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As moms and especially moms of multiples we are always pouring into our children and families and always on the go.  Have you stopped lately to do something for YOU?  I’m a giver and a server.  I’ve always much rather been doing something for others rather than receiving, but I’m slowly learning it’s important to stop and rejuvenate.  When my girls were in the NICU (Reese 38 days, Riley 55 days), I would drive back and forth 1-2 times a day, stay up late pumping, wake up in the middle of the night pumping, spend hours worrying and praying, and was completely exhausted… and they weren’t even home yet!  I remember the nurses ever so sweetly reminding me, “If you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of your babies.”  Those precious friends (who I get to see again at our NICU reunion next weekend- yay!) were right- I wasn’t producing the milk I wanted to be and was getting sick!  That bit of advice has stuck with me.  

I am a SAHM and since my girls were born in September at 7 1/2 months, we had to be very careful once they were home due to RSV/Flu season.  So- I’ve left my girls with friends and family to run errands etc and even in the past couple months have left them in the church nursery (they’re very social and LOVE it), but I hadn’t really left them in order to take some serious needed time for ME.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in your identity as “mommy” and almost feel naked when they’re not with you!  Just 3 weeks ago, my best friend surprised me with a weekend away… it was the first weekend away from Reese and Riley and I have to say… I did fine- it was actually amazing!  She plotted with my hubby and even my sister and mom.  She picked me up as I left the girls with a babysitter and we were off to an unknown destination- we stopped for pedicures in her mom’s hometown where we were treated to a nice dinner and relaxed.  The next morning her mom and sister came with us for the next leg of the trip.  We were headed to San Antonio to see Wicked which I was dying to see!  When we stopped for lunch, there in the restaurant was my mom and sister!!  It was a weekend of surprise after surprise and it was all about ME.  It was almost hard to accept and take in!  How blessed I am to have such great friends and family to help me rejuvenate.

 I missed Reese and Riley so much, but it was so sweet to come home to them feeling refreshed AND my hubby had a WHOLE new appreciation for me as a SAHM- ha! :)  And he and the girls had a blast… however, he did admit that he kept them in their pajamas everyday (Rather than put them in their cute outfits and bows!) and he and a buddy wanted to watch soccer, so they loaded up the girls (yes, in their pj’s) and went to a sports bar one afternoon.  Yep- a sports bar.  Only dads.  At least it was at the Gaylord… livin’ large… ha!

dsc03036My little sweetie pies

It’s important to remember who WE are even apart from our little blessings.  Take some time for YOU today.  I highly recommend a weekend getaway with your girlfriends or spouse, but even if it’s a few hours away to read, drink coffee in peace, or get your nails done- do it!  YOU deserve it!  What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?

**Okay- great minds think alike!  Multiple Madness and I addressed a similar topic- I wrote and posted before I had even read her post.  “Me time” must be on a lot of our minds!  GREAT post by the way– your vacation sounded FABULOUS!**

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9 thoughts on “Take Care of YOU Too”

  1. I definitely know the feeling of mostly just getting away for errands. YUCK! I have had a couple nights away, and it is so rejuvenating. Good for your friend for planning such a fabulous weekend. Just be sure to do it again soon! Love the sports bar part, too. So cute!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Skinny Napping =-.

  2. What a great friend!!!

    I have my first weekend away (also a girl’s weekend) next month, just as my duo turn 11-months. I’ll be gone from them for three full days. I’m already a little anxious, but I know they’ll be fine with their daddy, and I know I need this time away, too.

  3. My biggest flaw as a mother is not taking enough “me” time. I devote so much time to my family that I often forget to do things for me. On that note, recently Hubby has been letting me sleep in on Sundays and get in some much needed exercise, too. It’s a good feeling.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..(Almost) All Thumbs =-.

  4. Uhm… I think I am having deja vu… Didn’t “multiple-madness” kind of cover this exact topic yesterday?… A la.. “the her within mother” blog?? … C’mon already

  5. With the exception of going to a friend’s wedding out of town, I have been on full-time twin duty since we brought them home. It’s hard because when I do things for myself, its usually just a movie with my husband or a dinner out with friends. It doesn’t really feel like a break because the babies are sleeping anyway.

    I do want to go on a “just me” trip to visit a friend and have no other agenda – just relax and hang out. But I’m not sure how DH would feel about that – I think he’d be scared to take care of the twins on his own for a whole weekend, haha!!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Makes My Monday: Twins’ Baptism (and a FB scam…) =-.

  6. In my view time away like you describe is a luxury, to be enjoyed and appreciated (as you certainly do).
    My time away is limited to an hour or two, while they’re sleeping, as a dinner out with girlfriends 2x per month or so. Other than that, I am “On Duty”, between my job, the house, and the 3 kids. What complicates all that is we have no extended family in the area and the family we have has aging and/or health issues so we are going it alone. Our budget doesn’t allow for much paid babysitter time so there you have it, my reality.

  7. We can’t talk (or post!) enough about giving ourselves permission to remember ourSelves! So no worries on this end!

    And I can totally relate to you saying ‘it was almost hard to accept and take it in’. That’s how I felt too – like a simple walk & cup of coffee was supremely indulgent.

    What a wonderful friend & hubby too for giving you such a gift! Looks like we’ll have to add ‘learning to receive’ to our mommy to-do list! ; )

  8. Before I had kids I swore I’d never become the kind of Mom that loses herself to her role as “the mommy”. I had so many grandiose ideas about how I would define motherhood and not let it define me blah blah blah. And then I had my little ones and feel SO deeply, madly in love with them and being THEIR mommy that I soon forgot to take a breather and make time for the part of me that existed before they came along.

    I still struggle to find a good balance. Thankfully my husband is very good about making sure that I get the downtime I need. One thing that I have found is that as they slowly become a little less dependent on me, making time to take care “me” is easier.
    .-= Cristal´s last blog ..A Little Bit Like Old Times =-.

  9. What a great reminder! Your girls are SO cute, btw. Love that pic!

    I’m very blessed by my MIL who comes over every Wed. for a few hours to babysit so I can go out and do whatever I want. This is my “weekend”, because we all know that weekends aren’t the same with kids. I can go to a coffee shop and read, stroll along and window shop since we have money, take a picnic to the beach, or go to a friend’s house who doesn’t have kids and has the day off. While I’d love to do things like pedicures and the spa, we just can’t afford it right now, but those things will make wonderful treats when the time comes! After just weaning our babies this weekend…made it to a year exclusively bf-ing…they haven’t used a bottle since 4 months [their choice, definitely not mine!]…. I’m really looking forward to a getaway with my husband. It’ll definitely be a budget trip, but, that’s okay….it’s time!

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