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After giving birth to three baby girls at once, it’s safe to say that I was a bit excited at the prospect of having to purchase adorable outfits in triplicate.  I can honestly say that I never gave much thought to whether I would dress the girls in matching, coordinating or completely different outfits.  Because we had a closet full of newborn clothes received at my shower when I was pregnant with my angel baby, I did not purchase much of anything while pregnant.  

After the girls were born, family and friends gave us clothes upon clothes.  Mostly matching or coordinating outfits.  Now, I don’t know how you all dealt with clothing changes with your newborns but in our house, the baby wore something until she spit up or peed/pooped on it.  Any attempts at dressing in matching outfits usually ended within an hour.

And then I started purchasing end of season sale items for the next year.  If I saw three matching dresses in the size I needed, how could I not purchase all three?  It was just easy.  And then the girls stopped spitting up and peeing/pooping on outfits and dressing them alike became, well, easy and in our world, easy is good.  I run a tight ship when it comes to organizing their closet and because of that, it is too easy to grab matching outfits.

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I have to mention what occurs when we venture out into the public with identical triplets dressed in identical clothes.  Well, not completely identical as they have different shoes.  I have come to the conclusion that we are not asked, “Are they triplets?” as often if they are dressed the same.  And I don’t know about you but I like to keep those questions to a minimum.  I also find that it is easier for me to keep track of the three of them if they are dressed the same and we are in a crowded place where they are running around.  (Note that this type of situation is definitely kept to a minimum.)

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If I purchase clothing items that aren’t on super clearance, I try to buy nonmatching.  Sometimes only because it is fun to pick out three different outfits.  And now that the girls are a bit older, I have been trying to dress them in completely different outfits when we attend functions or parties.  I still do have that fear that someone is going to think that I am favoring one of the girls by dressing her in a cuter outfit than her sisters.  Even dressed completely differently, family members still confuse who is who.

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As soon as the girls can pick out their own clothes, I will not be forcing matching outfits.  And no, I don’t think that they are going to suffer some type of identity crisis from being dressed in matching outfits now.

After being on the internet for the past two years, it appears that most moms with same sex multiples either dress their kids alike or dress them completely differently (for the most part.)  Do you feel strongly one way or the other?  Why?

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19 thoughts on “Three girls, three outfits”

  1. I have boy/girls twins, so my situation is quite a bit different. When they were newborns, we had a lot of coordinated outfits, but now that they’re older we only have a few. However, in my head I have most of their outfits matched, even though they really don’t match at all. So when my daughter wears her sleeveless, blue dress, my son wears his sleeveless, shark print shirt and navy shorts. These outfits don’t match, but they’re both appropriate for a hot day. Having their outfits “matched” that way just makes it easier for me get them dressed quickly. When one wears this, the other wears that. As soon as I choose one outfit, I automatically know what the other one will be.

  2. I like that you dress them the same. My mom dressed us three girls in the same outfit but different colors – we each had a color to help family track us. Allie (who doesn’t look like the other 2) was pink or red; Stacey was purple and sometimes yellow; I was blue and sometimes green. Having both a boy and a girl I can conclude with absolute certainty that girl clothes are so much cuter but picking out what Ned is going to wear every day is easier than when I’m picking for Penny.
    .-= Mommy, Esq.´s last blog ..Home Offices =-.

  3. I alternate, but usually they wear different outfits or coordinated at most. We have so few identical pieces that I could not dress them alike for more than a couple of days if I wanted to. I do not know the science of it, but I think it is enough that they are identical, no need to feel like they are looking at the mirror the whole day.

    On the other hand, we get asked “are they twins?” a lot. Also, even if they are both in pink, they ask whether they are b/g, just because I think people *want* twins to be b/g. When they are coordinated or matching, we hear it less. It is also almost a rule here that girls will get their ears pierced when they are newborns, many still in the hospital, and as mine have no earrings, they are often taken for boys.
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Brócolis =-.

  4. I feel the same way. I feel guilt if I don’t buy equally for the girls. That’s what my parents did and that’s where the equality stems. I also feel like if I don’t put them in coordinating of similar outfits that I am choosing who gets to wear the cuter outfit or the more flattering color. You can call me crazy, but that’s how I feel. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels the same way. And I agree, I have said it here before, when the girls can choose, it is free reign. But that doesn’t mean that I will quit buying two of everything! My poor husband! 😉

  5. My twin girls are 5 weeks old. Before they were born I said I wanted them in coordinating clothes (same outfit, different color) but it seems like everyone has gifted us 2 of the same outfit,…so that’s what they’ll wear until they grow out of those…
    The funny thing is, they are not identical twins. And they are soooooo different — different hair, different skin tone, different body build and different little personalities– that it seems silly to dress them alike.
    Right now, the one with virtually no hair gets to wear the pink version of the outfit, so people don’t confuse her for the baby boy. Because they’re different, I hope that will help decide who gets what outfit (the outfit that is most flattering for each) and I won’t feel like I’m favoring one over the other.
    .-= Delina´s last blog workshop for nurses =-.

  6. Oh, we chose not to dress them alike, but we also have the issues with who is “better” dressed, and often Husband or I decide someone needs to be changed the moment we are going out the door. Not practical, I know. I’d probably do it different if they were triplets!

    One of the girls was bigger than the other until last month, so she also grew into new outfits sooner.
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Brócolis =-.

  7. When my girls were younger, I always dressed them alike. I didn’t even buy clothes until they were nine months old because we received so many clothes at showers before they were born.

