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This is cross-posted from my personal blog, Laura’s Mommy Journal.

When illnesses went around the boys’ infant day care room, they both seemed to get it at the same time. This is how I became a confirmed “rip the band-aid off” parent. Inevitably they were both going to get sick, so I may as well clean up puke/stay up all night with feverish babies/administer medicine all at once. It also meant the house could be de-germified faster and there was no waiting around for the other kid to get sick.

As they grew into toddlers, they actually… gasp… got immune systems (either that or they caught every possible bug EVER in the first two years of their lives). One kid may get something and the other kid never gets it. 99% of the time, Alex is the one who catches the bug and stays at home sick. This is not surprising to me as he is very tactile, touching everything and then putting it into his mouth.

Nate’s pink eye is the first illness in awhile where he has stayed home alone. While Jon and I make a concentrated effort to get alone time with each boy, it is rarely a full day. After yesterday, Jon and I have an all new appreciation for Alex. Poor Alex, getting bossed around by Nate ALL THE TIME. I love love love Nate but that kid CAN TALK and he will not stop talking until he gets what he wants.

After just one day alone with Nate, I completely understand why Alex has become such a fast runner – he needs to get away from Nate’s talking. I also understand why he’s developed the habit of giving in to Nate’s demands – it might be the only way to shut Nate up. And I also understand why Alex gets so cranky when we give him a lot of commands – yet two more people bossing him around?!

As the boys have gotten older, I’ve started to take for granted how much interaction occurs between the two of them that does not involve us. Having Alex out of the house amplified how much verbal interaction Nate needs and how much of that interaction Alex provides for Nate. It was a good reminder what a special relationship siblings have. And it was a good reminder how twins rule in every way.

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2 thoughts on “Taking care of one kid”

  1. Hubby and I were talking about something similar last night. Two of our daughters have a stomach bug and spent all day in bed. The two healthy ones were downstairs playing all day and it was really interesting to see the change in dynamics with just two in the picture. These really fed off each other to be mischief makers yesterday. About a month ago we had a different virus in the house and by the time school rolled around only three were healthy enough to go. Having my “quiet” one home gave me a chance to really talk to her, observe her and listen to what she had to say. It gave me insight into her as well as her sisters.

  2. I couldn’t agree / relate to this post more!!! When I only have one girl for the day it makes me realize just how easy (GASP – I never thought I would actually say that) having twins is! They always have a playmate. I swear there are some days when I actually have to remind myself that I should be playing with them and not just leaving them to their own devices. But they play SO WELL together. They LOVE spending time together and it’s amazing to watch their relationship flourish right before my eyes. Their collective imaginations blow me away as well. Great post – as usual :-)

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