My innate laziness pays off, or, must-have equiment for the new mom of multiples

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People, I am not one who likes to work out. At all. I don’t like being sweaty and out of breath. Then there’s the time issue – hello, I am working (for money) and taking care of four little kids (sadly, not for money). We can’t afford a gym membership or a quadruple jogging stroller. I’ve attempted to use the treadmill, but that goes one of two ways:

  1. The children place small toys on the treadmill so they can watch them fly off the back. I breathlessly try to discourage this. I sound like Sasquatch or The Hulk; the children cackle and continue their shenanigans, or
  2. I keep the children gated away from the treadmill while I use it. I run to the soundtrack of wailing, whining, crashes and crying from the next room. My workout is frequently interrupted.

I had resigned myself to buying bigger pants and some full-body shapewear when my husband brought home Wii Fit. I won’t go into its benefits. The best testimonial I can give is to say that I’ve actually done this for almost a month, and when I’ve skipped a day, I missed it and looked forward to getting back to it. If you knew me and understood the sheer enormity of my laziness, you’d understand how shocking this is.

Which brings me to my point: A Wii Fit is the best possible baby gift for an expectant mother of twins, aside from a good double stroller. The yoga and strength training exercises are short – perfect for being interrupted every few minutes by needy babies. The aerobic exercises can be done in short bursts or longer stretches, and are fun and entertaining. Plus it charts your progress, which is nice when you’re feeling discouraged over your post-twins body.

In addition, the Wii Fit trainer provides a built-in girlfriend during those lonesome postpartum months. Granted, she’s a friend who makes ridiculous suggestions like, “Use your abs to stabilize yourself,” and “Try to get a healthy amount of sleep each night,” but she doesn’t get offended when I respond with colorful language, and at this point I’ll take all the friends I can get.

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6 thoughts on “My innate laziness pays off, or, must-have equiment for the new mom of multiples”

  1. I’m with you, I love my Wii Fit! Though, if you don’t do it for a while and then come back, it will make snide comments and sometimes intentionally forget your name. But still… much easier than figuring out how to get to the gym with two toddlers!

    I also got EA Sports Active. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard good things. Anything to get my butt moving!

  2. Jen- I with you- I HATE working out… I’m now quite intrigued by this Wii Fit thing.. hmmm…
    Besides walking, I’m not motivated- that might be the answer!
    great post!
    .-= amy o ´s last blog ..Some Firsts! =-.

  3. I’m with you too! I LOVE Wii Fit. The only problem – my singleton (our twins are still on the way!) who is now 4 years old wants to play too!! We got it when he was 3, and he thought the balance board was a “scale”. The first time he saw me using it and wanted to do it too, he immediately said, “I have an idea….”, ran off to the bathroom, and returned with our bathroom scale. He said, “Now I have a scale too!” and copies my movements on his own ‘scale’. LOL! So cute! He is now wiser though and knows that the game doesn’t respond to his scale. So alas, this mom must take turns with a four-year-old. But at least it’s something right!

  4. You have definitely peaked my interest on the Wii Fit. I have a gym membership that I NEVER use. I had it frozen in 2006 but agreed to $20/mo when it became unfrozen and of course, I always think I’m going to go but NEVER have time. I’ve also thought about getting a treadmill, but didn’t for basically the scene that would unfold (that you describe so accurately.) Must check out this Wii Fit thing. :)
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Initial Thoughts on Beyond Time Out =-.

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