Fantasies of two little babies, happily sleeping next to each other…

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My boy/girl twins. Abigail & Danny, are now almost 2.5 years old.

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I had this image of two little babies, sleeping side by side in the crib. Now, once I had said little babies, it didn’t really happen quite like that. Danny had colic, so he was often in his carseat. They learned to roll early, so we bought a second crib pretty early. Then Danny was up every hour or two AT FOUR MONTHS, so we moved Abigail into the spare bedroom, since she could sleep through the night at that point.  But, once we had reached their first birthday, we dismantled the crib in the guest room and moved Abigail back into the nursery with Danny. Finally….this was what I had imagined. Two little guys, chatting to each other as they fell asleep at night and when they woke up in the morning. Ok, so maybe I hadn’t imagined how long they would chat at night…and that they’d be so excited by being in the same room again that they would jump up and down in their crib for an hour, but still…they were back together.

I knew it wouldn’t last forever, since they are different genders. We’d talked about how old was too old to share a room—four? Six? Eight? And then….Abigail started climbing out of the pack ‘n play in the guest room where she napped. Oh, this was not good. With two napless days in a just one week,  I informed my mother-in-law that I was showing up at her house on Saturday and borrowing her spare crib. It’s not like she was using it. And this solved our napping problems. Abigail loved her new crib and was thrilled to nap in it. I was thrilled to have the nap back.

Then….three or four days into the new crib, Abigail announced one night, “I sleep in MY room. In MY crib.” We soon discovered that she meant the guest room (which I really consider more mine than hers….or at least, Grandma’s). It had been a rough night so I didn’t care to argue. Of course, that led to more of a rough night, as Danny began to yell hysterically, “Where Abigail?! Where are you, Abigail?!” from his crib. I finally had to go ask Abigail to yell back to him from her crib. (Now, do keep in mind that our house is only 1600 square feet. It’s not like I had hidden her in some separate wing of the house.) The next night…yep, she was convinced she wanted to sleep in her crib. Now, I know I’m the mom. And I could make her sleep in the nursery. As well as I can make a willful 2.5 year old girl do anything, I suppose. But….I can’t figure out why to have that fight. There are so many other ones to have, and this seems harmless. I’m sad about it, and mourning the loss of another aspect of twindom….but it was going to have to happen at some point anyway. So why fight it now that it happened a few years earlier than I had imagined?

Anyone else have kids who are ready for big changes before you are?

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5 thoughts on “Fantasies of two little babies, happily sleeping next to each other…”

  1. I also have a separate room pack-and-play napper. Mine seem to do okay sleeping together at night (they’re 9 month b/g) but no-one naps when they are together. It is way too much fun to laugh and holler at one another.

    I love the thought of giving them separate rooms even at 2.5 years old, I am sure we will be there before we know it. Plus, a positive is that you can decorate for each of their personalities instead of fitting that into one nursery:)
    .-= Vicky @ thecitycradle´s last blog ..Inside or out photos?!? =-.

  2. Mine never slept in the same bed. Not once. They seemed to go against everything told me twins did/wanted and that was definitely a bit of a disappointment. Right now we have them sleeping in separate rooms, one in a crib in their room, one in the pack and play in our room because they wake each other up. And oh how I wish we had a bigger house so I could give them each their own rooms!
    .-= Gliding through motherhood´s last blog ..The landfills thank you Kiernan =-.

  3. I hear you. I was so sad about Alex letting go of his best friend the binky and it was pretty painless. My husband and I dreaded separating them from sleeping in the same crib but at 9 months we did it so they wouldn’t smoosh one antoher and they were unphased. Now they are in separate rooms due to partying after bed time 😉 and they again took it like champs. So funny!
    .-= becky@oursweetpeas´s last blog ..Simply Saturday =-.

  4. We’re just about to move the girls (8 months) in to separate cribs. They’ve mostly shared until now, but they are getting too active at night. They still be sharing a room for as long as they want.

  5. With bg twins, at 4 months they were to tall to fit in the cribs the short way, and one was a rabid roller, so they got separate cribs. But they kept waking each other up, so one started sleeping in a another room for naps and we’d sneak him back in after 8. At 9 months they were totally waking each other up constantly, so we put them in separate rooms and it was the first night they both slept all the way through the night without any waking… They just weren’t meant to sleep in the same room, just didn’t work. Totally understand them figuring out stuff faster than you though. They self weaned to straw sippy cups from bottles in one day, it was great, but weird leaving a little bit of a feeling of nostalgia for cradling them and feeding them since it happened so fast…

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