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My baby turned one this week. My big girl started school last month. As I’ve been waiting for things to get “easier” and hoping for the comments and questions about our family to die down, it now hits me: I like the attention.

Sure, sure. I complain about it all the time. I want to be a family that just blends in blah, blah, blah. But the truth is, I liked being the family with “four under four”, “four in three years”. The ones with the visibily “Irish Triplets”.

I like being asked “How Do You Do It?”

Now that they are getting older — and presumably “easier” (although…HA!) — we don’t draw that much attention. And, as much as I complained about it before, I miss it already!

In a world that is crazy and hectic and stressful, the attention being a MoT brings is something that gives me a little extra confidence. A little extra push to keep doing a good job. Keep smiling. Keep laughing. I worry that if people stop commenting, I’ll start doubting myself. I know that sounds crazy, but it something I think about:

When they stop being small and cute, will I stop being perceived as a good mom?

There is a sense of accomplishment when people notice — and point out — how challenging our days must be. I take it is a compliment when people comment on the patience we have, the happiness we are filled with, the laughter that is free-flowing in our lives. When people say, “I couldn’t do it” I hear “You’re doing a good job.”

And there are a LOT of days when I need to hear that I’m doing a good job.

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10 thoughts on “Tick-Tock”

  1. You ARE doing a great job! Enjoy that for a minute. Okay, back to life… it’s your turn to change the dirty diaper.

  2. A million times yes. My guys are so different in size and looks that people don’t realize they’re twins. It stinks because I look like the lazy mom ignoring her kid when I’m really prying one two-year-old off a ledge, or where ever.

  3. I feel the same way! When I was in the hospital with my kids I was supermom doing everything right, rising to the challenge. Ned is so much bigger now than Penny that we don’t get that much attention and I do miss it. I think that probably happens more with twins than trips/quads.
    .-= Mommy, Esq.´s last blog ..Putting the "Toddle" Into Toddler =-.

  4. Well, there’s no doubt about it- you have to be a serious rockstar to rock 4 under 4. Hell, it even sounds like a cool band name! And you’re definitely rocking it big time :)

    As to the attention- it’s an interesting situation, isn’t it? Always nice to be praised, but it’s nice to just blend sometimes too. I sometimes wonder if my girls will be crushed when we one day move off this island and they find themselves in a world chalk full of twins. At the moment, they think they’re the only ones!
    .-= Jungletwins´s last blog ..Junglemom needs Advice from Boston Moms, Cold Weather Moms, and Travelin’ Moms =-.

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