Two late to take it back: Buying baby gear

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There is this common perception that if you are expecting twins you need two of everything.

And then there is this common perception among twin mamas that you do not, indeed, need two of everything — just certain things.

I’m here to dispel both of those. Sort of.

The issue: Buying two of everything vs. registering for two of everything vs. finding things used.

What I thought: I couldn’t dare ask people to buy two of everything so I didn’t register for two of everything — just some of the essentials that some of the message boards advised.

What really happened: I listened to people too literally and didn’t assess my own personal situation, house and lifestyle. We had to go out to the store and buy stuff after the girls were born to get some things that weren’t recommended as essentials. Swings, especially, were something I wish I had not just purchased new and top of the line but also TWO of them. But, there were other things, too. I also spent a great deal of time worry about finding deals on used things and those things ended up breaking and not working as well.

My advice now: Do not fret about others. See my previous note and buy two very nice swings. Register for two of everything and if you don’t get it, oh well, you’ll just have to buy one or live without. But don’t worry about anyone else before you worry about your family. There are some things you can go used on and not feel it and there are others, like swings and mobiles, that need to be bought brand new to function properly.

And, since people have been so awesome with sharing their own stories with this series, please chime in on what you did and learned about registering and buying all that baby gear.

Oh, and one more thing: We still buy two of everything. EVERYTHING.

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13 thoughts on “Two late to take it back: Buying baby gear”

  1. We had 2 swings, 2 bouncy chairs, 2 playmats. Everything else we had just 1. Now that my b/g twins are 20 months we have 2 of everything. Yes that means we have 2 dolls with strollers and 2 big trucks. Heck if my son wants to play with the doll stroller and it helps keep the peace by having 2 then go right ahead show your feminine side.
    .-= Staci Dauphine´s last blog ..Such a proud momma =-.

  2. Well, now, here’s a perfect example of assessing your own needs. I will tell you that we had one swing (I strongly advise getting one with an a/c adaptor) and one was plenty. We just shared the swing…

    I felt we definitely needed two bouncy seats and two boppies, but one playmat was plenty. We also got by with one mobile.

    I agree that you need to look at your lifestyle, your home, and how you want to raise your babies (for example, I didn’t want mine to sleep in swings, or really anywhere but their cribs, and they don’t, but if you don’t care, I know a lot of people have their twins sleeping in swings until they’re 6 months old.)

  3. We had 2 swings, but only used one…barely. Our 2 bouncers and johhnny jump ups were our topped used items! We also had one bumbo, and 1 exersaucer. AND I do daycare so you think I would want and need 2 of everything but they just didnt need a lot of things at the same time! I can’t really say I buy 2 of a lot of things anymore seeing as our b/g twins are just content with whatever they can get their hands on! Balls is the only thing I’ve noticed I need to have 2 of in the room! I would say 1 of everything is great and just be prepared to buy an extra if thats what needs to happen but no need to have a household of doubles that might not be needed!

  4. Whoa! Doubles of everything? Maybe with unlimited space and money!

    I’ve had good luck with used stuff, too…maybe I just got lucky that our local twin club has a great sale. Our swing was used by both my nephew and my niece, both my twins, and hopefully it’ll keep on working for my baby #3!

    It’s funny how people can have such different experiences. I feel like I bought too much for my boys, and wish I would have saved some of that cash for college funds…or a babysitter :) So I guess I fall firmly in the “don’t overbuy” camp!
    .-= WhatACard´s last blog ..House update, again =-.

  5. I bought almost everything second hand from CraigsList or my twin moms club and while all the electronic bells and whistles don’t work perfectly they work well enough. For the baby gear – 2 exersaucers, 2 bounceys, 2 swings, 2 bumbos, 2 high chairs, double jogger, twin stroller, etc. – I found things in as new of condition as possible and have been very happy (new cribs and car seats, of course). I still buy lots of their toys the same way and have been able to get a lot more stuff as a result.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog .. =-.

