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I first heard someone refer to my twins as “double trouble” when I was still pregnant with Tiny and Buba. And it seemed that every time I pushed my sweet, little babies in the double stroller through the grocery store (yes, pulling the cart behind me) I’d hear that comment, “You’ve got double trouble!” at least two or three times.

But even when I was getting up many, many times a night to attend to my newborns’ cries, I never thought that they were double trouble. They were just babies, after all. And when Buba and Tiny started crawling and walking and getting into anything and everything they could, they still weren’t double trouble in my mind. Just curious little babies reminding me of the areas that I still needed to babyproof. At age two, the tantrums began, but my kids were kind enough to take turns tantruming, so I only ever dealt with one temper tantrum at a time. Frustrating and annoying? Yes. But still not quite double trouble.

Age three, however, has been a whole different ballgame. When Buba and Tiny are playing together, there is a lot of calculated toy snatching going on- often resulting in pushing and hitting from both sides and lots and lots of screaming and crying. We were once at a point where Tiny or Buba would do something naughty, but would stop the behavior when told to do so (A “That’s one” from 1-2-3 Magic was pretty much all it took). Now, not only does the offender often not stop, but the other one usually joins in using the excuse, “But s/he’s doing it!” as they both laugh their heads off (making my blood boil). And when I hear Buba call out, “Hey, Tiny! Want to go be naughty?” I know that nothing good is about to happen.

This time last year, my kids were tough as nails. But now, every little fall, every little scraped brings on major tears and dramatic crying. And to make matters worse, the kid who didn’t get a scrape, pretends to fall and get one so s/he can cry and get kisses for his/her pretend owie too. And then there’s the whining. Oh, the whining! It’s just non-stop!

From talking with other moms, I know that this is just what age three seems to be all about. Hubby and I are firm and consistent with our disciple approach (meaning some days there are lots, and lots of time outs and double time outs), and that seems to be just about all we can do until this not-so-fun stage passes. And don’t get me wrong, we do have some good days moments that remind me what sweet, funny, and caring children we have. But there are now plenty of moments where I look at my kids and think, “Uh-oh. I’ve got double trouble.”



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7 thoughts on “Double Trouble”

  1. Ha! No wonder you understood my last post so much. Sounds like we are going through the exact same thing! Im also going through the fighting, us telling them to stop, then they stop for a minute, and turn around to do it again! And laugh at us.
    I feel ya! I hope once school starts for us we can get some normalcy and scheduling.
    Christina recently posted The right decisionMy Profile

  2. I can relate. My girls haven’t figured out how to say “want to be naughty?” but I think they have that idea some days. They also pull the drama when one gets hurt, the other one pretends to need care too…. They may drive me crazy, but they are just kids.

  3. Oh, can I relate. I feel like all I say is just stop the whining, please just stop the whining to myself of course. We do Magic 1-2-3 also and try to be extremely consistent (though it does’t always work), but the craziness continues. It is what it is! I think the hardest for me is that I have a 3 1/2 year old and 2 1/2 year old twins so I get to enjoy the terrible 2’s and 3’s at the same time! I have to admit though, I wouldn’t change it for the world!
    Amy recently posted UpdatesMy Profile

  4. We have 2 week ok’d twin boys and even though there are two of them, two feedings, two babies to console throughout the night, twice as many diapers I still have not thought of them as “double trouble” although I have heard that a countless number of times, especially in the past two weeks. They are just babies after all. But already they seem to take turns fussing or needing diaper changes. There are the times they both go from 0-60 at the same time, and believe me as a new sleep deprived mom I’m still trying to figure out how to console two babies at once, but a lot of the time they fuss at their own time. It will be interesting to see what they are like as they get older! Thanks for the glimpse into my future!
    Whitney recently posted Our First WeekMy Profile

  5. I am so glad I read this today! My boys turn 3 at the end of the month and almost everything you wrote we are starting to experience on a daily basis. They both have speech delays which adds to their frustration and because of the delays have been delayed in other ways. Add in one on the spectrum and I am constantly worried that what they are doing isn’t typical. But now I realize they are completely typical almost 3-year-olds. Which turns out to be comforting and exhausting all at the same time! Thanks for your post!

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  7. Okay, can I just say how cute that is because it’s your situation, not mine? :) “let’s go be naughty” – I need to tell D about that.

    Seriously, this scares me a little bit because despite the tantrums, I am SO LOVING this stage I almost feel like one of those annoying moms :)

  8. Oh my! It can get so crazy with twins playing and fighting off each other. I have twins girls who are 9 and twin boys who are 21 months. My girls fight constantly and did beginning as babies. They do feed off each other -don’t they! My boys are more passive towards each other -it’s been maybe a month since they started a few tiffs with each other. It will be interesting to see the difference! Good luck! Twins are a lot of work – but a lot of fun too!
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