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Remember when I told you of my Mommy Peeping? Little did I know that would be the last time Aaron and Brady slept in their cribs!

Brian and I had mere hours until bed time to decide: crib tents or toddler beds. We had the toddler beds in the attic, ready and waiting. Crib tents would be a trip to the mall and an expense for a temporary fix. And just HOW temporary we had no idea. Since Brian is the one who deals with nap time 5 most days, the final decision was his. He chose to just go for the beds.

After dinner that night, we went for it. We left the cribs set up in the room, just in case. We pushed their dresser into the closet (just in case). We took the changing table out of their room (just in case). We unplugged their lamp (just in case). We set their CD player in their (now empty) crib so they’d still have their music but hopefully couldn’t get to it (they did). But truth is: they went to bed with little-to-no fanfare. There was no production, we just put them in, turned on the music, said “night-night” and held our breath as we walked out. There was a little whining, but in about 15 minutes, sleep. SLEEP.

Nap time the next day: same thing.

Bed time the next night: Brady needed a little extra cuddle time but honestly, is that the end of the world? Five extra minutes of cuddle. Then SLEEP.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sure, it takes slightly longer for them to settle down for their naps, mostly because we opted to leave their train table in their room. But just yesterday I heard Aaron say to Brady “NO. Night-night.” at nap time. And bed time is not an issue.

We removed the cribs from their room and pushed their little toddler beds together. Sometimes they sleep on their own beds, sometimes they sleep together.

So, yes, it was that easy. I’m as shocked as anybody. Perhaps this bodes well for future potty-training?*

*I know, I’m still laughing too!

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5 thoughts on “Big Boy Beds!”

  1. I am so glad it went well for you, it gives me hope. I will probably face the transition later this year. A fellow MoM told me her secret was to keep the room as dark as possible, so they can’t SEE anything to get into, which is probably a good tip. IMO twins sleep better because they learn good sleep habits earlier than single babies do, at our house, out of necessity, I enforce their sleep schedule and everyone- especially them – is so much happier. With my older son we made big mistakes and his bad sleep habits are still a problem. Not so with the twins!

    Funny that we had our biggest issues at 3 with them sharing a room. Or rather, not funny. N&A don’t share a room anymore bc A keeps N up all night shouting and singing.

    Off topic, but I watched Megan Wants a Millionaire and I made a $100 bet with Jon that I could pick the winner in one show. I’m seriously considering a bet in Vegas!
    .-= LauraC´s last blog ..Yet another transition, but at least it’s less expensive =-.

  3. Lucky!!!! Here we are a year later and some nights I feel like I’m chaperoning a slumber party. Seriously, though, it took my girls awhile to catch on, but now they go to bed with little to no problems.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..That’s Mine! =-.

  4. We switched our boys to a full size bed together at 2 years…4 months later and we haven’t had any issues. Now baby girl needs to sleep through the night so she can move into the crib in their room.
    .-= Joanna´s last blog ..Busy week =-.

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