pants), originally marked $70 for $17 each at JCPennys. I looked at the growth charts to approximate their length next winter. And, I am OK with clothes being too big on them. I didn’t buy any 12-month girl clothes at all, but jumped up to 18-month, and we rolled up sleeves and cuffs for the first few months.

    Some hand-me-downs are the wrong season or don’t suit our needs, and the ones from singletons aren’t as useful to us. With them we have only one cute item and nothing similar for the other girl. I don’t dress them to match, but I like for them to be wearing things of similar ‘niceness’.

  8. We too live in hand-me-downs. I don’t know what we’d do without them. I am also addicted to finding super cute clothes at our salvation army for 25 cents each! I’ve found brand new snowpants, jackets, lots of shirts and pants. All in great condition and stylin’ brands. My girls are in 2T and I buy anything up to a 4T, wash it and store it away till it fits.

  9. The end of season deals this year have been pretty good! I’m stocking up for next winter.

    I especially love hand me downs for things like fleecy pj’s—who cares what they look like? Danny’s been known to sleep in lavender ones. Oops. However, sadly, we don’t have a lot of hand me downs coming our way.

    I love the Twin Club sales too!

  10. I like hand-me-downs too. I received 2 years worth for my son, and a lot of 9-24 month stuff for my daughter. I find that I only need to buy a few shirts b/c those are the first items to get trashed. I like little girls dressed in various clashing shades or patterns of purple/pink/red anyway. It’s cute. They can get away with these garish fashion risks in their youth. :-)

  11. Thanks for all the tips, ladies!

    The thing I want to know is…who is buying all the clothes that are then handed down to your kids?! :)

    I don’t really have anyone to give me clothes for my kids, as all of my friends have kids the same ages. Our kids consignment store prices aren’t cheap; they range from $4-$10 a piece. The twin sale is the same way. I will have to look into buying the clothes in lots, Eva.

    I do have one friend who has a 4 year old, and she has lent me tons of outerware and shoes for my son. That has been a huge help!

  12. Target and children’s consignments for me. I also belong to a twins group. In Austin you really don’t need to have alot of heavy clothing. We mostly live in Tshirts and shorts.

    I also love Craigslist for some things.

    -Shannon in Austin
    Mom to Abigail and Porter who will be 3 on tax day.

  13. I am a huge fan of Old Navy clearance items! They usually have great deals with 50% off clearance items, sometimes more! I get a lot of hand me downs for our girl from family. I mostly stock up seasons ahead of time but have recently found she has been in the 12 month size, with some 18 month things FOREVER, which i didnt expect. So it does get hard to play the guessing game on which size the’ll be for the next season! And living in Minnesota its hard to use those summer clothes in the winter!

  14. Nice tip Krissy! I’ll have to check out that brand. We shop at Kohl’s with my mom so she can share her senior discount – haha! We have kids who can’t keep pants up to save their lives. But they almost always fit in Old Navy/Gap brands (love Old Navy clearance sales!) and usually Carters but other brands are iffy. I’m anxious to check out these Jumping Beans though.

    I, too, am sad to say we are horrible about using hand-me-downs. Often because, as you said, they don’t go with anything we already have or, more likely, there is only one of something and we usually coordinate the boys’ outfits (they don’t match each other, but they “go” together, you know?)

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