A Pivotal Twenty Sixth Month

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So I’ve been writing this series of posts (on my blog) about how we’ve been blurring the lines of our formerly iron-clad (at the demand of the twin’s, not us!) routine. Things like pushing back bedtime, and going to the zoo when they’d typically be going down for a nap, and taking a day trip to the beach, and staying out “way past” bedtime, and traveling during the time that the kids are usually long in bed.

All this in the last six weeks!

It’s like all of a sudden we can finally do things we haven’t been able to do and we actually have fun while doing it and we’re not always scared we won’t ever get to sleep ever never again, and we’re actually able to relax (a little bit) while the kids entertain themselves instead of living our public lives in a sweaty, running in opposite direction mess.

And it only took TWENTY SEVEN MONTHS!

Any breakthroughs, milestones, realizations for you this summer? Anything you long for? (I long for a margarita.)


Rachel’s family is breaking new ground over at Motherhood.Squared .

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9 thoughts on “A Pivotal Twenty Sixth Month”

  1. My 6 month old girls just started taking 2 hour naps in the last few weeks. I can get so much more done during the day now! It’s amazing.

    I long for the time that my husband and I can go out to dinner and a movie. We still have to find two babysitters every time we go out as none of our family members is comfortable taking care of the girls on their own. We’re working on getting them more comfortable with this because finding 2 people to come over can be pretty difficult!

  2. My twins are 29 months old and we recently went to a first birthday party in the city that didn’t end until 9:30 pm (I know, don’t get me started). For the first time since they were born, I was not terrified that they would turn into pumpkins at the stroke of bedtime. And we even went out without our cups! The girls had their very first Shirley Temples ever and we all relaxed and rolled with it. Of course, they were monsters for the next few days but hey, it was worth it!

  3. My partner and I rented a house for August in CT and the kids don’t have their bouncy chairs and bottle warmers, so suddenly they don’t want their bottles. And they’re sleeping! Big, big milestone – a bit sad, but thinking about getting back to NYC and getting rid of all the bottles and crap that accompanies said bottles is a pretty great thing…oh, our girls are 21 months old.
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  4. We stopped the naptime thing when they were around the same age. It was a huge fight every time when they did not want to nap. As long as we explain future changes in their schedule our kids are all on board. They are actually easy going, but refuse to go sleep until we do when we are on vacation which is typically 10:00PM . Around 2 – 2 and 1/2 is when all of this started as well. Before then they were not very negotiable on their routine and expected XYZ at a certain time.

  5. Our 1st vacation in June (when the boys were just 10 weeks) taught us a lot of lessons, but also gave us the confidence to do more outside of the home!! I’m not going to brave a plane ride by myself with the boys anytime soon, but the drive to and from TN gave us some freedom to plan more overnight trips!
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  6. We moved this summer – across 3 states with 20 month old twins. I didn’t think we would make it, but here we are still unpacking and the kids are doing way batter than me! Surely a revelation – now we are so confident (hopefully not too much) we are planning an actual vacation.
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  7. This summer’s realization: Though my boys just turned 3 in June, we are in a strangely new, HIGHER maintenance phase, as they are taller, stronger, faster and more determined to “find” trouble. Example, yesterday morning in my frantic few minutes getting dressed for work, Husband is “supposed” to be on duty with the boys, and yet I hear the toilet flush and much laughter. Yes they tried to flush a toy down the toilet. No it wasn’t small enough to go down. But they got in there at lightning speed and they are potty training so bathroom time, while fun, does present new hazards. At this point, if I could hire a professional nanny housekeeper to live at my house and raise my boys 24/7 I would work a second job to send money home to pay her. And thats scary.

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