Happy 4th of July!

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My boy/girl twins, Danny & Abigail, are now 26 months old.
Happy 4th of July, everyone! One of the things that holidays makes me think about is how  much our kiddos have grown and changed in the last few years. So far, we’ve shared three July 4ths with our kids.  

 Two newborns: 4th of July
We were still in that sleep deprived, colicky, horribly stressed stage. The kids were still up a lot at night, still eating all the time and hadn’t really settled into that peaceful, sweet 5-9 month baby stage. They were more at the needy, screamy stage. We went to a picnic at a friend’s house (who also had a new baby) and had fun—but fed babies, swaddled babies and tried to get them to eat all afternoon. One of the other dads went home and told his wife, “Wow, that Danny is pretty screamy, huh?”. Fantastic. Yep, that’s my kid! And yet, we did think this was a pretty good day.

First July 4th
First July 4th

 Two one year olds: 4th of July
It was another rainy day—here is Boston this year, this seems like all we get–and we had friends over for a picnic. Our kids “played” with the other kids—and Abigail proceeded to try to eat all of the younger kids’ food. The kids were able to eat the same foods we did and were happy to play around and let Mommy & Daddy chat, at least a bit. Danny showed off by taking a handful of steps across the playroom—and we even got it on camera! We thought this was pretty good!

Second July 4th
Second July 4th -Abigail’s the food thief with the pigtails
Danny on July 4th, 2008
Danny on July 4th,

Two 2 year olds: 4th of July
This year, we hopped a plan and went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. We traveled light this year—we even left the stroller at home! The kids have been excited to see Grandma for weeks now and have been talking about the trip and how they plan to sit next to Daddy (win for Mommy here) on the plane and will sleep while we’re in the air. The kids have fun in the warmer MD weather and enjoy getting out and feeding the neighborhood ducks and playing on the playground. Six adults for two kids make for the best ratio ever!

Little people-July 2009
Little people-July 2009

Each year seems to get more fun. Am I going to feel the same way about three? And four? (And fifteen?)

Anyone else wondering where your kids will be next year and what will be different?

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One thought on “Happy 4th of July!”

  1. My twins boys are five and a half months now (oh, and we’re still waiting for that 5-9 month magical baby stage. Hope we don’t miss it!) and every week they are so much bigger, every day they do something new. Today they reached across a blanket for each others’ hand. I died of the cute. This time next year they’ll be 17+ months old, and I’m sure I’ll be every bit as exhausted from all the chasing! Hopefully they’ll still be going to bed at 6:30 at night then.
    .-= Myg´s last blog ..The iceman: A husband’s perspective on delivery =-.

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