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Today we were at the library.  I’ve started watching for books about twins for our three-year-old son and our 14-month-old identical twin girls. I’ve only signed out a couple of books so far, but we’ll keep every time we go.  Here’s what we’ve been reading:

Hello Twins by Charlotte Voake

This book is about boy/girl twins.  It highlights how they are different from each other, but concludes that they like each other just the way they are. It is aimed at toddlers. The author of this book is a twin herself.

Twin to Twin by Margaret O’Hair

This book is also about boy/girl twins, and everything they do is “doubled.” It is also for toddlers. The author of this book has two children who are close in age.

I’ve been looking for some other books at Double Up Books, which specializes in books for and about multiples.  The site has books organized by different combinations of multiples (BB, GG, BG) and by age.  It also has a large selection of books about multiple pregnancy and parenting.

I’d love to find some books for our daughters that celebrate both the unique characteristics and the special bond that twins share.  I’d also like some books that explore how a singleton feels about having twin siblings, and about how he is just as special as they are.

What are your multiples favourite books? Do you have any other suggestions of children’s books about multiples or about being a singleton in a family with multiples?

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5 thoughts on “Children's Books about Multiples”

  1. I’ve never seen that site before — I’m very excited about it!

    We didn’t read many books about twins when mine were smaller, but in DK’s My First Word Book [${0}] there was a picture of identical twin boys. Before my boys were saying more than a handful of words, they spotted that picture and got very excited, pointing and grunting at it.
    .-= Jen´s last blog big break: i’m FINALLY freaking famous! =-.

  2. My b/g twins got Hello Twins for Christmas. My sister had crossed out the kids names and written in my twins. It is a cute book. We like that the twins have red hair, like ours do. It isn’t great though. A little boring.
    .-= Rusted Sun´s last blog ..adventerous max =-.

  3. I don’t have any recommendations, but when I read Dr. Seuss’s “Hop on Pop” to my two, I always tell them that the smiling boy and girl who like to walk, talk, and hop on Pop are twins just like them. 😉

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