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My girls are officially “babe-lers.”  That should be a word- I made it up. It means not quite babies anymore and not quite toddlers yet. You know, kind of like “tween” is a word for between kid and teen.  Ha! :)  They are almost 15 months and their personalities are blossoming, they’re into everything, and always exploring and giggling… and, y’all, I’m tired!  But LOVING this stage too.  I’ve found myself pulled in a million directions, which isn’t new, but I guess with the holidays and I’m in charge of organizing the annual Christmas Dinner at our church, things have been busier lately.  It’s made me a bit scatterbrained!  There’s never a dull moment (as you can relate to).

The other day we were at Target doing a bit of shopping including grocery shopping (which I despise for some reason—sometimes being at a fun store like Super Target makes it more bearable).  Recently Riley Grace has started crawling- my late little bloomer is doing a great job keeping right up with her sister now.  But to be honest, this put a kink in my “girls sitting in the basket at stores routine.”  Well really every routine! :)  I always have Reese in the front so she can be buckled in- quite necessary for that wiggle worm.  Riley will sit in the back usually content as can be.  Well yesterday, I was putting most of the groceries etc underneath the cart, but had a few things I was putting in the cart where Riley was sitting.  For some reason she decided that she didn’t want the pepperonis (that I bought to use in this amazingly delicious Pizza dip!) next to her.  Every two steps, she’d throw them out of the cart… again and again… and again… I couldn’t help but laugh then laugh at myself for putting them back next to her again and again- scatterbrained!  Shortly after I got a 6 Egg carton… I put it in the corner of the cart kind of behind the diaper bag to stay of her reach, and within 2 minutes, low and behold, that little curious “babe-ler” had indeed dumped the eggs out of that little carton while I wasn’t looking!  I gasped and said “Riley Grace!  We don’t play with eggs!”  Which made me laugh… then she picked one up and handed it to me real sweetly.  Oh my goodness.  What am I going to do with these girls?!  :) It wasn’t a big mess- only a couple cracked eggs- I’m so glad!  All the while, Reese was trying to reach back behind her in the cart and was taking everything she could out of the diaper bag- probably looking for a snack. 😉  The comedy of errors continued as I took a corner too fast, Riley fell over and the 6 pack of glass soda bottles slid out from under my cart and spilled and shattered all over the aisle.  Oops.  It didn’t end there… I was sweating at thing point-good thing all our outings aren’t this eventful!  I bee-lined to checkout and once I was ALL ringed up and bagged, I pulled out my wallet and realized all the good stuff (license, credit card…) were in my PURSE at HOME.  Oh my goodness.  Thankfully I had some cash, but I had to start taking groceries off my “bill” so I could pay- SO embarrassing!  Oh- and once I was home, I realized that my debit card was in my wallet- I could have used that… it was just in the wrong place so I didn’t see it… **Sigh** Can’t help but laugh!  :)

So, MoMs, here’s to less scatterbrained-ness and a stress free Thanksgiving week full of LAUGHTER and THANKS for our little ones and families.  How blessed we are to have our sweet kiddos!  Life certainly wouldn’t be as exciting without them!

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8 thoughts on “Just have to laugh.”

  1. Oh, I have had similar days. And yes, laughter is the best reaction to something like that. Good for you for keeping your cool while you sweat :)

  2. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that goes shopping without any money. I actually had no money at all and had to place our order on hold at customer service while I went home to get my wallet. Not fun.

    My guys are 20.5 months and grocery shopping continues to be a challenge. I usually wear one on my back in the Ergo and put one in the seat in the cart. But there’s still a lot of reaching and grabbing and taking down nicely arranged displays.

    If you come up with any strategies that make it easier, let me know!
    .-= reanbean´s last blog ..Hi, Santa Claus! =-.

  3. Too funny! I only take my kids shopping with me if I’m going somewhere with a double seater. So that means I only grocery shop at Fred Meyers or Costco. Oh well, someday I can go to the cheap places again!

  4. Just in case you’re looking for an easier shopping arrangement, here’s what I do. I also shop at SuperTarget & buckle each kid (16 months) into their own cart. I then push the cart with the wigglier kid & pull the cart with the more content shopper. They love it. Good luck!
    .-= Alli´s last blog ..Not So Picture Perfect =-.

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