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THANK YOU everyone for your overwhelming response! We are so excited to know how many MoM’s read and enjoy HDYDI!

We will be sorting through your responses (loved them all!) and figuring out a few things over the next week. Expect to receive an email in the near future.

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All our best,

~the HDYDI MoM’s



Hello Folks!

We HDYDI bloggers are looking for a few new contributors! Here is your chance!

Are you a Mom or Dad of multiples?

Are you a nanny or grandmother of multiples?

Are you pregnant with twins or triplets?

Are your multiples under the age of 1? Toddlers? School age?


Please leave us a comment with your name, email address, link to your blog (if applicable) and a short statement about what makes your situation perfect for HDYDI!

Can’t wait to “meet” all of you!
~the HDYDI MoM’s

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28 thoughts on “Writers Wanted!”

  1. I have twins that are about to turn 9. I wish I would have had a site like this when they were little. I had so many questions!

    There are many things I think moms would like insight on as their twins get older, such as when to separate them in different classrooms at school, etc. We have many experiences we can share. Just recently, we had our first sleep over…only one twin was invited! It was the first real time they have ever been apart.

    my email is plaidtoaster at gmail

  2. I might be interested. I am a mommy to 2.5 year old BG twins and have a 4 month old singleton as well. I am also a full time working mom – a teacher.

  3. I am a working mommy to 21 month old b/g twins Gracie and Luke. My husband has had many health issues since G and L were born, so I have had to be Mommy and Daddy for most of their lives.

    I started my blog when I was in the hospital and it is still around to day as a chronicle of our lives. Without it, the sleep deprivations would have already taken the dates of G and L’s first smile, first words, and all of the other firsts I did not have time to put in a scrapbook!

    I’d love to be a contributor because even through all of the trauma, drama, visits to the doctor and I wouldn’t trade the past 21 months I’ve had with my Twinsies for anything! I spent 13 weeks in the hospital after going into preterm labor at 23 weeks and walked out of the hospital with two of the most amazing children ever. I’ve figured out how to do this by myself, my sense of humor and determined optimism intact.

  4. I have twin girls (fraternal) who are just about to turn two. We were lucky enough to adopt the girls at their birth, so we have some experience to share from the angle of twinship as well as adoption.

    I also am a professor of family communication, and although I can’t claim that this always makes me the best communicator with my kids (or husband!) I do generally at least recognize what I’m doing WRONG, and I do get to reflect a lot on how our interactions with our girls shapes them, and us. I’d be happy to share some of that here, if you’re interested.

  5. I have almost 3 yr old b/g twins. My son Will is handicapped and I wouldn’t mind sharing some details about how it is to balance having one healthy twin and one that has developmental & physical limitations.

  6. I have 1 yr old b/g twins. We tried SEVEN years to conceive, and these guys are thanks to IVF. I work part-time at a fertility clinic, which in itself is quite an adventure. I just turned 40 this year and feel like I’m finally in the prime of my life. I see the humor in everything. Do I get any brownie points for David Sedaris being one of my college professors??? :-)

    For more writing, my other blog is about knitting: http://looptoloop.blogspot.com

  7. I ‘m here! I have almost 7mo girls, and I have been a faithful reader since early pregnancy. This blog and many of the writers’ blogs here have saved my life many times. The posts on breastfeeding surely had a huge impact in my success in exclusively breastfeeding my girls, who still won’t eat almost any solids. We had many allergy issues and I had to go on a very restricted diet to help them sleep and get rid of a lot of other unpleasant symptoms.

    I write a blog in Portuguese, for we are Brazilian, but I have always intended to have an English version of it (I am a translator/interpreter), so this would be a good reason to start that!

    It would be a great honor and pleasure ofr me to participate in this site.

  8. I have twin boys who are 4, as well as singleton daughters who are 6 and 2. I work from home as a freelance writer, usually around 20 hours/week. Somehow those two first sentences make my life sound far less chaotic than it feels. 😉

    Until my youngest was several months old, I worked full time in a corporate environment. When my twins were born I took a demotion so I could work from home part of the week, and spent my days juggling screaming babies, typing with one hand while my toddler watched PBS all day.

    I’ve done two 9-month-long tours of three-kids-under-three duty, and I understand having a less-than-enthusiastic reaction to well meaning strangers telling you how blessed you are. It’s getting easier now, though!

    I blog at diagnosisurine.blogspot.com.

  9. I would love to write for HDYDI. As a journalist by training, writing has been an outlet for me for years and I have faithfully maintained my own blog for several years although the topic has evolved from triathlon training to parenting to a little bit of both now. Blogs like HDYDI have been a lifeline for me as I have become a mother to my 8-month-old twin daughters, and I would enjoy increasing my participation in the dialogue.

