Flying With Twin Infants

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Shortly after you get comfortable going pee with twins, you will decide that you need to get out of the house with the twins. Maybe to a restaurant. Where regular people eat. At regular people hours. And I’m telling you right now after a few successes, you’ll feel bold enough to get out of town with the twins.

For road trips, The Meyers Family wrote an informative post about must-have’s for the car with children. And Shawn wrote some car travel secrets for toddlers.

Snickollet and Goddess In Progress, two REALLY BRAVE moms, have written about flying solo with twin toddlers here and here.

What with all this and more great information on traveling, what could I possibly bring to the table? Well, maybe not much, but at least it’s one more experience to peruse as you plan your trip, specifically, one where you are flying with infant twins. That’s one of the things I’ve learned so far: listen to people’s stories, modify for your own situation.

I’ve linked to the posts originally published on my personal blog, RaJenCreation. And if you have questions or additional tips to offer, by all means, comment!

Part I: Planning and Packing

Part II: The Airport Experience

Part III: Your Final Destination

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7 thoughts on “Flying With Twin Infants”

  1. We are flying cross country next month with our 4 month B/G twins. I had been asking around about this, thanks for posting your story!

    It seems that with good preparation things are never quite as hard as I would imagine with babies, hopefully traveling will be a similar experience:)

  2. Hi! I am a flight attendant and mom to GBG Triplets. No I have yet to travel with them…..but we will soon!
    Anyway just wanted to say BE prepared!! BRING snacks/books/toys/games/movies EVERYTHING you can thing of to keep them occupied! I see so many parents with just ONE baby and bring nothing! Also do not don’t fret about their ears bothering them….parents are the ones that get the kids all worked up about that!! For infants just give them bottle or pacifier. Older kids give sucker or candy! They’ll be fine!!

  3. I definitely think that the hype ABOUT flying with twins is worse than the actual DOING of it. And I would venture to say, at least for us, that the biggest reason is preparation and reducing expectations of a blissful trip!

  4. Great post.

    I’ve flown with my twins twice from California to Australia (and several interstate flights too). It’s actually not that bad. People who haven’t flown before tend think the worst and imagine themselves being stuck in a situation of crying babies, cranky passengers and having no way of getting out of the situation, they also here ‘some’ people talking about their situation if it was a bad one and assume that their trip will be just as bad.

    I wrote a post with a ton of ideas for a blog ‘Double the Adventure’ after my last overseas trip with the kids:

  5. I slipped my kids some cold medicine and waiting for them to knock out in their carriers. Then I loaded them on to one of those baggage push-carts. I realize I didn’t paint the most flattering picture but let me tell you: it worked!

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