Confessions of a Twin Mommy

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* I love that I have twins.  Their relationship is starting to blossom- they hold hands, “talk” to each other all day, giggle at each other, and light up when the other one comes into the room.  I hope they always love each other this much!


* Ummm… I had a glass of sangria at 2:24 PM last week (I’m not an alcoholic- promise- this is NOT a regular occurrence! :)).

* I made a HUGE mistake last week- HUGE.  I looked at our wedding pictures on our anniversary.  From 7 years ago.  When I wore a size ZERO.  Confession: I DON’T now…. Sigh…

* I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a parent to toddlers (they’re just now 1) that have logic to know right from wrong… then the difficult part of parenting comes when we must teach them right from wrong, set expectations, and be consistent… that’s scary.  That’s why I pray a lot and married a great guy that will help!

* Before we load up and go out and about, I have to stop and think, “Am I really up for being smiley with strangers who want to ask me a million questions about my babies and stop me to stare at them?”  It’s sweet- it really is, but you know- when you’re in a hurry… uggggh!

* My dog licks my babies in the mouth. ( I try to stop her, I really do).  Yuck.

* The first time I left my babies over night in May, when they were 8 months old, I was a M-E-S-S.  I had no idea I’d be that way.  I wanted to literally bawl every time I thought about them.

* I go to Sonic Happy Hour at least once a week…  (Vanilla Coke = YUMMY!)

* I have 3-4 dang pounds of baby weight hanging on for dear life. (uhhh… see above.  That probably doesn’t help!)

* I have stretch marks on my… ahem… ReAr!  Nowhere else which is good, but I’m talkin’ claw marks- it’s ridiculous.  Ick!  (WHY does that have to happen anyway?!)

* I love my daughters more and more everyday.

owen8Reese and Riley are now ONE!


I feel better now- thanks for listening {reading}!

It’s CoNfEsSiOn time, ladies………. :)

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15 thoughts on “Confessions of a Twin Mommy”

  1. My Twin Mom Confessions:
    When I’m feeling anti-social, I specifically dress them in non-matching, non-cute clothing, hoping they’ll look less adorable and garner fewer comments.
    When they run by me quickly, I can’t always tell them apart.
    Before I had twins, I always told people with twins, “I want twins!” Yep, I was that girl :)

  2. Recently, people have quit stopping us to talk about twinhood. Even though my girls are monozygotic, since they’re different heights and have different haircuts, people have quit assuming they’re twins.

    Now people stop us because Melody sings, loudly, ALL THE TIME.

    I haven’t left mine overnight yet. They’re three. I just agreed to let them travel without me, though, and I suspect that I will bawl my eyes out … and then get a really great night’s sleep!
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..Parenting answers =-.

  3. I left mine overnight at 11 months and didn’t cry one little bit.

    And I’m with Rusted Sun, many times 7:30 (OK, maybe 8) is my favorite time of day.

    I’m both jealous of my friends whose kids are starting preschool this week, and glad that I have one more year.

  4. My confessions:

    – My dog licks in their mouths and I usually let her.
    – I was so happy to leave my kids for two nights and secretly wished that it had been more. (In my defense, they were going through a very bad fussiness stage)
    – My husband and I have all but picked favorites and I figure its ok since we haven’t picked the same one.
    – On the really hard days, I wish I were normal and just had one baby at a time.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..I know, I’m a bad blogger… =-.

  5. -My girls are 17 months old and I still have panic attacks when I leave them.
    -my dog licks them in the mouth do you stop that?
    -I have a drink on most nights…I never get drunk, but come on. Can we say “adult time?”
    -I have given them fruit snacks at 730am so I could get on the computer before breakfast.
    -I let them play in the toilet a little longer when they discovered it…just so I could take a picture and blog about it.
    -I love them both more than I ever thought possible. I don’t remember feeling loved the way I love them…and that’s all that matters!
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..Holy crap… =-.

  6. I let my girls eat anything they find on the ground at the park next to house – mouthfuls of jungle mud, rotting ant-covered passion fruit, flowers, jagged bamboo. If we ever escape this island, I’ll have to retrain/reprogram them asap before they’re unleashed on an unsuspecting city park in suburban America.
    .-= Jungletwins´s last blog ..Why my Children Won’t be Watching TV =-.

  7. I didn’t leave mine overnight until about a month ago (they’re almost 4). My confession: if I have a ton of housework to do I have no problem turning on the TV to keep them entertained. It’s not a daily thing so I try not to feel guilty.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..Mr. Mom =-.

  8. -It’s not nearly as hard as all those singleton mom’s think it is!
    – I think my years of infertility have been repaid with 2 that slept thru the night at 3 mos old.

  9. I wanted to let you know that I have discovered that if you don’t make eye contact and move at a good pace it is quite successful when you aren’t in the mood for the twin talk.

    Now onto my confessions:

    *Bed time and nap time are also my favorite points of the day even though I cherish my time with them.

    *My husband took the boys out Monday night because I was moved to tears by their whining. I think he might have been a bit scared :) I should break out the water works more often because that hour and a half of quiet felt like a week vacation to this SAHM.
    .-= becky@oursweetpeas´s last blog ..This Summer we …. =-.

  10. Confession- I broke down recently and said I would gladly give them to an orphanage if anyplace would take them. Of course I didn’t mean it but I was pushed over the edge, pushed past my limit with one’s tantrum and carrying on (… and we were traveling and at my moms and I was trying to talk to my moms visiting nurse because she has health problems and I told my DH to get the twins out of there so we could talk but he didn’t move fast enough and the whole morning was ruined and etc etc etc.) With one toddler I could have managed something. With TWO I was overwhelmed and I know we all can relate.

  11. – I can be nasty when people are too in my face/ in the kids faces. (example, when asked if my boy/girl twins were boy/boy, I answered, “no, we just really wanted a girl, so we dress this guy up in flowery pink dresses” or “personal space! You wouldn’t just touch an adult without asking, don’t feel free to touch a baby because they can’t complain!”)

    – Even though my husband is wonderful and helpful, it simply annoys me no end that he simply doesn’t “get” how difficult my job is or that it’s non-stop. and then that combines with –
    – I really truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that I have the more stressful job.

    – I never thought I would end up as patient a Mom as I am. I mean, really never thought. I secretly worried that screaming, spiteful words and nastiness might just ooze out of me without my bidding.

    – I now realize that my penance for judging the mothers of “misbehaving” kids in public is having twins. I almost never judge any mother any more (the exceptions are any mother who spanks her kid in public – I always think that if they’re willing to do that in public, what do they do in private?).

    – I can’t stand pictures or video of myself in labor, I was just so “Jabba the Wife.” I want to look at it and think of how awesome and incredible it was, but all I can see is all that fat.

    – Despite every moment that I enjoy spending with the kids, my favorite time of day is still naptimes/bedtimes.
    .-= Janel´s last blog ..First steps =-.

  12. This may sound…errrr…violent. But I secretly want to punch everyone in the face that tells me that they want twins or that they hope their next is twins or that twins run in their family, so they are going to “probably” have twins. Seriously, punch! This sounds bad and no, I don’t have anger issues and I’m not a violent person.

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