where my belief that the boys' speech issues will resolve themselves leads me to consider homeschooling once more

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Oh, Blogworld.

I’ve written before about my boys’ speech issues, and about their speech therapy “homework,” and about how well it fits into our evening routine.

They are trying really hard at speech. P has corrected a few of his significant errors and is a lot easier to understand now. G is working hard at it and has corrected one or two of his most prevalent errors. They have speech therapy on two consecutive days each week, and they usually bring home one worksheet each day.

That’s one worksheet each, of course… To all of you with higher order multiples, I have no idea how you do it, and you have my unflagging admiration.

Anyway. The boys’ speech homework looks like this:

Each boy has about 3 minutes of attention for these worksheets. I know it says they can draw a picture, but they want to write. After about 3 minutes, they get depressed and tired, and I have to give them a pep talk to get them motivated again. They work for about a minute, then get very excited and animated and jump on the furniture telling me stories. Then I try to get them to focus again, we work for another minute… and it repeats. And I do this with each boy separately, while the other boy fights with his sisters unsupervised, because it works better that way.

Today, G got halfway through his worksheet and confessed that last week in class, they’d been talking about words that start with “Y.” G raised his hand and said, “Yellow.” But because the boys had been saying their Ls as Ys [“yeh-yoh”] G now is easily confused about what “Y” sounds he should correct to “L.” He said it wrong, his teacher tried to correct him, he said it wrong again, she tried to correct him again… he told me he kept trying to say it right but he just couldn’t, and finally his teacher said, “No, no, NO!”

His eyes were teary and he was choked up telling me about this. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it was for him to be corrected like that in front of his whole class — I’m still impressed that he volunteered to participate in the first place. His teacher is fantastic, and I sure couldn’t do her job. I know this was just a moment of frustration at the end of a long week, but my heart broke for my little guy, who is trying really really hard.

Jen is a work-from-home mom of 6-year-old twin boys, and two girls ages 4 and 8. She also blogs at Diagnosis: Urine, where she whines a lot about being a de facto single parent during the brutal homework, dinner, and bedtime circles of hell.

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5 thoughts on “where my belief that the boys' speech issues will resolve themselves leads me to consider homeschooling once more”

  1. So sad to hear that the teacher,deflated his enthusiasm and met his effort to try with such and negative response. I remember, in 3rd grade, my teach also snapped at me for always raising my hand to answer the question and I have neer raised my hand again.

    BTW I read the other link to “how well it fits in your evening routine.” I would suggest to anyone that has “homework issues” to check out Noel’s “Calmer, Happier, Parenting CDs”. We heard her speak and we bought her CD for music lessons and it has been doing wonders for their piano lessons!! (They are a new 3 and are doing very well now that we figured out how to do a practice)

  2. I can SOOOO relate. My kids were (ok, ARE) very…hmmmm..uhhhhhh..’spirited’ and sensitive and easily frustrated. When they have had teachers who didn’t have the patience to say ‘No’ to them in a kind and understanding way, it shows because they will HATE school. It made our lives miserable for 5 months before I really figured it out. When they got a new teacher…suddenly everything changed for the better! If you decide to go the school route, be prepared to stick up for your kids’ needs and change teachers occasionally.
    Blessings to you and the mounds of patience you have!

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