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My boy/girl twins, Danny & Abigail, are now 27 months old.

Random cute photo---because, really, who wants photos of kids on potties to go along with this topic?
Random cute photo---because, really, who wants photos of kids on potties to go along with this topic?

I know, no one really wants to talk about poop any more than, as moms of two or more little kiddos, we already do. And yet, doesn’t it take up so much of our day? Instead of giving out information or talking about what worked for us, I’m going to solicit you more experienced, wiser moms out there of older, diaper-less twins.

My guys are past two and getting older and more mature every day. We have been talking about the potty for months and have several books that talk about potties. (My husband was horrified when he read one for the first time. Does it have to SHOW the pee on the floor?! Really?! And talk about it incessantly?!). Anyway, we bought them each a potty—bright pink, because I’m not an idiot—I’m going to buy two identical potties–and pink was on sale. Hey, when you’re buying two, $10 off is a nice savings. I can use it to fund my Starbucks habit….

Abigail at the beach
Abigail at the beach

So, we sit on the potty each night, the kids help me flush. They’d like to help wipe too, but hey, even a mom of toddlers has boundaries somewhere. But they sit on the potty, wipe, flush….and are happy to do it. Except, no pee. We’ve been doing this for a while now and are going no where. And, I feel like we could stay here for a while. I know, I know…they may not be ready. But I’d like to give them the chance to show me that. So, I’m asking you moms out there for ideas. What are tips you wish you knew when you were potty-training your twins or singletons? What do you wish you didn’t do? Did do? Help a mom out here!

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11 thoughts on “Potty training….times two”

  1. I potty trained my singleton daughter very easily. I just waited for the first really warm day of the summer she was two and a half, removed her diaper, and let nature take its course.
    A week later, she was just using our usual wc (with hindsight I suspect her potty was a bit too narrow for her bottom).

    Three years later I tried the same method, figuring out it must be easier since the twins were three months older and also boys, so they would love the pee-while-standing.

    It didn’t work, nor did anything else I could think of. Finally, at almost three, they started a new daycare center who wanted diaperless kids. Talltwin yielded to peer pressure and potty trained himself in the first few days, to avoid embarassment.

    Smalltwin consistently peed and pooed in his pants for three months. When he finally realized that he wouldn’t ever get his beloved diapers back, he also yielded, but has continued to slightly soil his underwear on a semiregular basis since (he’s now almost seven).

    What I think parents should know is that it doesn’t matter what you do. Just give the children a chance to be diaper free, remember that they all learn by the time they’re grown ups, and make sure your washing machine is in working order.

  2. The best advice I ever got was not to force it and let my daughter take the lead. I was fine with that b/c she turned two a month before my twins were born and I really did have the time or energy to focus on the potty. I’m so glad I followed that advice b/c when she was ready, she basically potty trained herself. She was about 2 1/2 years old and as soon as she showed me she was ready, I got her trained in about 3 days with very few accidents. SOOOOO much easier than trying to force it. HTH!

  3. I am in the “lazy” potty training parent camp. With two little ones, diapers are so much easier and so much more convenient when out and about. Now that both my boys are trained, we have to always be ready to hit a public bathroom at a moment’s notice. So we decided we would do as much potty training readiness as possible and then listen to the kids.

    That said, day care has been sitting them on potties four times a day since they were 2. NOT ONCE did either of them ever pee! We sat them every night and every morning and TWICE in a year they peed.

    About 3 months before Nate turned 3, he started staying dry all morning. Day care said he was ready to train so we got him trained in a weekend! So easy and a grand total of 2 accidents in 4 months.

    Then last week at 3 years 2 months, Alex started staying dry. Again, we jumped on that and trained him in a weekend. Only one accident at school bc the teacher didn’t hear him.

    Some people gave us grief about doing child-led training but it was so easy that I’m SO GLAD we did it that way, particularly with twins.
    .-= LauraC´s last blog ..Phone Photo Friday: play along! =-.

  4. Count me in the “lazy parent” group, too. With our daughter, we introduced the potty just before she turned two — lots of sitting and trying and “pretend potty,” but no actual pee in the potty until she was probably 2.5. That was about the time we found out we were having twins, so the potty training took a backseat for several months because holy crap — twins!!! And also because Ellie had zero interest in it. She was desperate for Pull-Ups, but still peed in them just like diapers. Occasional peeing and pooping in the potty. So right after she turned 3 (just 2 months before the boys were born) I had a light bulb moment that in our case, the whole she-band was hinge-ing on stubbornness. She knew the drill, she just didn’t want to do it. So we offerend two options — underwear or back to diapers. She flipped out for about 5 minutes at wearing “diapers like a baby — I’m not a baby!!!!” and then opted for the Ariel panties. An accident or two over the course of a weekend and then smooth sailing. I would definitely fall in the child-led camp, but obviously it depends on your kid.

