Ode to the (Dreaded) Grocery Store

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Oh grocery store, I’ve been thinking, and I despise you each week.

I might even consider you my “nemesis,” so to speak.

When my twins were smaller, it felt impossible to stop by

With TWO baby carriers in a cart- WHERE would my groceries lie?

For a while I tired pushing the Quattro Duo to stroll through

With bags hanging from handles, underneath, and on top of the babies too.

Not ideal to say the least, but it kinda worked for me in the past

But last week things changed, my friends…my wildest dreams surpassed!

After parking by the basket return, placing one in the seat, one in the back

I pushed the cart to the door and about had a heart attack.

Suddenly, it was leaping and jumping with joy and in awe

I squealed and giggled and could not believe what I saw.

There in front of my eyes was a cart that appeared

One with TWO front seats- they’ve never had those here!

I quickly began moving my girls over to the new find

They grinned as they were buckled in side by side.

Hallelujah!  Something that makes my shopping easier… I thought

Then reality sunk in and I was a tad bit distraught.

With twins in tow (“the ticking time bombs”), it’s a race against time.

Before they’re sleepy or hungry, and letting out a whine.

So the basket may be a blessing to me to some degree,

But grocery store, oh grocery store- you still drain ALL  my energy.


Reese and Riley

*I usually try to do most of our grocery shopping on the weekends (without my girls :) ).  What about you?  How do you it?!  I’ve found the grocery store to be one of my biggest challenges!  

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28 thoughts on “Ode to the (Dreaded) Grocery Store”

  1. Two words: Peapod and Safeway.com. I’ve had problems with both, I’ve complained and “boycotted.” But there are a lot of great things about the services, and in the end, it beats actually going there.

    Get ’em delivered!

  2. I usually go in the evening or weekend and leave the kids at home. Sometimes (not often) I take all 3. The boys are 2, so they often walk along. It’s usually not so bad, but those are quick trips.
    .-= Joanna´s last blog ..Wrestlers =-.

  3. I shop with my two daughters. I don’t have another adult to watch the kids on a regular basis. We’ve turned our shopping trips into educational journeys, discussing, colours, shapes, letters, and most recently recipes!

    I’m fortunate that HEB, our local Texas grocer, has double seater carts like the one in your picture. They even have double seaters that look like racecars! Target also has good double-seaters for kids of walking age.

    When my girls were little, I’d put one infant seat in the cart with a baby in it, and carry the other baby in my Evenflo carrier on my front.

    Now that they’re three, they can actually walk in the store with me to stop by the pharmacy or pick up an emergency gallon of milk. We have a strict “Watch, don’t touch” rule in stores.
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..Amblyopia =-.

  4. Oh – our first stop is always the bulk section. We pick up whole wheat fig-filled cookies, weigh and price them, and the girls snack through the whole shopping experience. The cashiers don’t seem to mind me paying for an empty bag, since the price sticker is on it!
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..Amblyopia =-.

  5. We make it a family event. No double carts here, so we split in two carts, which also minimizes the commenting and touching and asking, with the bonus of making things faster, as each one is assigned parts of the shopping list. I usually do vegetables, and fruit, husband does the other stuff that is on the list and in the end I go around the store quickly picking extra stuff that he missed or wasn’t on the list. He is a university teacher, so he has flexible hours and we do shopping when he is available, otherwise on weekends. Sometimes we go to the store, he takes the girls for a walk in the stroller while I shop. And sometimes I go with the girls in the stroller for quick trips.
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Brócolis =-.

  6. I don’t mind taking my kids places actually! I work from home so I enjoy my time out! And since their home with me while I do daycare I always feel they need some time out of the house too! Our grocery store has the cars with two seats otherwise in a pinch we have her in the front and our son (the more disciplined) sit in the cart. Mostly on our shorter trips. Just think if each store carried just even a small row of 2 seater carts how much easier it would make life!??!?!

  7. I try to go on the weekends without my daughters. Quite frankly I’ve never attempted a grocery store excursion with all four, unless I’m just running in for a few items. Once a month I’ll take one of my daughters with me for “alone time” and they get a kick out of the trip.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..What are We Teaching Our Daughters? =-.

  8. I’m a single mom, so my kids go with me to the stores more often than not. Now that they’re bigger, we do the two seater carts. They LOVE the racecar carts and we spread smiles throughout the store with those.

    I’m not sure if it’s because they’ve been going to the store since they were tiny or what, but I’ve had very few meltdowns in the grocery store.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Fearless Delaney =-.

