Sisterhood of the MoMs

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This is the story (TRUE STORY!) of two MOTs who independently decide to take their twins to the same indoor playspace on the same day…

It was perhaps a month or so ago. I made a point of getting Buba and Tiny up and ready to go as quickly as I could so we could arrive at the toddler gym before it got too crowded. Not long after we arrived and got ourselves ready to play (hats off, coats off, boots off), another mom came over our way to say hello. I knew that I knew her, but I couldn’t quite place her. Had I met her here previously? Or maybe at the library? But as soon as she said her name, I knew exactly who she was. We had met briefly at a playdate at another MOT’s house about six months earlier. We chatted a bit (as much as our twins would allow-hers 15 months, and mine 22 months), and then parted ways as our kids ran off to try other things.

Now this toddler room is not enormous, but it’s certainly big enough. I do my best to keep my eyes on both kids, but sometimes if I’m helping one kid do an activity (such as walking across the world’s most slippery plastic balance beam) it’s not hard for the other kid to leave my sight for a moment or two. But at one particular moment on that day, I looked up from where Tiny was playing and realized that I couldn’t see Buba anywhere. This other MOT must have seen the somewhat panicked look on my face, because before I even called his name, she waved her arm and said, “Over here.” Instant relief.

Over the next 45 minutes or so, our kids crossed paths a few more times. At one point, she had her eyes on one of mine and one of hers, while I was watching one of hers and one of mine. We didn’t sit down and make a plan regarding who was doing what with which kids and when, but it just sort of happened that we continued to look out for each other’s twins.

And when Tiny started to throw a fit because she didn’t want to go, who do you think helped us gather our things so I could get my kids ready to leave? Certainly not one of the dozens of mothers who where their with their (ONE) toddlers.

So as we walked our kids out the door on that cold, winter day, I couldn’t help but feel so grateful that this other MOT happened to be at the toddler gym time that day. Because there’s nothing better than being with (or chatting with or emailing with) another MoM who truly gets what your world is like.


reanbean is a SAHM to boy/girl twins, Buba and Tiny, who will be 2 in just over a week. You can read more from reanbean at

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12 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the MoMs”

  1. Love it! I agree- we definitely ‘get’ each other! I think when we get together with our twins group- there’s certainly more kids than any other play date, but it’s less stressful because all the other MoMs are picking your kids up and helping them and that helps ME! They just understand. I love it.
    .-= amy´s last blog ..Thank you… =-.

  2. This is so true! Our girls are 13 months old, and thus far, our playdates have always been with other twins. At some point I want my kiddos to understand that not everything is sold in pairs (so to speak), but right now it’s just those moms that I gravitate towards. There is a certain comfort level in knowing that they “get it”….and in knowing that things should be pretty laid back. I mean, how could things NOT be laid back with 4 or 6 one-year olds running around?!

  3. This is so true! When I had my singleton, I often felt like there was sort of this unstated competition among mothers. Now that I have twins, it is like the MoMs realize that one doesn’t have time for that kind of BS! My experience with other mothers of multiples has been absolutely positive.
    .-= Samantha´s last blog ..Arts and Crafts =-.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I have a girlfriend I met at my MoMs group who has twins 10 days older than mine. We were on bedrest at the same time, tackled breastfeeding together and are now chasing toddlers. We’re so busy we hardly see each other, but we randomly text each other and know exactly what the other one is going through. It’s amazing, especially since we’ve known each other only a couple of years.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog .. =-.

  5. I love your post! I wish I could sync up my schedule with other MOMs, but unfortunately I have to take what I get. I finally found a singleton mom with the same schedule. I can tell its not the same as wtih another MOM, but it’ll have to do. Things don’t come in pairs for me either.

  6. SOOOOOOOOO TRUE! I have often called myself a “twin snob” because I love twin playgroups and my MoM friends, but have struggled with singleton groups.

    It does get better as the kids get older though. I FINALLY feel like I fit in a little better with the non-twin groups, but my twin friends will always be at the top of my list!
    .-= Shelley´s last blog ..Why did we paint our kid’s head green? =-.

  7. Samantha, you said it! I just don’t have time to care what the other moms think.

    I’m always shocked how many people comment about me having my hands full and yet don’t offer to hold the door or anything. Amazing!

  8. This is so exactly true. And it’s why I tell new/expectant M.o.M.s to seek out a local multiples’ club. Only another MoM gets it completely – and will be willing to provide the support (extra eyes/arms) you’ll need!

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