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I’ve been writing my blog for almost 3 1/2 years and reading blogs for longer than that. During that time, I’ve done my fair share of contemplating what to write, what not to share, and what my boundaries are. Long-time readers will note I rarely talk about my job. I also rarely complain about Jon.  I also rarely blog about sleep because I’m too afraid to jinx it when it’s good and too tired to write about it when it’s bad. And while I do talk honestly about the struggles of parenting, I try to do so in a positive manner without complaining about my kids.

One Very Firm Boundary I set for myself was that I was not going to talk about the details of potty training. And I was not going to post a single picture of potty training. My plan was to post vague updates about it until the boys were fully potty trained then mention it casually. Yep… LauraC eating some mighty big blogging words the last two weeks:


What I didn’t understand about potty training is how ALL CONSUMING it is when it starts, particularly when you have two (or more) little ones in the house. First there are the nearly constant trips to the potty. Then there are hits and misses. Hits require minimal clean up and misses require massive clean up from head to toe (and wall and floor and laundry). Trips outside the house have to be carefully planned and executed. There are many loads of laundry. There is so much advice to sort through, weed out, discard, and use. Decisions need to be made. Do we use big potties or little potties? Do we use pullups or underwear only or training underwear? Do we use stickers or M&Ms? Do we train one or both?

The thing is, I am not stressed out about potty training in general. We are taking a very relaxed approach to potty training yet it still consumes 90% of my mental energy when it comes to the kids. This Saturday I am running a half marathon, my longest race since the boys were born. This Sunday I turn 35, which feels like a pretty significant milestone. Yet my brain is still 90% focused on whether or not we will convince Nate to sit on the potty tonight instead of standing. Apparently when you are a mom, potty training > (turning 35  + running 13 miles).

So tell me… where have you eaten your words? On parenting, on blogging, on having multiples?

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8 thoughts on “Eating my own words”

  1. I swore I would never force my children to eat anything they didn’t like. I wanted them to develop their own tastes. Then I had quadruplets and quickly realized there was no way I was going to make four different meals. I have to “force” them to eat some things, but then I get an idea of what they like, what they don’t like and when they’re just being difficult.

  2. I have inhaled my words like I not eaten a thing for the past 30 years. I always said I will not “be one of those moms” I will not “refer to myself in third person” I will not “yell at my children”

    One thing I have learned from my two little monsters is that you really don’t know what you will do until you are in the thick of it.

    The other day in Home Depot I was saying “Sit down if you want Mommy to blow a bubble!” REPEATEDLY. If I was not me I would want to punch me.

    GULP. words always are a little bitter.

  3. I started eating my words early — If I ever get pregnant I will never ever complain about pregnancy symptoms but embrace them. Nausea, 20 weeks of contractions, preeclampsia, house arrest, in and out of hospitals… complaints were spoken!

    Now I often catch myself saying phrases I thought I never would, like “this is the last time I’m gonna say this!” or “if you don’t come to the front door now, you’re not gonna get to go on our outing.” I cringe, but I still say it.

  4. I totally thought that having kids would make me super efficient at work. As in…”I must work extraordinarily diligently every single minute…must get home ASAP.” For the most part I think I have gotten more efficient and better at multitasking, but I just have to say that sometimes I get to work and take such a sigh of relief, and actually linger just a little too long over that morning cup of coffee. I really have no guilt about that.

  5. Hmmmm. Eating my words is never a fun thing to do. I always think of a plaque my mom had on the wall as a kid:

    Be careful of the words you say
    Keep them soft and sweet
    Because you never know
    Which ones you’ll have to eat

    You would think after staring at the plaque most days for 15ish years I would remember them.

    There are soo many things to name. I said a few months ago on my blog that I would not wear my hair down until the kids stopped pulling my hair. Pretty much 90% of all days since then have been hair down. Why would I rather yell, “Ouww,” and tell my 11 month old kiddos no I’ll never know!

  6. I thought this post was hilarious and a good warning of what to expect with potty training and kind of wild because I think all of this is all consuming. It is hard to imagine that potty training is going to be even more all consuming.

    I haven’t made a lot of resolutions about what I wouldn’t do, but I think the thing that has surprised me the most is my willingness to leave the house in almost any condition now. The girls are ready to go, but I haven’t done make-up; my wet hair is in a pony tail and not fixed? Doesn’t matter. I’m out the door. I have a much better appreciation of how moms get frumpy now. I am back to running through and hoping that getting in better shape will make up for it.

    I hope you’re half mary went well today!

  7. I take that back. I was “never” going to let my kids cry it out. At six months they either had to cry or had to wean because I had to sleep more. They did and my family in turn got a much better mom and wife. That’s also when the girls started going to bed earlier, so I got more time in the evenings to myself, time to run and time with my husband. Sleep + endorphins from working out makes everything better!

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