Potty training through twin peer pressure

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During the course of parenting multiples, I have a rotating list of least favorite common comments. I know everyone has them. “Double trouble!” “Two for the price of one!” My current #1 least favorite twin comment that started four months ago: “I bet Alex will start using the potty now that he sees Nate using the potty.”

My boys have been in group care for almost three years. Since they moved to the 2s room a year ago, ALL of the kids in the room sit on the potty four times a day. That’s 50+ potty sittings a day that happen in front of my kids. They see plenty of potty use. They talk about potty use. They see other kids in underwear. They see other kids rewarded for potty use. They see plenty of accidents. The words “poop” and “pee” come out of their mouths as frequently as “mommy!” They sit on the potty themselves at least four times a day.

And it was a four month gap between the time that Nate trained and when Alex trained.

It’s not like we did nothing to prepare the kids for potty training. The above list represents only what day care did. At home, we had booty camps and potty sits and practice runs and sticker charts and incentives. One cold rainy March weekend, Nate decided he wanted to wear underwear. After a weekend booty camp, he was trained. Alex had no interest and peed all over the house the weekends we tried underwear.

At 3 years 2 months, Alex’s tipping point became Nate. Since Nate was potty trained, he got to move up to the 3s room while Alex had to stay in the 2s room. It took one week of Nate being in the 3s room without Alex before Alex decided he was ready to wear underwear. One weekend booty camp later and we have two potty trained boys.

In some ways, my least favorite twin comment is correct. Alex became interested in potty training because Nate was potty trained. But it had nothing to do with watching Nate, seeing Nate’s success, or seeing Nate’s incentives. It was because Alex did not want to be apart from Nate. Knowing that fact makes listening to all the crazy twin comments totally worth it.

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9 thoughts on “Potty training through twin peer pressure”

  1. So many people think multiples will automatically potty train at the same time due to peer pressure. Speaking from experience I can tell you that it’s not always that way. Some kids (mine especially) could really care less if their siblings use the potty and wear underwear. (Post-wise you and I must have been on the same wave length today).
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..Potty Training Confessions =-.

  2. Mine is “I’ve always wanted twins!”

    Thanks for the post—so interesting since we’re just starting this process. I hate it and I’m tired of it already.

  3. Oh dang, I just blogged about just the strangers making unsolicited twin comments thing. Last week I met a total wacko who asked if both my children were girls, and when I confirmed they were, gave me a pitying look and said “Well… I guess those are the breaks, huh?” Then (if that’s not bad enough) preceded to instruct me on birth control methods. It is a crazy, crazy world in which we live. I say, -Hey nutjobs, leave those twins alone!
    .-= Jungletwins´s last blog ..A Heartfelt Thanks to That Crazy Old Hag =-.

  4. Okay speaking of the strange comment thing… the other day while out and about with my hubby and girls (10 months), a lady looked at them, asked if they were twins, we said yes, then she looked back and forth at them and said, “well done!” WHAT does that mean?! weird.

    I really liked this post- my girls aren’t potty training yet, BUT I have found that one is and always has been “behind” the other one. People always say things like: I bet Riley will start crawling now that Reese is! Actually… now Reese can bring her things and she’s perfectly content sitting and laughing at her sister- ha! She’ll get there though!
    .-= amy o´s last blog ..The 4th of July (a little late!!) =-.

  5. Potty training was long and frustrating for all of us. When we hit summertime, we took off their diapers and said, “sorry, you’re on your own.” It took about a week from that point. The comment I hated the most wasn’t about twins but about potty training. We were struggling and then someone would say, “Oh, my son potty trained in a weekend.”
    .-= Christina Baglivi Tinglof´s last blog ..When You Feel Mean Mommy Monster Coming, Watch Out! =-.

  6. As if the competition between twins isn’t strong enough without strangers (and friends!) adding to the comparison and egging them on!

    We really struggled with our first set of twins with potty training. Ironically, it was while the 1st set were finally making some progress that the 2nd set of twins decided they wanted to potty train, too. We hadn’t intended to train them at around 12 – 14 months of age, but that’s what happened.

    I do highly, highly, recommend the method of potty training that finally evolved and worked for us — a combination of modeling (us) and scheduling. I blogged about it last month.

    So… the comment I hated the most was, “Since you’ve already had twins, now you know what to expect!” YES. Exactly. Think about it.
    .-= Kathryn Whiteley´s last blog ..Twins and Multiples in School (Part 3) — 8 Reasons to Separate Twins =-.

  7. One of the wonderful and terrible things about young kids is that they are fairly immune to peer pressure. I know this from experience with a daughter who sees her friends use the potty all the time and cares not at all to join them.

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