If you're going to travel with twins, I'd recommend the Fargo airport

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My husband Jon and I traveled a lot before having kids, and had always hoped to continue our travels once we had a family. Jon is from Fargo, North Dakota (seriously) and one of the most expensive flights we need to take each year to visit family is to Fargo. As a kid-less traveler, I’ll confess there is not much going for the Fargo airport. It’s four gates with absolutely nothing after you go through security. In fact, most people linger outside security until right before their flight.

But overall, I would say Fargo is the friendliest airport I’ve ever visited. EVER. On one memorable trip home, I found my very first tick in the Fargo airport bathroom. Having no idea what to do, I walked up to a woman (a stranger!) in the bathroom and asked her what to do. She escorted me back into the stall, where she took off the tick for me.

I should mention the tick was on my upper thigh. A complete stranger took a tick off me in my underwear in an airport bathroom without batting an eye.

Once we started traveling with twins to the Fargo airport, I fell in love. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who works in that airport loves twins. We traveled there this past week with my 3 year old boys and it was the most pleasant airport experience I’ve had. Jon dropped off the rental car while I checked in. The boys were WILD, running around, sliding on the floor, singing, dancing, and generally trying their best to get my attention. The airline employees smiled, commented on how much fun twins are at that age, and engaged Nate and Alex in helping put tags on our bags.

We then went through security and three, yes 3 (!!) TSA agents asked whether they were twins, what their names were, and made comments about how fun it must be to have twins. The guy waving us through the scanner played a game of letting the boys run through it. On our flights to and from Fargo, the airline attendants were incredibly helpful and friendly. The passengers on the plane smiled and checked out the boys as they narrated all the ongoings of the tarmac. Basically everyone we met smiled at us and enjoyed being around kids.

I never thought I’d say this in a million years, but I heart you Fargo airport. Further proof having kids changes everything.

PS. It also helps that I dress them in cute coordinating travel outfits. I consider it that extra little bit of travel mojo needed when flying with kids.


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7 thoughts on “If you're going to travel with twins, I'd recommend the Fargo airport”

  1. Maybe it’s a Midwest thing! I moved from Houston to Minneapolis several years ago and the first few months in Minnesota I couldn’t get over how darn NICE everyone was. The same applied when we traveled to South Dakota, North Dakota and Iowa. I hate to generalize but there is seriously something to the “Minnesota nice” saying!
    .-= Cristal´s last blog ..Makes My Monday- Moms of Multiples Yard Sales! =-.

  2. Oh my, I just love that kissing/strangling photo. It so perfectly captures the relationship MY boys have…best friends and biggest annoyances for one another :)

    Glad you had a good travel experience!
    .-= WhatACard´s last blog ..Dragon Problems =-.

  3. I just have to comment and say that this picture kills me. i saw it on your other blog too, but it just so perfectly sums up the love/hate that we’ve got going on here as well :)

    glad you had a good trip!
    .-= jeanne´s last blog ..Ahh… Friday =-.

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