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Earlier this month, I wrote a post about marriage and multiples which included a link to the MOST (Mothers of Supertwins) survey about Divorce and the Multiple Birth Family.  After gathering survey data for a month, the preliminary results are available.

2,849 parents and guardians of multiples completed the MOST Divorce and the Multiple Birth Family survey.  Most of them were mothers of multiples from the United States.

While divorce rates are often said to be around 40 or 50%, the survey results showed much lower divorce rates among survey respondents.  Here are some of the details:

  • That 4.3% of respondents divorced during the pregnancy or following the birth of multiples (indicating that the divorce rate among this group may not be as high as many have speculated.)
  • Over 95% of the marriages were intact.
  • About 82% of the respondents reported an overall positive level of marital satisfaction.

Specifically, the divorce rate was:

  • 3.6% for parents with twins
  • 5% for parents with triplets
  • 9.2% for parents with quadruplets
  • 4.2% for parents with quintuplets/sextuplets or multiple sets of multiples

Among those who divorced, the majority of their multiples were between the ages of 1 and 5 at the time of divorce.

To find out more about the survey results at the MOST website.

Another mother of twins and I were talking about how to find time for your relationship with your partner when you have young twins (our are both under 6 months old). The challenges of time, energy, money and childcare all making it difficult.  How do you manage these challenges?

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3 thoughts on “Marriage and Multiples – Follow up”

  1. With lots of alcohol! Ok, just KIDDING!

    Seriously, while it’s far from being easy, I think it’s as simple as making it a priority. Tell me how you spend your time & I’ll tell you what you’re committed to. Like so many other things, it’s a matter of acknowledging the challenge of it & giving ourselves permission – permission to take the time we need to nurture our relationship. And ya know what – I think that us parents of multiples probably need even more time like that!

    Speaking of which – it’s about time to schedule a date night w/ my husband…

  2. My babies are 9 mo and I have not been out of the house after 8 pm since we came home. I breastfeed and they are VERY POOR sleepers, so I am on call the whole night. We’ve had the allergy issues on top of it so I there is not much I can eat out.

    That said, my marriage is very well, thank you. We understand this is a rough period, husband shares all the work with me and we fit in some moments together as we can. We love to be with the girls, we go out with them to the mall, to the park, for stroller rides. We sit in cafes and I have some juice or water.

    This week we have slept next to each other for the first time post-babies, as I’ve shifted the baby that was sleeping in the middle to the side next to her sister. It was awesome, hehe. I guess I am just too easily pleased.
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..A primeira palavra =-.

  3. My twin daughters are 17 months old, so I can now reminisce about the first year without traumatically reliving it. Still, for all the drama (pre-maturity, breast feeding, no sleep) I’ve never felt so close to my husband as I did during those first few months. We truly were a team. Always knew what the other needed without it being spoken, always rallied and cheered each other on. It was exhausting, and so damn hard, but it really showed us what we, and our marriage, are made of. I think if it’s meant to be, multiples strengthen a marriage, not weaken it.
    .-= jungletwins´s last blog ..Garden Party! =-.

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