  9. I’ve used many different methods. Double seaters at the warehouse club. One in the seat, one in the cart, with a basket under the cart for my purchases. Letting the girls walk.

    My most successful trips are with one in the cart seat and the other on my back in my Mei Tai. My girls are almost four but only way 27 pounds, so we still use this method. It keeps them both contained but out of each others reach. I get my shopping done much faster since I don’t have to break up fights and I can buy more of the things on my list since I I have the entire cart available.

  10. I’ve always done the grocery shopping by myself and I’ve always taken all three of my kids. (Like a previous post … I actually enjoy this outing).

    When the twins were first born they were in their carseats in the graco stroller and my 15 month old was in the grocery cart seat … with the carseat handle positioned at the top of the babies head I could pull the stroller along behind me and push the grocery cart. When the twins were sitting up in the stroller I pushed them in the stroller and pulled my older daughter in the grocery cart. I always needed the whole grocery cart to get all the shopping done.

    Now I pull a cart and push a cart with kids in or out and walking. I’d say that 98% of our trips are uneventful … the 2%? well, I try to focus on the 98% and let it not deter me from getting my errands done.

  11. I normally go in the late afternoon so they can stay home with Daddy. Just last weekend, we did a trial run at Walmart with Daddy, and it worked. But one was sitting in the cart, one up front by me. We don’t have any grocery stores with the double sitting places. :( But at least when we’re home alone, we can ditch the stroller and use the carts, and I know there will be no freak outs, and they like it.
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..Missing my brother…. =-.

  12. I TRY to go on the weekends so the boys can stay home with daddy, but that doesn’t always work out.

    They LOVE going to the grocery store, and as long as I give them something to play with or hold on to they are very content.

    Right now I use their stroller as my cart. I fill up the bottom basket as much as I can, and I have a mommy hook which is awesome.

    I can not wait until my guys can walk with me into the store so I can grab a double cart. It’s the kind with the seat behind the handle that I can strap them in. But for now, I certainly can not leave them in the car while I run in and grab one of those carts. And most times, I see parents with ONE child using that cart, and boy does it make me angry LOL.

    I so look forward to the day I can shop with my kiddos and use a real grocery cart. But at least the stroller does not allow for me to go overboard on the shopping.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..A Walk to Remember =-.

  13. It’s a make-an-evening-of-it family event for us. Dad, who does most of the cooking, takes one baby in a cart and shops for produce and meat; I take the other baby in a cart and get all the other stuff. We try to alternate kids so that each of us gets some one-on-one time with each baby. We can usually get a quick dinner out (usually at the store’s cafe) and our shopping done in our 5:30 – 7:30 window, but sometimes we skip the babies’ baths on those nights.

    If I just need some milk and a few other things, I take both babies in the stroller.

    If I could find those double-seat carts, I would probably do more of the shopping myself during the week and maybe free up another evening. But, I’m not sure I’d give up my Central Market just for a two-seat cart ….

  14. When Daddy is out to sea there really is no option but to take them. I try to avoid paydays and go as early as possible. I also go to the smaller commissary because they have double carts and are less crowded.
    Sometimes I just have to give in to their wanting to walk and while it makes it tougher, it just has to be done. As well as witty comebacks to the off the wall quesitons and comments I so often get!!

  15. I’m with the others in that I enjoy taking my kids shopping with me. It’s an outing, and they enjoy seeing all the wonderful things there are to see at the grocery store. 😉

    Until recently, I would push them in the double stroller and pull the cart behind me. But now I enjoy pushing them in the double carts. They seem to enjoy sitting up more and can interact with me and each other better. I did have to switch grocery stores, though, since our regular store didn’t have the double carts. Oh well.

    I don’t like using evening or weekend hours, because then it cuts into family time, or time that I could be using to do other things that I enjoy. :)

  16. hee hee- tracy, you just made me laugh!

    I love reading how yall do it! My girls really do love being out and about and I LOVE going places with them… it’s just the dang grocery store I don’t like. :) So I’m excited to read your tips! Keep ’em coming!
    .-= amy´s last blog ..Show Us Where You Live: Baby Showers =-.

  17. If my kids are feed and awake I love going to the grocery store with them. I must admit, when I am having a rough day, I sometimes even go when I don’t need to just to hear someone say I have cute kids (every once in a while I need a reminder). When the twins were little I would put their car seats in the Double Snap-n-Go. The under basket is quite big and I could get almost everything I needed for the week in one stop.

    We order all all diapers on Diapers.com so that saves a lot of room in the cart.

    Once the babies could sit up I would put them side by side in the grocery cart even if it was made for only one child. I always carry a scarf in my bag and it works great in a pinch to keep a baby secure.

