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My apologies for the late posting.  Our lives have been crazy over the last couple of weeks – we’ve just moved. I wrote most of this post just before we moved. I was busy with other things, so I didn’t get a chance to read everyone else posts.  I see that Sarah wrote about managing sleep with newborns. Hopefully this doesn’t overlap too much.

Sleep and related topics have been on my mind quite a bit recently. We’ve just moved to a new house with more bedrooms, lots more bedrooms. Thought it wasn’t the only reason, one of our reasons for looking for a new house was to have enough room for the girls to each have their own bedrooms, at some point, if they want them, or a very large room to share. There will also be enough bedrooms for office space for Mom and Dad, and still there will be rooms to spare.

In the new house, the girls will share a bedroom.  For the first time they will be in separate cribs in the same room.  Now this isn’t the first time they’ll be sleeping apart, nor the first time they will be in cribs, just the first time they will be in separate cribs in the same room.

Since we brought the girls home in January, we’ve tried a wide range of sleeping arrangements.

When they first came home from the hospital…

  • two babies sharing cradle in our bedroom
  • two babies sharing bassinette in the playpen in the living room
  • one baby in the bassinette in the basement TV room for quick naps when we were watching TV.  Usually the other baby was eating.

But they soon outgrew the bassinette, and we needed to find new solutions…

  • two babies sharing crib in our bedroom
  • two babies sharing playpen in dining room

After just a couple of days of lifting two babies in and out of the playpen, we needed a different solution…

  • two babies sharing crib in our bedroom
  • two babies sharing a new (second) crib in dining room

Then we decided they were ready to sleep in their own room

  • two babies sharing crib in my office their bedroom (or “babies’ office” as my son called it)
  • two babies sharing crib in the dining room

But, they didn’t always share the same sleep schedule…

  • one baby in the crib in their bedroom and one in the bassinette in the playpen in our room at night
  • two babies sharing crib in the dining room during the day

Then we decided to put our house up for sale so we had to remove the crib from the dining room and the playpen from our bedroom…

  • two babies sharing the crib in their bedroom

Then I took the children to stay with my mom while the house was for sale

  • two babies in two playpens except when they took turns sleep with me

Then we came back home…

  • two babies sharing the crib in their bedroom

Until the fan in our son’s room broke, and for a short time…

  • two babies sharing the crib in their bedroom and one toddler in the playpen in their bedroom

About  in mid-October, the girls seemed to be waking up more than usual, so we decided to separate them…

  • one baby in the crib in their bedroom
  • one baby in the playpen in their bedroom

Which has meant more sleep for me since one of the girls is usually sleep through the night, and her sister is usually only up once.

Now that we are settled in our new house, the girls are sleeping in two cribs in their new bedroom.  One of our girls still wakes up more than her sister, so her crib is closer to the door.

We certainly didn’t plan to try all these different sleeping arrangement, but as their needs and our needs changed, we adapted. And, I’m certain their be more arrangements to try out as they grow in our new house.

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6 thoughts on “Sleeping arrangements for twins”

  1. Our sleeping arrangements were very easy and straightfoward. At first, they shared a crib in their room and around 3 months, we moved Collette into her own crib in teh same room.

    I think it was easy for us to do this because we had the nursery ready about 2 months before they arrived and I didn’t end up nursing them so having them in our room didn’t make much sense. Plus, our room does not have much space so a crib or even pack’n’play would not have fit. And bassinettes were so expensive and I knew they would only fit for a month, it didn’t seem worth it.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..My New Diet =-.

  2. When I first had all my girls home from the NICU we only had three cribs, so two had to share. It was amazing how much better they slept when we finally had that fourth crib. I know so many parents with multiples have had success when their babies co-sleep, but it just didn’t work for us. In the spring we’ll finally be splitting them in to two rooms and I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure out who will be rooming together.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..Can This Marriage Be Saved? =-.

  3. I always thought that we’d have them share a crib (I was never going to have them in my room though – too little sleep for Mama with every noise waking me up). But when they came home we had them in separate cribs (per advice of the baby nurse) and it was easier. One would sleep while the other ate and if both were up I could bounce one in a bouncy chair while feeding the other. Some day they will have their own rooms but for now we nap them separately (one in the guest room in a pack-n-play) and sleep them together at night in the same room.
    .-= Mommy, Esq.´s last blog ..The Esqs Catch a Break =-.

  4. Mine started by sharing a Pack N Play. Then they were 2 babies, 2 cribs at about 6 weeks. Now, they are still 2 babies-2 cribs-one room for naps and at night EXCEPT FOR when one of them is having issues napping (it is always the same little Troublemaker ;)).

    In that case, I have the Pack N Play in my closet (only other place it can go that is quiet and isolated). So Troublemaker naps in there and the other one stays in his crib and everyone sleeps a better nap! Naps are precious. :)
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..Puzzle Pieces. =-.

  5. Just last week we moved our just-about-to-be-8-month-old frat boys into separate cribs overnight. They had been alternating between each others’ cribs (same room) for the nighttime so that when we inevitably needed to separate them they were familiar with both cribs. They’ve been napping separately for a couple of months because they have different sleep schedules (ugh).

    Finally H began waking up I by practicing his rolling over and rocking on his knees, so separate cribs it is. They sleep AWESOMELY now. I had about a day’s worth of heartache over losing some sort of cute sleeping in the same bed thing, but I got over it in a hurry when the kids were cheerier in the morning!

  6. “we” were great sharing a crib for the first few months. In fact, at 3 months, one of my boys slept through the night (12 hours). Then his brother learnt to roll (and roll and roll) and ended up on his head many times. Until my other crib gets here (from a neighbor) the roller is in the crib and my stationary boy in my bed, where he wakes up every 4 hours for food. (but I admit I love when I wake up in the morning and he’s just waiting for my eyes to open so he can greet me with a huge, massive grin!)
    They will continue to share my room for a while since I live in a one bedroom apartment.
    .-= Selmada´s last blog ..I’m so in love =-.

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