    We are a dual-income, suburban-dwelling, family of four with a bit of a hippie streak. I breast-feed, make baby food, workout and work full-time all while trying to work out and be the best mom I can be.

    My blog is http://ferrariflies.blogspot.com.

  10. I think it would be so fun to blog for HDYDI! I love this site and it has been such a big help to me. I’d love to do my part to help other twin moms. I am a mom to b/g twins who just turned 1 on May 1. I would bring the “keeping it real” point of view to your readers. I’m not perfect, they’re not perfect, but together it all works out perfectly – or at least most of the time it does!

    I stay at home, and have had no hired help. Sometimes it makes me a little crazy, but I have lots of tips and tricks to surviving the first year (and hopefully subsequent years) doing this on my own. In addition to momsprung.com I also wrote a blog about infertility (and the first several months of the babies’ lives) at viciouscycleofcycles.blogspot.com.

    Admittedly neither blog is exactly PG, but I am very comfortable writing for wider audiences and would have no problem turning down the snark for HDYDI.


  11. I am a brand new momma to fraternal twin boys, just shy of three weeks old. While I do not think I will be a good candidate to write for the blog, (I just have not experienced enough yet) I just wanted to thank you for doing this, as all this information has come in handy to new moms like me!

  12. I have ID twin boys who are going to turn three (YIKES) in a month. I conduct education research with a flexible part time schedule and my husband is a university professor, so we’ve juggled child care on top of two jobs since the boys were born. We live in a small community far from our families (university life!) that we relocated to about one year before the boys were born. We have really had to work as a team to get through these early months and years–establishing routines and social connections in a new place with twins is pretty tricky, I must say! I have loved reading HDYDI–I check it out nearly every evening after putting the boys down and realize it’s become part of my “unwind” routine at the end of the day. It’s always so reassuring to be reminded of the fact that so many others out there are juggling roles and making it work.

  13. It would be a wonderful honor to be chosen to write for a site like HDYDI. I have been a religious reader of this site since last year when we found out we were having twins! The stories, tips and encouragements I have found here are amazing.

    I am currently at home with my 5 month old B/G twins- learning how to be a mom and redefining what life is with 2 very precious babies amidst the lights of Sin City! I love to write and share with others about getting out and getting moving again after having twins, about continuing to follow your passions, and about functioning well within the new identity of a mother-of-twins. We have been very intentional about inviting our babies into the adventure of life alongside us. I believe this can be an encouragement to others in the infant (there is a baby crying all the time and I just need a shower) stage.

    I blog @ thecitycradle.com where I offer my thoughts of loving the city… rocking the cradle…. and being on mission to leave a legacy of faith and goodness in this city!

    You can reach me via… victoria.hudgins@gmail.com

    Thanks for considering.

  14. Hello! Thus far, I have been a silent reader of HDYDI. I read all the entries, but have yet to leave a comment (usually by the time I get to it, my feelings have already been expressed). I love this website and all the topics it tackles. I’m always sharing tidbits from the sight with my husband, and we love learning from others about how they parent their multiples.

    I’m not sure there’s anything unique about our situation. I am currently on leave from my elementary teaching job and home with our 14.5 month old b/g twins. My husband teaches 3rd grade during the day, and once he gets home, the roles reverse and I go out and tutor students privately in the afternoons. We have very little family in the area, so we’re doing the best we can to make it on our own in our 900 sq/ft house that grows smaller by the day.

    I have a private blog that I write for our family and friends which requires a password to view. I’d be happy to share it if you need to see some of my writing, but would prefer not to post the information in the comment section of this site.

    Thanks so much for all the great posts!

  15. I have LOVED blogging since I’ve have my twin girls- Reese and Riley- 8 1/2 months ago. AFter a struggle with infertility and quite the lengthy stay in the NICU (born at 30 weeks), I’m finally figuring this thing out (kind of! the double stroller through a doorway, I will never figure out!). I’ve certainly learned to look at things with humor when I could very well go crazy and love capturing those moments on my blogs to not only remember but encourage other mommies too. I love writing, love sharing my experiences, and especially love my hubby and twins!

    Family blog: lovestarbucksalatte.blogspot.com
    Girls’ Blog: http://www.reeseandrileyowen.com


  16. I too would love to write for HDYDI, and just from the comments so far sounds like you have an excellent array of choices!

