"Terrible twos", times two

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My twins are a week away from their second birthday, and the “terrible twos” have hit. Hard. My daughter has always been, how shall we say?…..opinionated. dsc_0233Strong-willed. Assertive. She’s a sweet, engaging little girl, but she’s intense. We’ve been seeing tantrums from her for months and months now. My little boy has been much more mellow and go with the flow. In the last month or so, that has changed. Now, I have two two year olds who tantrum. And have strong desires about what they want. And don’t want. And it changes by the minute. Danny’s new thing is to say no when offered a food—-then about 10 seconds later, change his response to, “Yeah, yeah, yeah”. It happens about 80% of the time. babies-23-months-097They’re fighting over Danny’s pink sippy cup (I know, not the most masculine color). They’re fighting over getting dressed in the morning…..and getting undressed at night.

We’re not quite sure how to handle this new phase. Here’s one thing we’ve done—-a sticker chart for getting dressed in the morning. If you get dressed without screaming or crying, you get to pick out a sticker for your chart. It’s been shockingly effective. The rest of you with one, two, three or more toddlers out there…..what do you do to get through the day? Besides my favorite, which is to throw them in bed at 7pm and pour a big glass of wine. Nice, but not really a great long-term coping strategy.

Sticker charts
Sticker charts
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5 thoughts on “"Terrible twos", times two”

  1. Here’s what I think of the 2s (speaking as someone whose twn boys are about to turn 3 next month).


    The end.

    My serious answer is 1-2-3 Magic. Love love love that book and that discipline strategy. Pick your boundaries and stick to them. Don’t fight the little battles. If they’re fighting over a pink cup, get two pink cups. Offer them two choices in everything – do you want to wear this or this?

    I swear the 2s are when I learned to not sweat the small stuff. Do I really care if Nate wear barrettes in his hair? No. Do I really care if Alex wears two pairs of socks? No.

  2. I’m ordering 123 Magic from Amazon right this very minute. :-)

    I love that sticker charts are already working for your kids. I think lots of people (myself included!) figured that was for older kids. But no!

  3. Two’s are hard, but, and not to scare you I’ve found 3’s to be a bigger challenge. At 2 I at least understood that my daughters were having trouble communicating. Once their language skills started to develop we were past the “terrible” phase… but at 3, suddenly they wanted to be opinionated and use their favorite word “no.” It’s all about listening and trying to get your kids to communicate. Once I can figure out what they want (or don’t want) we seem to be in a better place. Good luck… this too will pass!

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