    Thankfully I also live in Texas and go to HEB like Sadia, where they always have two seater grocery carts.
    .-= Rusted Sun´s last blog ..new floors =-.

  18. I’m reading all these comments and I’m jealous! We live in Japan due to the military. Grocery shopping is difficult to say the least, especially when Dad is gone flying. I long for the days of double seater carts. Oh to be stateside! It’s not just the grocery shopping either. Once you get the stuff, how do you manage to get it in the house with the kids? It’s a logistical nightmare, as so many things have come to be! I too have done the shopping with the Duo, but that doesn’t leave much room for groceries and the carriers in the cart, well, that leaves about as much. Sometimes, I push the stroller and pull the cart. Crashing into everything along the way. Oops! I’ve taken friends along to help because I don’t really know that any one friend could manage the babies alone. It’s intimidating if you don’t do it on a regular basis. But we usually make it a Sunday family event because I don’t want to carry the groceries into the apartment either! That’s where the empty Duo comes in handy. It’s a grocery cart sans babies!

  19. One thing I’d like to add … I always plan my shopping trips so that the kids need a snack about 1/2 way in to the trip. Breaking out the sippy cups and and snack always buys me 20-30 minutes extra time … and I can always get my entire weeks shopping done in one trip.

  20. Here in Pittsburgh, only costco/BJs have the carts with the double seats like you pictured. I love going to costco for this very reason. My girls are 15 months old so the double carts at places like target or the ones that look like racecars dont work quite yet.
    If I have to do a grocery store run, I usually put the girls in the combi and pull a cart behind me. I always have snacks for them as well.

  21. Costco – GREAT CARTS!!! Also, my grocery store has car stylized double carts, so it is like they are driving too! (when a bit older…) Sometimes you have to hunt them down. When the kids were younger (but out of infant carriers), I would park by the cart corral to make it a bit easier. Now that walk. Not sure if that is better or worse.
    .-= Andrea Melberg Thompson´s last blog ..GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. =-.

  22. I HATE grocery shopping!! I actually get a stomach ache the night before just thinking about going.

    I have tried all different things. I have a 4 year old singleton and twin 2 year olds. When the twins were babies, I tried the “push-the-stroller-pull-the-cart” method but that did not work well especially when the store was crowded. Then I tried going at night when my husband was home to watch the kids. That didn’t last long because the last thing I felt like doing was going out at night after a long day with the kids. I tried letting my husband shop on his way home from work. That didn’t work because a) it made the day alone with the kids even longer and b) it was hard communicating to him exactly what I wanted. I tried using the carts with the little car attached to the front, but my kids were able to “escape” from that easily.

    This past fall, my oldest started preschool. She is there for three hours…just enough time for me to get to the store and come home and unpack it all. It is much easier going to the store with just two kids. The store near me now has a car that holds three kids! There are only two so I have to get there early to find one. The also have parents with children parking…that is priceless!!

    I am glad to know I am not the only one experiencing grocery shopping stress! The only positive thing I can say is that it does get easier. I now have the same rountine that I started almost a year ago. The kids know what to expect.

    I am going to print your poem and hang it on my fridge!!

  23. Ugh the grocery store. I’m getting a big nauseous just thinking about it. It’s not even that my arm feels like it will fall off from the carry basket and trying to push the massive stroller. It’s the fact that you are hurrying as fast as you can and everyone wants to stop you and see your “side show”. At first I thought it was kinda neat. Now, I just want to net my children so people will stop pinching and kissing them. Did I mention how much I love the grocery store?
    .-= Dane´s last blog ..Fever! =-.

  24. wwww.peapod.com.

    Or, we head to Whole Foods, where they have yummy snacks out, and the kids snack on mango, fancy cheeses, bacon wrapped scallops and blue tortilla chips as I grab a couple of things. Not a cheap shopping, but everyone is happy.

  25. The double seater grocery coats are precisely the reason I have come to love my local Kroger after having avoided it for other local grocery stores in the great Before-Twins.

    If I absolutely have to go to another store, I sit one up front and let one ride in the basket. Usually my girl as she is a bit less of a DangerBaby than my son and I don’t worry as much about her just jumping out.

    Another happy is going with Daddy and taking two carts. The kids can’t fight each other then, and it’s an actual excursion out with the whole family – something that is sorely lacking in our family with 10 month old twins.

    It is sad, weird, and wonderful that my exciting life has been reduced to finding grocery shopping trips with my husband and kids are now exciting…
    .-= Janel´s last blog ..Stairs =-.

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