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Our house is on the small side- roughly 950 square feet. With just two bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, and one bath, it was intended to be our starter home. When we moved in, we had a 5-year plan that included saving a ton of money- either to put towards a rebuild on our lot or to put towards the purchase of our next home. We assumed we’d have a baby at some point in those five years and that we’d be in our next home before having our second. Of course, we did not plan to have twins, and we certainly never planned to go down to one income.

We were doing pretty well with our plan when Tiny and Buba arrived in March 2008 (year three). But with the addition of our twins (and all the clothing, gear, and toys), the house began to feel smaller and smaller each day. By the time they turned one, we started to contemplate moving. However, it turned out this wasn’t even an option. We could no longer get a mortgage that would allow us to buy a bigger home based on the income from just T’s teaching salary. So we thought about selling our house and renting a larger home. But because we bought around the peak of the housing market, we’d probably have to take a loss on our home, and we weren’t ready to do that yet.

So we decided to refinance and stay put for a while. This means that Tiny and Buba will be sharing a room indefinitely- at least until age 5 and maybe a couple of years longer. For now, I’m okay with that. They’ve shared a room since the day they came home from the hospital, and even if we lived in a larger home, I’m pretty sure they’d still be sharing a room at this point. But it’s down the road that I’m worried about. How long can a brother and sister share a room before they’ll want their own space and privacy?

My hope is that by the time they are in 2nd or 3rd grade we’ll be in a situation where they will no longer have to share a bedroom. If all goes according to the new 5-year plan, by that time I’ll be back to work and we should have little to no childcare expenses (T and I are both teachers). Hopefully by then the economy and the housing market will have improved, and the additional income should help us when we go to apply for a new loan. Fingers crossed.

Do your twins share a room? And if so, how long do you plan to keep them together?


reanbean is a SAHM to 22-month-old boy/girl twins. She also blogs about Tiny and Buba at

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14 thoughts on “Room for Two”

  1. My kids share a room for now, though I anticipate the potential for a split when we move out of cribs. We’ll just have to see what the chaos level is, as well as whether they have any interest in their own room. Thankfully, we have the space.

    My brother and I are 17 months apart in age, and we shared a room until I was about 5. I think we separated rooms when we moved houses. I don’t recall positive or negative feelings about sharing a room with him, though I think I was glad to have my own? Hard to remember.

  2. Our situation is very similar to yours (1139 square feet, though 3 bedrooms). Sometimes … like today when the high temp isn’t supposed to get out of the 30s … I envy those who have bigger houses and a whole room just for the kids to play in, complete with Kangaroo Climber or the like. But most of the time, it’s fine. We also hope to add on to our house at some point in the next 3 – 5 years, but if we have to split the kids (20-month b/g twins) before then, we’ll just have to give up my “office,” aka the computer room. From what I’ve read, the kids send out pretty clear signals that it’s time to split them up.

    FWIW, my M-i-L, who’s just 12 months older than her little brother, says they shared a room until she was almost 7. They’re still pretty close these days.

  3. My boys are 21 months and share a room. I plan on moving them to twin beds sometime this year that turn into bunks eventually. We HAVE the room to seperate them, but I plan on having them share until they tell me they don’t want to anymore.

    Of course, this all depends on how the twin bed thing goes. I have visions of one waking up and poking the other at night every night :-)
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..30 Day Shred ~ Day 1 =-.

  4. Nope. Not particularly because they are b/g twins, but because bedtime is 100% better with them separated. We did it for good a few months ago, when they were 2.5, although we’ve been playing with it for the summer. If I could have (and kept my own sanity) I would have kept them together. I think they have many years before b/g sharing a bedroom is a problem.

    We’re a bit bigger than you (more like 1500 sqft) but are heading towards an addition this spring. Like you, we planned on having babies one at a time. And, like you, we bought at the height of the market—June 2005—and aren’t selling this place any time soon. Ugh.

  5. We just did a remodeling job so that our 10 month old twin girls could get out of our bedroom and not have to move in with our 3 year old (who happened to have a very large room of her own.) The twins are sharing a room now but because we are lucky enough to have a basement playroom, it really is just a place for them to sleep. My husband and I saw our little remodeling project (turning one large bedroom into two smaller ones) as a way to buy us some sleep and a few more years in our house. When our mortgage is paid off in about five years we may put on an addition or move. I have a feeling that my girls will always want to share a room because one has a very hard time sleeping without the other one present.

  6. My 21- month-old identical boys will share a room until they leave for college regardless of our house size. My sister and I shared a room and we loved it. However, with boy/girl twins, it’s definitely different.

  7. I have two girls. If they want, they can share a room through college! My husband is very sensitive to the possibility that they would each want their own space, and we have a guest room, so we ask them whether they want separate rooms every few months. They think we’re nuts. Why break up the nightly sleepover?

    In fact, the other day, Melody crawled into bed because of a bad dream. Soon enough, Jessica came looking for her. When I explained that Mel was with me because of a bad dream, Jessica said, “I had a bad dream too. I had a bad about my sister NOT IN OUR ROOM.”

    My husband and his sister shared a room until about elementary school age. They’re 13 months apart.
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..The status of the ear infection =-.

  8. We have girls who will be sharing probably until they are adults due to our house size. We are in a very similar financial situation — 800 square foot house….had the plan to move but then the economy crashed. Lame!

    I have seen cute ideas on sites like Ohdeedoh for shared rooms using curtain dividers on hospital tracks. I bet if it’s done right it would look cute and perhaps buy you some extra time.

  9. The twins share a room for now and Michael has in own. Like you our house is very small also, but 3 bedrooms. I think we are here for the duration unless we move to a warmer climate. I have no idea when we will have the boys share the bigger room and Eva Rose will have the small room to herself. Some days I think I’d like to do it sooner, but then I think I’d rather leave it the way it is.
    .-= Amy´s last blog .. =-.

  10. My best friend in 4th grade shared a room with her twin brother. She repeated 2nd grade and that would mean she was about 10. They really did not seem to mind. However, they did live in a 2 bedroom apartment and so there were no other options.

  11. I have two boys in a 1 bedroom apartment (just me as adult). I’ll be looking for a bigger place in the next few years for obvious reasons, but I think the boys will share for much longer.
    As for b/g twins, my brother and I were 13 months apart – we shared a room until I was in grade 3 and he was in grade 4. I think that makes us around 8 and 9 when we split up rooms.
    .-= Selmada´s last blog ..My Little Santas =-.

  12. Our 5 month old GBG triplets share a room for now. We have 1500 square feet with three bedrooms upstairs. One is half the size of the other so DS will likely move in there when they all move out of cribs. Lucky boy will always have his own room.

    We also hope to move to someplace bigger in a couple years. Until then we do the best we can, borrow as much baby gear as possible (for monetary reasons mostly, but also when we’re done we return it instead of storing it), and only buy what we NEED. These tiny people sure do take up a lot of space! :)

  13. Yeah, ours will be sharing a room for the foreseeable future too, or one of the little ones will be sharing with their big sister (we have two “kid” bedrooms and three girls). It will be easier for us as they grow older though (perhaps?) since they are all girls, though. I have this vision of having a “sleep room” for all three, and then a really fun play/study room with the other, but I somehow doubt that will ever become a reality….
    .-= Kristin Hutchinson´s last blog ..Day Out with Mama =-.

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