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The fact that Tiny and Buba are twins is not something that we’ve spent a lot of time talking about with them. We certainly aren’t trying to keep this bit of information from them. Our neighbor is constantly calling them “the twins”, and whenever a stranger stops to ask “Are they twins?”, we always answer truthfully. But the concept of being twins has not been absorbed the way they’ve sponged up so many other words and phrases. And within the last few months, hubby (T) actually completely confused them to the point that I felt a tutorial was needed.

It started at dinner one night. Buba casually commented that both he and T had blue bowls for their ice cream. T responded by saying something like, “ Yes, we do! Mabye we’re twins!” and then gave a really goofy just kidding kind of laugh. But, of course, Tiny and Buba did not pick up on the silliness of it. And since then, they’ve been commenting, “Maybe we’re twins!” in all sorts of inaccurate situations (i.e. Tiny notices that both she and I have pony tails and giggles, “Maybe we’re twins!”).

T thought this was hilarious, but I was somewhat bothered by it. It just seemed like being twins was a concept that Buba and Tiny should be experts on. So I sat with them and explained it. I showed them our first sonogram, and explained that they both grew inside my belly at the same time before they were born. I told them that it was special that they shared the same birthday and were the same age, unlike their friends who have younger siblings. And I told them that those are the things that make two people twins, not the shirts they are wearing or the color of the cups they’re drinking from. It seemed so simple, and I had no doubt that they understood.

But this morning, Buba and Tiny both chose to wear their Iowa Hawkeye shirts. With a beaming smile, Tiny looked at me and exclaimed, “Look, he have a hawkeye and me have a hawkeye. Maybe we’re twins!” And it seemed there was nothing more I could say but, “Yes, my dear. You sure are!”

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8 thoughts on “Maybe We're Twins”

  1. That’s so cute. It reminds me of our son who told my husband, “I’m married to mommy because I love her too.” This was just after my husband explained that people get married because they love each other.

    I wonder how their concept of being twins will change as they get older. Our girls are so much alike that I’m sure it will be a very different experience.

  2. my girls are 3 1/2 and they just recently accepted that they ARE in fact, twins. Previously when ppl would ask the “are you twins?” questions, C would yell “NO! WE are C&Z!!!” it kinda made me crack up. now they accept that they are twins but still can’t understand how some ppl can’t tell them apart. It baffles them that ppl think they look alike. For the record, they are so identical that I have to take a minute every once in a while.

  3. Very funny! (And I don’t know about you, but I hate it when people refer to our girls as “the twins.” Ugh.)

    Our girls (nearly 4) are only just sorta kinda getting the concept of twins. We never pushed it hard. To them, it just means they have the same birthday, and were in my belly at the same time. What more is there to it than that, though, when you get right down to it?

    Go Hawkeyes! (Are you alums? I went there for grad school.)

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