    My name is Carissa and my husband and I adopted 14 month old boy girl twins from South Korea in October. I have been reading HDYDI since we received our referral in April of 2008. I even had a question I asked shortly after we got home answered by the HDYDI experts! Little Man and Little Princess are now almost 22 months old and we have been through so much! Currently we are dealing with therapy appointments and attachment issues! Our daughter also suffers from TSC (a genetic disorder that can cause all sorts of issues). We are making it though and will continue to make it!

    I write at least a few times a week at http://abc123vn.wordpress.com and at least twice a month or as requested at http://growninmyheart.com (I feel like I should note that we split writing duties at Grown In My Heart but I do write on my given day as well as whenever anyone needs covered.) Oh yeah I am currently a stay at home mom but in my former life as I like to call it I was an attorney!

    Please feel free to e-mail any questions and good luck with your choice!

  17. I am a mother of spontaneous triplets. If that was not enough I have 5 children under the age of 3. I have a 32 month old, 23 month old triplets and a 10 month old. They are considered our “safari” because they are free to roam. I would love to contribute to the blog. In my blog I try to make every situation funny and a lesson that we learn from. You know the line between sanity and insanity is if you can laugh or not.

  18. Hey Krissy — Please add me back on to your roster. I was blogging weekly before I went back to work full-time in August and I am finally ready to get back into the blogging/writing routine.

    I plan to write a weekly post that is very short and funny — and hopefully creative and inspiring — that looks back at my lessons learned starting as far back as my pregnancy. I have learned a lot over the last 3.5 years and I have lots of thoughts for new moms of twins and those expecting. Sort of a hindsight 20/20 thing but I’ll come up with a much better name than that.

    Thanks! Fridays are best for me but if that doesn’t work, any day will be fine. Just let me know.

  19. Hi, my name is Megan and I love HDYDI – it has been a true beacon in the night, especially in the wee hours of the night during the blurry first months after my twins were born.

    I never thought I would have twins and was shocked and scared to learn the news. It’s been a great journey as a mom and a woman and I wouldn’t change it for anything! I have a 5 year old singleton, and my b/g twins are 11 months.

    In two years, I quit a job, started a new job, got pregnant, discovered that we were having twins. I then lost my job during my maternity leave, stayed home for 9 months with the kids, and just started at a new job/industry about 2 months ago. I think all of these transitions would give me a great perspective to share with with your readers on life and parenting!

    My blog is http://fullhandsfullheart.wordpress.com/. Thanks for the consideration!

  20. Keeping it short as requested. I have boy/girl twins 13 months old. We went on 11 trips their first 11 months with loads of economical tips on traveling (as well as economical living – Dave Ramsey anyone?). I was also a ‘lifer’ fertility patient who is planning in the next year to hit the fertility treatment road for hopefully another success story! As photographers my husband and I have lots of advice for taking better photos of your family and adventures. We also may be (probably) moving states this year. My blog has been a bit picture heavy and with little/lame writing lately so go back further for meatier posts. :-)

  21. Our identical twins are 7 months old, and we have an interesting approach to raising them. We’re conducting an in-home experiment on nature vs. nurture by trying to raise them each completely differently. On HDYDI, I could chronicle the difficulties in raising one as a free-spirit and the other as a Alex P. Keaton-esque authoritarian.

    I kid, I kid. But how funny would that be?

    In all actuallity, there is nothing special or particularly endearing about us. Just two adorable boys, a SAHM, a WAHD and a horribly neglected dog. One of the very best things about HDYDI is the wide variety of familes, and I love reading about all of them!

  22. I would love to contribute to HDYDI! I have been reading faithfully since I discovered blogging, which if I remember correctly, was right around the 2 or 3-month mark with my twin girls. You guys remember those months, right? Oh, the fog… This site, along with all of your personal blogs, have been my lifeline ever since. I have picked up tons of practical advice, which has been great. Still, the best part about HDYDI for me has been the camaraderie I feel when reading your posts. I don’t know many twin moms IRL, and certainly none who are in my circle of friends. I love knowing that my daily experiences are shared experiences, and I nod and laugh right along with you!

    I don’t know what my unique factor would be, but here goes… I am a thirty year-old mother to now 19 month-old girls. I work part-time, but will be leaving my job at the end of June to stay home full-time with my babes. I am not one who is able to balance work and family issues with grace — just ask my husband! After much consideration, we have decided it would be best for me to leave my decent-paying, super-duper secure job (yes, in this economy) with the government to raise my girls. Sounds crazy, right? Talk to me at the end of this toddler-filled summer! I am an East Coaster, New England to be exact, and I would say my parenting style is pretty middle-of-the-road. I swear by Weissbluth and feed my girls as many organics as the budget permits, but I also allow for a daily dose of Elmo’s World and the occasional ice cream lunch. I have been kicking myself in the pants for months because I dropped the ball on this whole blogging thing. I would love to try it out, and maybe start my own personal blog once I get my feet wet.