  6. I was worried about going overboard buying two of everything but in the end, that’s pretty much what happened.

    My only other piece of advice is to buy two of the exact same thing! When they are little, they don’t really know the difference (not enough to be jealous, at least) but you always find that one is superior to the other in some unforseen way and you wish you had just bought two of that one. Of course, had you not bought two similar yet slightly different items, you wouldn’t know which would be the superior one – but ignorance is bliss, I guess…
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Way Back When-esday: Happy Birthday Lil Sis! =-.

  7. We registered for one swing and barely used it. Our girls aren’t swing babies. We have two bouncers (most-used item), two jumperoos, two bumbo seats, two mobiles, and two exersaucers. I agree with Nicole about getting the same model. Our exersaucers are hand-me-downs and one has much better toys.
    .-= Ellen K.´s last blog ..American girls =-.

  8. You do not need to buy swings brand new to function properly. We were loaned one and found a used one and they worked great. I agree it’s great to find ones that have an ac adapter but most don’t and rechargeable batteries work great if you have to use a swing. Not all babies like the swing, so I wouldn’t go out and buy one….especially two…without borrowing one to try out first.

  9. We didn’t buy very much for our twins. We used what we had from our son and borrowed from friends and family. We have 1 swing and 1 bouncy seat, but we don’t use the batteries in either because our 2-year-old turns them on and runs the batteries down. We have 2 bumbo seats and 2 exersaucers – we often use both at the same time. We have one Jolly Jumper but I think a friend is going to lend us another one. We’ve managed with this, and we would have done with less if it weren’t for friends whose children aren’t using them. So far, as long as they each have something to occupy them, they are okay.

  10. We only got one of most things. We did have two swings, but they were different (which I would highly recommend). One was great for keeping babies entertained and the other was better at calming a fussy baby. (I would also highly recommend buying travel swings. They take up less space and can be moved around the house easily.) Most of the time we didn’t let the babies sleep in the swings so we didn’t really need two. We also had one exersaucer, one jump-up. I would rotate the kids though the exercauser, jump-up and fun swing. It was nice to have three play things so there was always a place to move the babies without having to take the other baby out first. We had one play-mat with interchangeable toys. We also only have one pack-n-play but two cribs, one bumbo, one boppy and an EZ2nurse pillow (a must for breastfeeding twins). Our b/g twins were our first so we accepted any hand-me-downs we were offered. We bought the rest on craigslist and were gifted some things.
    .-= Rusted Sun´s last blog ..ranch house =-.

  11. put me in the ‘mostly get just 1’ camp. we were very happy to only have 1: swing, jumperoo, exersaucer, boppy, playmat. I have two EZnurse pillows, but only ever use 1 nowadays. in the early days, I used both because one would need to dry out from spitup. now that my b/g twins are cruising, we do have 3 walking toys though :)

    does anyone want to talk about bathing toddler twins? together, one at a time, with mom in the tub, in a toddler tub? can you tell I’m struggling with this one?

  12. For the most part, you only need 1 of an item, but consider your house. 2 stories can make a difference. For us, we had one swing and got by just fine (and yes, both used it). We ended up with 2 exersaucers and 2 play mats b/c we borrowed 1 and then got another as a gift, and we keep one of each upstairs and the other downstairs. We did end up with 4 bouncy seats – we have 2 upstairs for morning and bedtime feedings, and then 2 downstairs for feeding during the day.

  13. I was 6 months along when we discovered that I was carrying twins so we had to adjust to another baby rather quickly. Since we already had a 3 year old we ended up borrowing another car seat since that was most pressing. My babies are only 4 months old but we’ve been able to get by with minimal stuff so far. The things I actually spent money on were a new double stroller, another (used) crib, and a used bumbo since I can’t hold each baby as much and didn’t want them always lying down. Everything else was either loaned or given to us but I’ve found the bumbos and the one swing I have to be the most useful so far.
    .-= Samantha´s last blog ..Hair =-.

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