    But I had the exact same “complex” about never wanting anyone to think I favored one by putting them in the cuter outfit. When I told people this, they always looked at me like I was crazy (so I am glad to hear others felt the same.)

    When they were three and a half, they started picking out their own clothes. And they rarely picked out the picked out the same thing even though I had two of a lot of the outfits.

    Now they go shopping with me (not the most fun thing in the world) and they pick out what I buy. They are four and half and very particular. On a recent, back-t0-school shopping trip, I would hold up a cute dress (they also pretty much only wear dresses, absolutely NO JEANS!) and they would say to me, “Mom, I am not going to wear that!”
    They recently requested different hair cuts so now they look very different too (we are pretty sure they are identical).

  8. I dress my girls alike. Same complex as other comments about one looking cuter than the other. In fact, I tried to be really practical in the beginning b/c they have an older sister and I didn’t want her things to sit in the closet but every time, I would look at them and think, one looked cuter and then I felt so bad!!!! So I buy a second of her clothes when I can and otherwise, I sell her old things when she outgrows them. I have identical twin sisters who were dressed alike until about age 5 and that’s probably how I’ll do it too, unless they decide otherwise at an earlier age.

  9. My 9mo twin daughters have different eye and hair color, so I don’t dress them alike very often — I like their clothes to flatter their complexions — but they are usually in coordinated outfits. They wear a lot of Carters because the clothes mix and match so well. It’s easier to get out of the door without changing two outfits at the last minute, too. When they do wear matching outfits, we get fewer questions about whether they are twins, is one a boy, etc. My brothers are identical twins and my mom was also into mix-and-match.

  10. This was interesting…I have boy/girl twins so don’t have the same issue, but do try to dress them in coordinated clothes, or at least clothes of the same style (so one doesn’t look nice, and the other not as nice, if you know what I mean.)

    Anyway, we have friends that have identical twin boys and it’s always driven me nuts as to why their mom dresses them identically. You have some very valid points, so it was good to hear your side! It’s easier to pick out clothes, easier to shop for clothes, and you aren’t getting stopped constantly in the stores with, “are they twins?” (We get that ALL the time. )

    The only thought I have is that there would be some cost savings to having more than one of the same gender since they could then share clothes…which would be cheaper. But then I guess you’d be doing laundry more frequently and we get back to the hassle of picking out outfits every day. :)

    Thanks for your insight.

  11. In the beginning, like you, I received a lot of matching outfits, so it wasn’t a question of my preference, but simply what we had available. Now that my daughters are older I scour the clearance racks and try to buy four outfits, but they don’t always match (by the time you shop clearance how many stores have four of the same size left?) Basically, I buy what’s available. If it’s something I know they’ll fight over (a Dora shirt, etc) I’ll buy four. My daughters pick their own outfits now. Some days they want to match, other days two of them want to match… some days one wants a dress and everyone else wants shorts. I don’t let them dress alike in school, though. I’ve heard people refer to them as “the quads” in school and I really am trying to get everyone (teachers and classmates) to realize they are four individuals.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..School Supplies… Or How I Blew $100 in One Day =-.

  12. LOVE your closet-organizing skills!! Funny how organizing clothes becomes such a marathon sport with multiples…it just never ends. Maybe that’s why my b/g twins are barely coordinated at best.

  13. Those pics are so great, what pretty girls you have! More triplet pictures please!

    Our girls are too young for a preference, so we do match sometimes. Some outfits are exactly the same, some in a different color, some days totally different. Funny, with any of those permutations, I always have “pairs” of outfits. Like you, my drawers are organized that way, so I grab one set of outfits – matching or not.

    Anything that saves thinking in the morning is good!

  14. Oh, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who feels guilt that someone might think that I’m favoring one boy or the other.
    Right now, they rarely wear totally matching outfits – they dont have many anyway. They are often in coordinating outfits, or at the very least similar clothing pieces (one piece or two piece etc). But they are only almost 3-months.
    Super sales are super and if they have to be the same, so be it. I can tell them apart, even if many other people cant.
    .-= Selmada´s last blog ..Truth in Advertising =-.

  15. If I can, I match my girls. Same reason as you, it’s easier. It’s easier to buy two of something, and easier to pick out their clothes in the morning.

    But, my girls though identical, wear different sizes. Some outfits I can get away with putting Caden in a bigger size, but often they can’t match because I’ve had to go out and buy Delaney shirts in the bigger size, but Caden doesn’t have anything that matches/coordinates.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Fearless Delaney =-.

  16. I was adament when I was pregnant that I would not dress the boys the same. This was easy when they were tiny and had multiple outfit changes throughout the day.
    As they got bigger though I quickly realized it was just much easier to dress them every day if they were in matching or coordinating outfits. It makes shopping easier, it makes it easier for DH to get them dressed and it makes me feel less guilty over the outfit I think is cuter.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Back to a "Normal" Exsistence =-.

  17. How do you keep all the matching outfits together. I have twin girls I love to dress alike and I can’t seem to keep all the items together well. Some come with a skirt and a pair of pants and a hat, trying to keep all pieces together is driving me nuts. I tried clothes pins, but then they would get loose around the room and my girls would eat them (14 mo old) I tried ziplock bags, but I don’t want those loose around their room…any ideas???

  18. Hi, does anyone know where I can get clothing that coordinates. Same dress three different colours or same pattern/colour different outfits. Everything I have found only comes in two different colours. I’m so close to just starting up my own clothing store as I can’t find anything.

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