    And I don’t even want to think about training our boys — but they’re only 18 months so I’ve got awhile before I have to start stressing about that. I have heard lots of positive about training one at a time — I would be curious to hear what other moms who’ve tried that approach think….
    .-= Carrie in SD´s last blog .."Oh, Door!" =-.

  5. My first go round with potty training was so easy!! The only things I contributed were a potty to sit on a “Potty Bear Movie” to watch. At 27 months my daughter just announced one day that because she was “NOT A BABY ANYMORE!”, like her two week old baby brothers, she would no longer being wearing diapers. And that was that!

    Our boys are now 17 months and I seriously can’t imagine they’ll be potty trained before 3. They don’t show any awareness when they do go in their diapers and are wet several times a day. Add on to that a speech delay and I think we’ll be buying diapers for AT LEAST another 18 months to 2 years.

    This topic has actually brought up another question for me… Have any other parents of children with a speech delays (like a 6+ month delay) experienced special difficulties or delays with potty training?
    .-= Cristal´s last blog ..Three Reasons Why I Blog. =-.

  6. my guys are almost 2.5 and are using the potties but still in diapers. yah, i’m lazy too. BUT, they sat on their potties all the time to no avail, and as soon as i introduced a “reward” for pee and/or poo (chocolate chips), i got immediate results. not that i advocate for rewards to use the potty, but it worked for us. it got things moving, so to say, and now they routinely produce and request no reward. so maybe introduce a little incentive and it will get the ball rolling?
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..house makes home =-.

  7. What LauraC said.

    I bought my now three-year-olds panties 19 months ago, and explained to them that peeing or pooping in the potty earned them pantie-wearing rights until the next accident. They sat on the toilet at school, and at home, on and off, but not really with any desire to away with the diapers.

    My pediatrician gave me a handout that essentially states that any child over 2 1/2 who’s not trained after a few months of trying is “potty training resistant.” The recommendation was to explain to your child that the poop and pee wants to come out of their body into the potty, and it’s their job to help it. And then you leave it up to them.

    Suddenly, two weeks ago, one of my twins decided that she wanted to sleep in panties, and has been in panties since. Her sister copied her a day later.

    I just blogged about this. We’re still training, but we’re definitely out of diapers.
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..Potty training or potty trained? =-.

  8. This is a timely post … we are going to underwear tomorrow with our b/g twins. They are just 0ver 2-1/2. I’m spending this weekend getting my week ready to not leave the house (grocery shopping, etc.). I’m also trying to make sure I have lots of time to devote to it (I’m cleaning house, doing laundry, orgainzing activities things like that).

    The things I learned with my 4 year old are still fresh in my mind …

    1. Cleaning a potty chair was harder and more time consuming than changing a diaper. I quickly discarded the chair and went straight to the regular toilet (we found a great seat with handles and an attached step) especially after I started hearing stories from other mothers about carting the potty chair everywhere with them.

    2. Double sheet the bed … I layer like this … mattress – water proof mattress cover – large piddle pads (I use the ones from the pet store because they are cheaper) – sheet – repeat. If there is an accident during the night remove sheet, piddle pad, mattress cover, re-insert child, kiss, hug, nighty night.

    The process with the twins started about 2 months ago with them occasionally going on the big potty to get them used to it, but the hard core remove the diapers is going to happen tomorrow … we’ve been talking it up and they seem excited … but you know what they say about the best layed plans….

  9. Count me in with that whole lazy thing…we didn’t push Burke and Maggie at all. They didn’t really want anything to do with it until … after they turned 3 I think…? and then it just FLEW.

    If you know of someone with a kid or kids who are potty trained, but still young enough that they’re using the same type of potty – GO VISIT. And make sure that the older kids use the potty in front of your kids. (come on over – we have the pink potties too 😉 )

    The other thing that got our two going was pre-school. Luckily, they didn’t have to be 100% trained by the time they went, but they had to be headed in that direction. Seeing all those other kids use the BIG potty was a huge motivator.
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..Poor Orange =-.

  10. I’m waiting as long as possible with my b/b twins (age 25 months). When I trained their big brother, we had a decent start, but he ended up having constipation issues right around age 3 1/2 to 4, and that was a nightmare. He ended up on Miralax which was a lifesaver. My best advice to those training (especially BOYS) is do not ignore signs of constipation and address that issue VERY early if it arises.

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