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“About the time our children master walking, they develop an irresistible urge to make their own choices.” (

I recently read that quote online and laughed out loud!  That’s exactly what we’re experiencing at our house– that irresistible urge is taking over my sweet innocent babies!! :)  I think the ‘terrible twos’ have hit.  Reese and Riley are 20 months (2 in September), but good golly those girls can certainly voice their wants and needs, their disagreements, and frustration.  One second they are refusing to cooperate and the next they’re super silly and sweet.  It’s like an emotional roller coaster, I tell ya.

Last week during Occupational Therapy, Riley REFUSED to walk.  She’d literally frog up her legs and scream, then proceed to throw herself on the ground lay on her stomach, and kick her feet.  (It’s SO ridiculous that it’s hard not to laugh!  I call her my DQ (‘drama queen!’).  Once she was sitting she’d stop screaming and play with her toys and do puzzles,but ask her to walk or try to stand her up… no way.  Oh and WALKING is what we’re working on in OT- the entire point of it. Ugh!  Then a couple minutes later during lunch, she was giggling, placing an apple slice on her head and proceeded to eat her entire lunch with a grin on her face (and apple on her head) quite proud of her silliness.  What’s with these ‘terrible twos?’  They certainly keep me on my toes.

Reese just wants to be on the go all the time.  If anything stops her (diaper change, meal time, etc), she gets frustrated.  The good thing is she gets over it really fast.  Their new independence and urge to make their own choices is normal and actually really neat to see as they are coming into their own person even at such a young age.  But… the Terrible Two’s Times Two… yikes.  And I have laid back children!

So, tell me, Super MoMs: What are your survival techniques?! :)  Redirection?  Time-Out?  Removal from frustrating situation? I ADORE this age (the new words, sense of humor, showing love- melt my heart!), but this mama needs some sanity some days! 😉

To read more about our silly adventures toward 2 years old, go to our blog at

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8 thoughts on “the 2's=emotions galore”

  1. MoM to two 20-month olds here.

    Yes, yes and yes. Every situation seems to call for a different response, and the response works differently from day-to-day. One day redirection will work, the next I’m spending my time respecting my son’s tenacity as he just.won’t.give.up. Time outs work, sometimes. But I find it necessary to sit with them else they think it’s all a game.

    I think at this point, we just stay consistent and know that it’s a phase that will pass more quickly than we would like (once it’s over.)

  2. What a tough stage. Survival techniques are all that you listed, depending on the day (or the hour). I did tons of re-directing, we were always on the go. I counted the seconds to bedtime (or naptime) I was so worn out.
    My boys turn 3 next week and we are finally moving into a calmer stage. Be reassured “the twos ” is likely one of the most trying stages on a parent. There is something superhuman required to parent two toddlers at the same time (at least I think so!!)

  3. I agree with Diane. Redirections was my technique and I too also counted the minutes before bedtime. I started taking them to playgrounds regularly after I picked them up from work. So it starts once they master walking, huh? That explains it! For me, it also happened around the time that they dropped the 2nd nap. More mobile, obstinate, frustrated children combined with less free time for mommy = “Ahhh! Get me outta here!”. That is when we opted to see a family therapist so I could de-stress. The benefits to be reaped after.

  4. I am mom to twin 23 m/o girls and a soon to be 6 y/o girl (all Gemini’s if you follow that sort of thing – yikes!). I don’t know which child is the most dramatic and each of my kids is so different than the others. Some days I find are so much easier than others. Yes, we do lots of redirection, some explaining on a simple level, an occasional time out for the really bad offenses, and lots of deep breathing and counting to 10 – on the parent part. I find I have to remind myself that my children are people and when someone walks up to them and snatches their toy or tells them no, you can’t do that – they are going to get mad. They just haven’t learned how to express it yet. And teaching them that is hard. Doubly hard now. Patience, patience patience is my mantra. This too shall pass.

  5. Very timely post since I’m struggling today solo with my 21 month twins 1 day away from having my third baby. The day I had planned for myself – organizing, grocery shopping, etc. was smashed to smitherines and my son is driving me up a wall with crying, refusing to eat, etc. This too shall pass and I agree with the other commentators that it is just about survival sometimes.
    .-= Mommy, Esq.´s last blog ..Controlling Spendthrift Impulses =-.

  6. We had a patch just before mine turned two that was really, really awful, and I was absolutely certain that we’d hit the terrible twos early and the entire next year was going to be full of tantrums. But then they turned two, and things seemed to settle down a bit (or maybe I just got used to their behavior?). We still have meltdowns (sometimes with little warning), but mostly I can see them coming and I try to intervene/redirect before everything falls apart. I find that I need to be in the mix more than I used to be, which is tough when I really need to get something done, but better than listening to tantrums.
    .-= reanbean´s last blog ..Drop-off Playgroup, Weeks 3 and 4 =-.

  7. Can I just add…something happened this morning that made me very angry at my son. At that moment, I didn’t like him very much. We were at a park, and I simply said as little as possible, buckled him and his sister into their seatbelts, and drove home in silence. I’m sure they sensed something was wrong.

    The 10 minute drive (and deep breathing) gave me just enough time to remind myself that he is still learning (and testing) and by the time I got home I could deal with him again without losing it.

    I guess my point is that sometimes, and maybe especially when they are this age and so CRAZY, time outs for mommy are necessary, too. :)

  8. My twins turned two this week! And its such and awesome age, in many respects, but yes, double two-year-olds can be ROUGH!

    I do a mix of things, and try to lean towards positive discipline, but am definitely still learning! I do redirection a lot, eliminating whatever temptations/problems whenever I can. I try to get them involved in helping me do things, however they are able. Most often, a change of scenery or a new activity works well.

    I also do “crib time”, where both girls go into their cribs with some books and special toys (used only then, so they are a bit more special). I know they are safe, they cannot destroy anything, and then I go away and give myself a breather (maybe a shower, or a cup of tea). Or clean up whatever big mess they’ve created. Or just breathe and try to get myself back to a more calm and sane place. I try not to overuse it but its a good tool when I really need it!

    Good luck! I don’t think two is always THAT bad (it wasn’t with my first) or at least not bad for the entire year. Physically, its tiring, but I really do like this age a lot!
    .-= Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings´s last blog ..Elsie and Delia are TWO! =-.

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