    You can e-mail me at alves0929@gmail dot com.

  23. I’d like to contribute to HDYDI. I have identical twin girls, who will turn 3 in a few months. We adopted our daughters when they were just over a year old, so we will have to start facing some tricky questions along the lines of ” where do babies come from” some time soon. I live in India, so for your international audience, I would also be sharing some of the differences between life in a different part of the globe.

    My blog about my life with the twins is at: http://thetwinsandi.wordpress.com/

  24. I would love to contribute! My name is Sarah and I’m the mother to two year old identical triplet girls (yes, identical triplets!) and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they teach us parenting lessons on a daily basis. Between my extremely high risk pregnancy, Anna’s (Baby B) in utero diagnosis of spina bifida and the daily craziness of raising triplets, I have quite a bit to say.

    I currently blog about our life at http://thegreatumbrellaheist.blogspot.com/

    I can be reached at thegreatumbrellaheist at yahoo dot com.


  25. I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago when I was doing some research while thinking about starting my own blog. I was planning to set up my own blog to share “how we do it” but I see you’ve already done it. Our monozygotic twin girls are 4.5 months old and we have 2.5 year old son. I think it is a great blog with so many diverse perspectives I’m at home on leave right now from my PhD studies, which is a big change for someone who is used to being about to organize my time and focusing on getting things done. I live in Canada. I’ve done some (sporadic) blogging at http://wholesomebabyfood.com/solidfoodadventures

    jeheke AT gmail DOT com

  26. Hello! I may just be one of HDYDI biggest fans… I just delivered identical twin girls 23 days ago, and throughout my entire pregnancy I think I read every post that was ever posted on your site. It was so helpful to me during an uncertain time! I was even inspired to started my own blog! (www.danandlisamazzio.blogspot.com).
    I am a clinical psychologist and my husband is an attorney… we’re fairly young.. 26 and have been married for a little over 2 years, and became surprise! pregnant with our ID twins just about 9 months ago. Currently, I plan to stay at home with my girls until I’m ready to go back to work. We’re regular people, just trying to enjoy our life’s adventures. We are learning to cope with being mobbed by strangers who want to donate germs to our twins, while figuring out things like DO NOT turn on the lights to change the middle of the night diapers. We exclusively breastfeed and are attempting to monitor our therapist/attorney personalities so that our children have a chance of turning out somewhat normal. So far, 23 days of motherhood has agreed with me (I’m sure most of you are laughing right now, and don’t worry… I’m laughing nervously too) and I honestly can’t wait to see what life holds for us.

  27. I am the mom to an almost three year old little girl and identical twin girls who are almost 10 months old. I started reading HDYDI when I was pregnant with the twins and it has been a great resource for me. Like many others who left comments, I have a writing background but I am currently a SAHM with a sewing/monogramming business on the side. I also have identical twins sisters so I have interesting perspectives on being a sister to id twin girls and now being a mother with the same family dynamics of the one in which I was raised.

    My husband was laid off the week before Christmas when the girls were 5 months old and has just (this week in fact) started a new career. I have pretty good insight on the economic impact for our family and how our marriage actually grew stronger as a result of our girls and our financial situation.

    I also have a best friend with a three year old boy and B/G twins who are almost the same age as my twins so I have interesting stories to share about going through this wild ride with someone who actually understands – and also how we are similar/different in our approach to our families.

  28. Hi Ladies! Well, I have just recently been exploring the world of ‘blogging’, and fortunately came across your site. I am a 32 year old mother of four…a nearly 7 year old boy and 1 year old G/B/G triplets. (Yes, I am neurotic & list them in the order in which they were born.) I would love the opportunity to contribute to the site.

    Life over the past few years has certainly been…’an experience’! My husband and I have adopted the phrase ‘Are you kidding me?!’ (or some colorful variation thereof) as our slogan. It’s a testament to all of the ‘challenges’ with which life has blessed us. From dysfunctional family drama and single motherhood to fertility issues and unemployment; spiritual growing pains and budgeting dilemas to fielding some truly, ahem… ignorant questions from total strangers when we are out with our children – I believe I could offer a unique perspective on a broad range of topics.

    My children have inspired me in many ways, one of which has been to offer my skills as a Life Coach specifically to mothers and families. I have experience working with moms who struggle to maintain, and sometimes even discover their true sense of Self.

    I’d love the opportunity to share, learn and grow with you on this crazy, wonderful journey of mothering multiples!

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