Potty Training. Feeling Flushed.

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I have not run my washing machine as often, nor kept a bucket of Biz and Oxy on the bathroom counter as frequently, since the newborn days of both twins having acid reflux.

But at least I get more sleep now?

That is all.

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5 thoughts on “Potty Training. Feeling Flushed.”

  1. It’s so intense, isn’t it?! Though I maintain that potty training is a whole different beast from any other transition up to this point, the thing it does have in common with the rest is that it really will pass. Eventually. You’ll get used to the new reality, you’ll find new rhythms, the kids will get better at it.

    But HOLY CRAP is it exhausting when you’re in the thick of it.
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  2. So both of our girls have decided that daytime diapers are a no – lots of 2 y/o potty training going on here. We decided that this time around (we also have a 6/y/o girl) we were not going to use pullups because it seemed to prolong training. So the girls are in underwear when we are at home (most of the time) and diapers at night and for car rides/really long periods with no access to bathroom. I have decided after 2 months it doesn’t matter what we do. They mostly use the potty, but at least once a day each, they decide it is more fun to pee on the floor. And dance in it. Gross!

  3. My boys have been “potty learning” since late July. We are making much progress and lots of encouragement and YEAH potty is fun and enthusiasm and cheering and blah blah blah. I’m am so done with it. I have neither the time or energy to cross the final hurdle of training and if they go to high school in pullups, FINE by me!!

  4. Oh, and we are at the stage where unless I catch them about to go poop and physically rush them to the potty for #2 they will wait until later and do it in their pants gladly. They will wait until such a time as when I’m trying to squeeze in a 20 minute workout and they are in the gym child care, whereupon I am paged to go in there and change them.

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